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Terms & provisions have firearms in Indonesia

Danger of the use of firearms in the hands of civil society is very important to be taken seriously because it can only dipengang firearm by a person who truly has been well tested, among others, on condition :

1. Medical conditions. That prospective users should sound mind, no physical disability, normal vision, and other conditions based on the doctor's examination.
2. Terms psychological. As not easily nervous, panic, emotional, angry, not psychopath, and other requirements based on tests conducted psychological Police team.
3. Has the ability to shoot. So applicants must pass a test firing conducted and certified by the National Police Headquarter.
4. Aged 24-65 year, have a statement or a decision of an agency, and to conduct himself better.

But having passed the test conditions and the applicant must request permission to use firearms INP, but considering the many crime due to misuse of firearms,then to the present time the INP has given statement will not stop giving permission ownership and use of weapons to civilians. But permission is just an extension and no new permits for civilian. Policies issued permission for three types of firearms for civilian, firearm with ammunition that is sharp, rubber bullets, gas. For bullets, permits issued for the caliber firearm 31 and 32. Organic Weapons (to internal Police) is caliber 38.
So it's not haphazard own guns, remember the threat to the possession of firearms is heavily namely the death penalty and life 20 the lightest jail, therefore, let us obey applicable legislation so as to create a sense of security and comfortable.


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