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Buying and selling and the way how procedure under the name Land Rights.

Buying and selling is the process of transfer of rights that have existed since time immemorial, and are usually arranged in Indigenous law, with the principle of: Bright and Cashier. Light means done before the General Office of the authorities, Means to pay in cash at the cash. So, when the price of the outstanding, it can not be done buying and selling process is. Today, authorized to execute the sale and purchase of the Land Act is the Office Record (PPAT) consisting of:

* PPAT while -> was appointed as the Head of the PPAT to regional - remote areas,id

* PPAT -> Notaries are appointed by decree of the Head of BPN for a specific work area

What data should be fitted to the Sale and Purchase and behind the name? In buying and selling land and / or building, PPAT usually concerned will request data standards, which includes:

Soil data, include:

a.asli PBB 5 last year following Deposit Receipt (pay her evidence)

b.Asli land certificates (for checking and behind the name)

c.asli IMB (if there, and to be submitted to the Purchaser after
completed the process of AJB)

& Nbsp;

d.bukti payment account electricity, telephone, air (if there)

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