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The importance of the rider have a driver's license

Driver license or driver's license is proof of registration and identification provided by the police to an individual who has met the requirements of the administrative, physically and mentally healthy, understand the traffic rules, skillful use of motorcycles, and know the traffic rules and regulations. Each rider is required to have a driver's license (SIM) according to law top ranking 22 year 2009 Article 77 Signs 1


Driving license or driver's license is an obligation for riders, do not think the fear if any raid, yet the fact that we had when caught raids could pay fines or money peace in place of direct quotes, that the money must also be entered kekantung police,what our money we are willing to enter a number of police officers,,? but if we do not pay for the motor / vehicle registration we will be arrested, and we will proceed with the trial, hearing for the case of driving license / registration Setau I usually 1 weeks and or 10 day of the raid events, long process not pander, complicated again we made. The natural thing, but when we are involved in a single accident or series of accidents , plus the motorcycles we can borrow,motorcycle held at the police station, repot camp !!

thus we are dealing with the law because it lets good as Indonesian citizens obey the laws that already exist in our country
thus life safer, serene and peaceful.

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