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What are the requirements in the manufacture of credit cards ?

a. Income which is quite , usually employees with minimum wage 3 million. when you're an entrepreneur, you can attach SIUP or other license along with a checking account for 3 last month. & when you are an employee can attach documents such as pay slips & mutations bank accounts last.

b. Continuity high income does not guarantee the sustainability of the credit card holder fulfillment of the obligation to fulfill its obligations to the credit card company. Continuity of sufficient income to better provide confidence in the ability of prospective cardholders to pay off their obligations.

c. Good intentions of prospective credit card holders to always meet its obligations. One way to see the good intentions of prospective credit card holders is to see whether the candidate concerned credit card holders are included in the list of black-owned bank, central bank, or other financial institution. A person whose name is listed in the blacklist are usually considered less reliable in meeting its financial obligations.

d. Holders party goods and / or services (merchant) is a trader of goods and / or services that have been working closely with issuers and acquirers to receive equipment. Payment by credit card.


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