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How to manage Japanese visa

Making Japanese visa was apparently very easy, the origin of the condition has definitely approved. You make a new passport before applying for a visa or still empty? full passport stamp or other countries? The original requirements are completed according to the agreed unsure ask koq, so do not worry.

My experience makes it very easy Japanese visa.
Dokumen-dokumen yang perlu dilengkapi dalam pengajuan visa untuk kunjungan sementara untuk kunjungan wisata dengan biaya sendiri :

  1. Passport
  2. Isi formulir permohonan visa, can be downloaded here and a recent photograph (size 4,5 x 4,5 cm taken 6 last month without background is not the result of editing, clear / blurry)
  3. Foto copy KTP (of domicile)
  4. Copy of Student Card or Certificate of Learning (only when still a student)
  5. Evidence ticket booking (documents that can prove the date of entry-exit Japan)
  6. Itinerary (all activities since the entry to exit Japan)
  7. Copy of documents showing the relationship with the applicant, such as birth certificates, family card etc. (when more than one applicant)
  8. Documents relating to travel expenses. If the applicant is responsible for the costs (copy of proof of financial, such as bank statement or passbook photocopy 3 last month (if the applicant is not in charge of such a father / mother, then have to attach documents to prove the relationship with the person in charge of the cost)

For more details please see here.
I myself am a housewife with no income. Then to complete the documents required to include a copy of my husband's ID card, Family card and a photo copy of TIN husband, along with copy of passbooks husband 3 last month.

For ticket reservations evidence, I do not use the original ticket is already paid because I purposely did not buy tickets in advance for anticipated losses when my visa was not approved. I use the services of travel agents for booking tickets evidence. And when the visa application, proof of booking my ticket is only valid 1 day.

For additional evidence, I attach proof of my hotel booking from booking.com message provided “free cancellation”.



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