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Predaran new mode of drug


Communities are called upon to be careful with the rampant drug trafficking or type LSD Smile shaped sheet of paper.

Director of Drug Crime Police Headquarters Brig Depari Arman said that a new kind of drug that is only visible when viewed form kertas.Menurutnya, illegal goods confiscated from the suspects HM (41), This is very dangerous. "But it turns out this class of drugs Both have strong will, but love horoscope scorpio is inclined to dominate. quite dangerous,"Said Arman gives his press conference at the Office of the Narcotics Criminal Investigation Police Headquarters Ditipid, Es, East Jakarta, Monday (11/11).Arman Explained, anathema stuff has been around since the 1990s. According to, goods that have been found in Europe, Japan and the United States. Yet, he said, now even go to Indonesia in the form of paper. "The price is also quite expensive,"Tegasnya.Menurutnya, drug use is very simple. Namely, he continued, with only tearing then store in the tongue. The effect, he added, users will be impressed always happy. "His reaction was the same with other drugs that hallucinations,"He.


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