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Law in Indonesia provides a very severe punishment For that illegal abortion. Abortion abortion illegal adlh extemporaneous meet the conditions / requirements that regulated within the laws gan. Detailed descriptions, agan / aganwati can see within this article at BWH.
According to Big Indonesian Dictionary, Abortion is abortion. Basically, each person prohibited abortion under Article 75 Signs (1) UU No. 36 Year 2009 on Health (“Health Law”).

Exceptions to the prohibition of abortion is ONLY in 2 The following conditions:
a) emergency medical indications detected early age of pregnancy, both threatening the life of the mother and / or fetus, who suffer from severe genetic diseases and / or birth defects, or that can not be repaired until the baby is difficult to live outside content; or

b) pregnancy due to rape that could cause psychological trauma for rape victims.
(see Section 75 Signs [2] Health Law)
So, abortion practices that conflict with legislation as mentioned above is illegal abortion. Criminal sanctions for illegal abortion under Article 194 Law Kesehatanyang reads;
“any person who knowingly perform an abortion is not in accordance with the provisions referred to in Article 75 Signs (2) shall be punished with imprisonment 10 years and a maximum fine of Rp 1 billion.”

the crime of murder tersebut diancam pidana berdasarkan Article 340 kitab undang –undang hokum pidana ("Criminal Code"), which reads:

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Anyone who intentionally and with the first plan robs life of another, threatened for murder with a plan, with death penalty or imprisonment for life or for a certain time, maximum of twenty years. "

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But, Further explanation of how the crime of murder was committed against the victims, whether carried out in the same place and time, or performed at a place and time varying.

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Therefore the, assumed that the murder occurred in the same time and in the same place. Dalam hal tindak pidana pembunuhan berencana tersebut dilakukan dalam satu waktu yang The purpose of the Intrusion Detection Working Group is to define data recovery services dallas for- mats and exchange procedures for sharing information of interest to intrusion detection and response systems, and to management systems which may need to interact with them. sama dan tempat yang sama, maka tindak pidana pembunuhan berencana tersebut hanya dapat dipidana dengan Article 340 Criminal Code,tanpa melihat jumlah korban yang ditimbulkan oleh tindakan tersebut. Ini karena sistem pidana Indonesia tidak mengatur penjatuhan hukuman kumulatif berdasarkan jumlah korban, but the cumulative penalties may be enforced in the event the person is doing more than 1 (one) criminal act or conduct 1 (one) act, but the act is in violation of several provisions of the criminal (Article 63 - Article 71 Criminal Code). In your case there is only 1 (one) acts in violation of 1 (one) criminal provisions of the Article 340 Criminal Code.

What are the benefits if your business has official permission ?

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1. legal protection.

if you have a business license you will avoid enforcement efforts & forcible demolition protected from unscrupulous – unscrupulous agencies concerned.

2. Can follow the project tender

if you want to follow the project in a government agency or private, must have a business license, without the permission then you are certainly not able to follow the project because it is a requirement permits the administration to follow a project tender.

3 . Trusted by consumers

to have official permission, then you will be more credible business customers . consumer confidence levels more meningkatkarena with their permission they would feel secure with the product,id / services sold.

4. sign of obedience to the law.

to have a business license you have complied with the regulations in Indonesia, & free from the snares of existing law.

5. facilitate bank loans.

have such permission SIUP can also be useful for obtaining loans to banks. & Other credit application for your business development.

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Communities are called upon to be careful with the rampant drug trafficking or type LSD Smile shaped sheet of paper.

Director of Drug Crime Police Headquarters Brig Depari Arman said that a new kind of drug that is only visible when viewed form kertas.Menurutnya, illegal goods confiscated from the suspects HM (41), This is very dangerous. "But it turns out this class of drugs Both have strong will, but love horoscope scorpio is inclined to dominate. quite dangerous,"Said Arman gives his press conference at the Office of the Narcotics Criminal Investigation Police Headquarters Ditipid, Es, East Jakarta, Monday (11/11).Arman Explained, anathema stuff has been around since the 1990s. According to, goods that have been found in Europe, Japan and the United States. Yet, he said, now even go to Indonesia in the form of paper. "The price is also quite expensive,"Tegasnya.Menurutnya, drug use is very simple. Namely, he continued, with only tearing then store in the tongue. The effect, he added, users will be impressed always happy. "His reaction was the same with other drugs that hallucinations,"He.

Code of Ethics can be defined pattern rules, procedures, sign, ethical guidelines in conducting an activity or job. Code of conduct is a pattern of rules or procedures as the Code of Conduct.

In relation to the profession, that the code of ethics is an ordinance or rule that has become standard activities of members of a profession. A code of ethics describes the professional values ​​of a profession that is translated into standards of behavior of its members. The most important is the desire of professionals to provide community service.

Professional values ​​can be also called an ethical principle.(Chung, 1981 produce four basic ethical, ie : (1). Appreciate the value and dignity (2). Caring and responsible (3).Integrity in relationships (4). Responsibility towards society.

