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What documents should be equipped to stand licensing management cv?

[codepeople-post-map]In order to more clearly establish the cv for entrepreneurs who already have the capital to expand its business to grow even more in the future. Surely it is not easy to do yourself in by the entrepreneur, allow them to use the services of experienced licensing management on services consultant, in addition there are certainly conditions that must be fulfilled to permit the establishment of management cv. What should be in brought in to take care of the establishment permit cv,id, The following statement:

Requirements Document :
1. Nama cv
2. Fc ktp founder minimal 2 people
3. The composition of directors and commissioners
4. Personal tax
5. Lease of business premises
6. Class capitalization cv

Subject that is maintained :
1. Act stance
2. Domisili cv
3. Npwp cv
4. Court confirmation
6. Tdp

Such documents should be complete in the establishment cv , hopefully provide a solution / input if the future would like to set up a CV or maybe PT, you already know what documents will be completed to the stand to ask in the.

We also accept legalsolusindo business incorporation services & licensing management services when you need our services for matters related to the establishment or licensing.


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