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JAKARTA (Legal)- Queen ATUT legal counsel Chosiyah, TB Sukatma evaluate claims passed the Public Prosecutor against his client is excessive. He will reverse the claim by the defense notes (pledoi).

“This I think is too excessive performed Prosecutor. But we respect the process that. We will use our right to appeal and prove otherwise as demanded Attorney,” Sukatma said the Secretary of Crime

Corruption, Jakarta, Monday (11/8/2014).

According to, claims presented in the claims originated in confidence JPU and investigators in the investigation process. So many facts that are not used at the conference.

“For example, in the fact the trial, key witness against my client whom Susi Andayani tour and Tubagus Chaeri Ward stated that there was no involvement. Even Susi convey his apologies for having profiteer our clients,” said Sukatma.

Previous, The prosecutor demanded the Queen ATUT 10 years in prison and a fine of Rp200 million subsidiary 5 months in prison. Atut also revoked his rights to vote and elected state officials.

Jakarta, 11/8 (Between) - Expert Political Communication from the University of Indonesia Leli Haryani assess the final outcome of the lawsuit disputed presidential election to the Constitutional Court (MK) expected is legal certainty and justice.
“The process of claim disputed presidential election in MK is not a political process proseshukum, until the verdict produced adalahputusan law,” Leli said Haryani the discussion “Question the independence of MK In Presidential Election Dispute Settlement” in the MPR / DPR / DPD, Jakarta, Monday [11/08].
According Leli, due process of law in the Constitutional Court is the final expected sehinggahasil is legal certainty and justice.
Both of these, he said, must be met not only be able hanyasalah. “If there is a rule of law without justice is unacceptable and contrary there is justice without the rule of law can not be accepted,” he said.
On that occasion, Leli remind hakimkonstitusi that works best for the benefit of the nation and the state rather than for the benefit of one of the parties to the dispute. “Constitutional judges should learn a lot from the problems of former Chief Justice Akil Mochtar,” he said.
While the, Vice Chairman of MPR RI Hajriyanto Y Thohari say, composition of nine judges of the Constitutional Court of the three elements of the proposed country online casino the executive, legislative,

and judicial branches of each of the three people.
The goal, he said, to judge each other MK sehinggadapat control works fine. With the composition and selection process conducted earlier, Hajriyanto believe, the structural independence of the Court will always be maintained.
“As per the constitutional mandate, Court decision is final and binding,” katanya.Karena it, said Hajriyanto, any decision of the Court, all parties related to the election dispute lawsuit should be able to take it legowo. (on )