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Legal protection in domestic violence

What forms of protection for victims of domestic violence ?
The following are some of them :

1. Protection by the police in the form of temporary protection granted for 7 (seven) day, and in
time 1 X 24 hours of protection, determination letter shall request police protection order from
court. Protection by the police while this may be done in collaboration with health professionals, social,
volunteer and spiritual director to assist victims.

2. Protection by advocates is given in the form of legal consultation, mediation and negotiation between
including the families of the victims and perpetrators of family (mediation), and assist victims at the level of investigation.

3. Protection with a court order issued in the form of an order of protection is granted for 1
(one) years and can be extended. The court may make an arrest with a warrant arrest
against perpetrators of domestic violence during 30 (thirty) days when the offender is guilty of a violation of the statement
signed on its willingness to meet the protection order from the court.

4. Health care workers is crucial, especially in imposing sanctions efforts against domestic violence perpetrators.
Health workers are required to provide appropriate professional written report of the medical examination and make visum et
repertum the request of police investigators or other medical certificate that has strength
law as evidence.

5. Social worker services provided in the form of counseling to strengthen and give
safety for victims, provide information about the rights of victims to obtain protection, and
deliver coordination with related institutions and agencies.

6. Volunteer escort services provided to victims about the rights of victims to obtain one or
some volunteer, accompany victims show objectively follow KDRT suffered in
level of investigation, prosecution and trial, listen and provide reinforcement
psychologically and physically to the victim.

7. Service provided by the spiritual director is given to provide an explanation of rights, obligations and
provide reinforcement of faith and piety to sacrifice.

Author, lawyer, Director of the Institute for the Protection of Victims of Domestic Violence (LPK2RT).
Source: http://www.pikiran-rakyat.com/cetak/2007/012007/16/0902.htm


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