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Law in everyday life

the importance of law as a guideline in social environment, ethnic, and state. provisions of the rule of law and other norms to be applied in a variety of everyday life,In social life we ​​need a legal system to create a harmonious community life and regular. Statement of law or legislation made not include all matters arising in the community and make it difficult for law enforcement to resolve the matter. In an effort to resolve a matter of judges sometimes face the problem of no legislation that can directly be used to resolve the matter concerned, despite all of the methods of interpretation have been used. the importance of the law itself for the colors of the country, one example :

1. To prevent or avoid a judge's own actions by citizens.
2. To ensure the implementation of human rights of citizens.
3. To protect the weaker party from the action arbitrariness done, by strong parties.
4. In order to guarantee the implementation of the rights and obligations of citizens.

The presence of law enforcement and legal rules are clear, firm, and just aim for the citizens to understand the rules that apply, capacity to implement, and a Justice when experiencing the law to every citizen on the face of it be treated the same law.


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