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how to apply for visas south korea

you want to travel to south korea? as wni you need besides a passport document named “Show” . how to apply for a visa to south korea ? The following is a step step.
A. Registration and Visa Acquisition

Submission of Visa Application : 09.00~12.00
Visa Acquisition : 13.30~16.30
Older Visa Process : 7 Business Day ( The process can be more than 7 working days if the document is considered incomplete and interviews if necessary)
During the Visa Process, Passport can not be borrowed

Making B.Biaya Visa

Single Visa (Under a visitor's visa 90 day) : Rp. 300.000,-
Single Visa (On visit visa 90 day) : Rp. 500.000,-
Multiple Visa (Applies to 3 year) : Rp. 800.000,-
Double Visa (2 Applicable for entry and 6 months) : Rp. 600.000,-
Visa fees are non-refundable if canceled visa process of filing or rejected by the Embassy of Korea

< Requirements Document >

– Original passport and photocopy of passport (page along with the identity of the visa / stamp of the countries that have visited)
– All Aplikasi Formulir (with the photographs affixed on the image field)
– Family card or document that can prove family relationships
– Copy of Certificate of Employment and Work Place License- If it does not work does not need to include
– Certificate of Students / Student, for those who are still in school
– Photocopies of Proof of Financial, select one:
* Annual Tax Letter (SPT PPH-21) issued by the Directorate General of Taxes RI
* Letter of Land and Building Tax (UN) issued by the Directorate General of Taxes RI
* Newspaper Savings Account 3 last month and a bank reference letter
* Certificate and a copy of the golf membership card
* Certificate and a copy of the membership card star 5
* Jamsostek program certificate holder
* Pay stub or proof of retirement benefits

** For type C-3 Multiple visas please see Multiple Visa requirements
** If a student must attach a letter the student and parent financial evidence
** Housewives and who still do not have a job / income must attach proof of your husband or family finances
** For employers who want to encourage and household assistant, must attach a letter of sponsorship from Employernya (certificate of employment, family card, financial evidence need not be attached)

** Documents that have attached if it is still not complete by the Korean Embassy Consul the right to request additional documents

sumber http://idn.mofa.go.kr/worldlanguage/asia/idn/visa/step/index.jsp


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