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Christovita Wiloto Kaget Disebut Calon Jubir Presiden Jokowi

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – CEO Asia Pacific Christovita Wiloto PowerPR mentioned would be a presidential spokesman RI era Joko Widodo (Jokowi), Christovita Wiloto himself claimed not to know, and not

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"So what? Spokesman? I do not know, This new hearing from you,"Wiloto Christovita said when contacted by reporters in Jakarta, Wednesday (13/8/2014).

According to figures strategic communications Indonesia, and author of the book "The Power of Public Relations" and "Behind Indonesia's Headlines" is he had never imagined that way.

He wondered factor involvement in the world of public relations in Indonesia, who happens to also be from the beginning it supports both current Jokowi be DKI 1 or RI-1 follow a driver issue.

"It may be associated only. Yes I did activists Jakarta and Indonesia New New, but that does not mean it could engagement has been linked with the position. We all work sincerely for Jokowi,” sambung Christovita Wiloto.

When asked what if later if properly designated Jokowi in that position, Christovita Wiloto says it does not suppose.

"I do not want to suppose the one, we'll see. What is important now we give space to Jokowi to determine a strong and solid team. "

Previous, source in the office Jokowi Transition Team JK Jokowi indeed call a professional to shoot a number of government positions, particularly with regard to communication. Name Christovita Wiloto be one of the names for the post presidential spokesman.

Even a poll in online media has put Christovita Wiloto name for the post of the Minister of Communication and Information. This is in line with efforts to strengthen the public communications era Jokowi-JK next five years.

Source: https://id.berita.yahoo.com/christovita-wiloto-kaget-disebut-calon-jubir-presiden-jokowi-130344122.html


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