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What is a passport ?

Passport is an official document issued by the competent authority of a country that contains the identity of the holder and place to travel interstate.

Passport holder containing biographical data, which includes, among others,, photo holder, signature, place and date of birth, national information and sometimes also some other information regarding the identification of individual.

how to apply passport ?

1 . you can go to the nearest immigration office from your home or through existing immigration offices throughout Indonesia . bring such requirements :

– kk asli & photocopy newest family card ,

– The original ID card & photocopy of identity card

– The original birth certificate(also bring a photocopy) or original diploma (also bring a photocopy).

then came & fill out the form at the nearest immigration. and follow the process for the sake of the process.

2. or you can also fill out an online form for the submission queue in order to avoid unwanted. registration through https://ipass.imigrasi.go.id:8443/xpasinet/faces/InetMenu.jsp . after registration, you will be required to pay via bank bni Rp. 360.000 . after paying you can bring a requirement that we have mentioned above.

by applying online does not mean you do not wait in line at all, you are still required to wait in line for an interview, but you can save time so do not bother to fill out a form & waiting in line to pay for my passport at checkouts.

not very easy ?

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