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Code of Ethics can be defined pattern rules, procedures, sign, ethical guidelines in conducting an activity or job. Code of conduct is a pattern of rules or procedures as the Code of Conduct.

In relation to the profession, that the code of ethics is an ordinance or rule that has become standard activities of members of a profession. A code of ethics describes the professional values ​​of a profession that is translated into standards of behavior of its members. The most important is the desire of professionals to provide community service.

Professional values ​​can be also called an ethical principle.(Chung, 1981 produce four basic ethical, ie : (1). Appreciate the value and dignity (2). Caring and responsible (3).Integrity in relationships (4). Responsibility towards society.

Code of conduct standards used aktvitas members of the profession, code of conduct as well as guidelines (guidelines). The community makes as perdoman in order to anticipate the occurrence of interaction between members of the profession. interaction is a professional monopoly., utilizing the power and privileges that protect personal interests contradiction with the community. Oteng/ Sutisna (1986: 364) mendefisikan that the code of ethics as guidelines for ethical behavior that forces members of the profession.

National convention IPBI to-1 defines a code of ethics as a pattern provisions, rules, procedures that guide in carrying out activities or duties of a profession. Bahasannya everyone should run and will mejiwai Pattern, Terms, rules because basically an act that does not use a code of conduct will face sanctions.

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