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M Taufik: Jokowi Not Necessarily So Inaugurated President, Why “Mikirin” Vice Governor of Jakarta

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com - As a bearer party Jokowi-Ahok, Gerindra claims will not rush to nominate the deputy governor of Jakarta companion Ahok after Jokowi officially elected President of the Republic of Indonesia in the period 2014-2019.

Head of DKI Jakarta DPD Gerindra Muhammad Taufik said, it will propose candidates for the Deputy Governor after Jokowi actually officially sworn in as president of Indonesia by October.

“Jokowi also not necessarily be the inauguration of President, ngapain dipikirin Vice Governor of DKI hell? Wagubnya still Ahok,” Taufik said in Tanah Abang area, Central Jakarta, Tuesday (12/8/2014) night.

Nevertheless, he made sure that Gerindra will carry its cadres to become Vice Governor of Jakarta. According to Taufik, his will not let the two candidates Wagub DKI only be filled by selection PDI party struggle as other election winners.

There will be two candidates for vice governor of DKI names proposed by two bearers of the party in the elections Jokowi-Ahok, the PDI-P from recently takes to Gerindr. Further, City Council will decide Jakarta vice governor by a vote of members of parliament. Jakarta vice governor candidate who has the most votes will be eligible to become the number two in the Capital City.

“If the PDI-P would nominate kadernya, yes it's okay, but suitable deal DPP Gerindra first. Could there be Ahok alone led Jakarta, baseball is Wagub. Already there sekda, mayor, and heads of agencies also,” Taufik said.

“Length of the process, certainly. Through October, I more

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choose to think how improve board (Parliament) that the public loved,” Further Taufik.

For your information, based on Law No. 32 Year 2004 on Local Government, have arranged that if elected to head the other officials, the regional head position automatically replaced by the deputy head of the regional.

Basuki admitted will choose an experienced leader, which would then become vice governor. If becoming governor, Basuki, personally, would choose Djarot Syaiful Hidayat, Blitar or former Mayor Bambang DH, former Mayor of Surabaya. PDI-P will apply even to signal DPD Chief PDI-P Jakarta Boy Sadikin to be a companion Ahok in Jakarta.

Source: http://megapolitan.kompas.com/read/2014/08/13/10462581/M.Taufik.Jokowi.Belum.Tentu.Dilantik.Jadi.Presiden.Kenapa.Mikirin.Wagub.DKI?utm_source=WP&utm_medium=box&utm_campaign=Kpopwp


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