Code of conduct standards used aktvitas members of the profession, code of conduct as well as guidelines (guidelines). The community makes as perdoman in order to anticipate the occurrence of interaction between members of the profession. interaction is a professional monopoly., utilizing the power and privileges that protect personal interests contradiction with the community. Oteng/ Sutisna (1986: 364) mendefisikan that the code of ethics as guidelines for ethical behavior that forces members of the profession.

National convention IPBI to-1 defines a code of ethics as a pattern provisions, rules, procedures that guide in carrying out activities or duties of a profession. Bahasannya everyone should run and will mejiwai Pattern, Terms, rules because basically an act that does not use a code of conduct will face sanctions.

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Danger of the use of firearms in the hands of civil society is very important to be taken seriously because it can only dipengang firearm by a person who truly has been well tested, among others, on condition :

1. Medical conditions. That prospective users should sound mind, no physical disability, normal vision, and other conditions based on the doctor's examination.
2. Terms psychological. As not easily nervous, panic, emotional, angry, not psychopath, and other requirements based on tests conducted psychological Police team.
3. Has the ability to shoot. So applicants must pass a test firing conducted and certified by the National Police Headquarter.
4. Aged 24-65 year, have a statement or a decision of an agency, and to conduct himself better.

But having passed the test conditions and the applicant must request permission to use firearms INP, but considering the many crime due to misuse of firearms,then to the present time the INP has given statement will not stop giving permission ownership and use of weapons to civilians. But permission is just an extension and no new permits for civilian. Policies issued permission for three types of firearms for civilian, firearm with ammunition that is sharp, rubber bullets, gas. For bullets, permits issued for the caliber firearm 31 and 32. Organic Weapons (to internal Police) is caliber 38.
So it's not haphazard own guns, remember the threat to the possession of firearms is heavily namely the death penalty and life 20 the lightest jail, therefore, let us obey applicable legislation so as to create a sense of security and comfortable.

The absence of strict parameters of the code violations and violations of the act in the patient's physician is, indicates the need for a legal right applied in solving the problems of medical, that can only be gained by trying to understand the phenomena that exist within the medical profession.

Medicine who once seemed beyond the reach of law, with growing public awareness of the needs of the treatment of legal protection to make the world not only as a civil relationship, often develop into criminal matters. Many of the problems we have encountered malpractice, on the patient's awareness of the law appointed criminal matters. Based on this required some thought and prudent steps so that each party both doctors and patients obtain legal protection fairest – fair. Leaving this question will be protracted negative impact on medical services that will ultimately be detrimental to society as a whole. It is recognized by all parties, that doctors are human beings that one day could be wrong and negligent violations of the code of ethics that can occur, even possible to violations of legal norms. Soerjono Soekanto and Kartono Muhammad found no strict parameters on boundary violations of the code of ethics and legal violations.

Honorary Council of Medical Ethics is an agency within the organizational structure of the Indonesian Doctors profession (IDI). MKEK will determine the case merpuakan ethics violations or violations of the law. It is also reinforced by the Law No.. 23/1992 health which states that the determination of whether there is any error or omission is determined by the Disciplinary Council of Health Workers,id (Article 54 Signs 2) formally established through Presidential Decree (Article 54 Signs 3).

Driver license or driver's license is proof of registration and identification provided by the police to an individual who has met the requirements of the administrative, physically and mentally healthy, understand the traffic rules, skillful use of motorcycles, and know the traffic rules and regulations. Each rider is required to have a driver's license (SIM) according to law top ranking 22 year 2009 Article 77 Signs 1


Driving license or driver's license is an obligation for riders, do not think the fear if any raid, yet the fact that we had when caught raids could pay fines or money peace in place of direct quotes, that the money must also be entered kekantung police,what our money we are willing to enter a number of police officers,,? but if we do not pay for the motor / vehicle registration we will be arrested, and we will proceed with the trial, hearing for the case of driving license / registration Setau I usually 1 weeks and or 10 day of the raid events, long process not pander, complicated again we made. The natural thing, but when we are involved in a single accident or series of accidents , plus the motorcycles we can borrow,motorcycle held at the police station, repot camp !!

thus we are dealing with the law because it lets good as Indonesian citizens obey the laws that already exist in our country
thus life safer, serene and peaceful.

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Just to share information about the ins and outs of the maintenance of a body, whether it be social or other agencies, and this is not only engaged in the field wrote but in some areas, advantage with the legality of an agency will focus, directional, and able to achieve its mission and vision, legality of a body will have its own plus the, good in the eyes of colleagues or other agencies who become partners work, by because the it if we can divide or share any one wishes to develop a lembag, to establish a foundation or other board requires some requirements, including :

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Domicile is a translation of the meaning woonplaats Domicile or residence. According to Sri Soedewi Masjchoen Sofwan domicile or residence where it is
"A place where a person is present on doing things his rights and fulfill obligations also despite the fact he was not there"

According to the Book of Law Civil Law dwellings that often is the house, sometimes its. Therefore it can be concluded that each person deemed always to have a place to stay where he is doing his daily activities, or where he resides principal. Sometimes a residential setting is difficult, because it is always moving (many homes). To simplify the matter to distinguish between legal residence (juridical) and residential real.

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