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40 Unique facts & interesting about thailand

Whoever does not know thailand ? state with the nickname of this white elephant store many unique facts & interesting to dig deeper . The following 40 unique facts & interesting about thailand.

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1. Thailand in Thai name is Prathet Thai, which means "Land of Freedom". Thailand is the only country that was never colonized by European countries.

2. Thailand has several names over the centuries. For hundreds of years Thailand is known by the name of big cities, such as Sukhothai, Ayutthaya, dan Thonburi. Since the 1800s, Thailand, among others, repeatedly changing the name of Siam (from Sanskrit which means dark or brown) dan Thailand.

3. Thailand set a world record in washing the longest in May 2010 when 10.488 clean plate aligned. But the record is defeated India in 6 April 2011 when India organize a clean plate of 15,295, equivalent to more than 2.36 thousand.

4. Thailand share borders with four countries, namely Myanmar (formerly Burma), to the north and west, Laos to the north and east, Cambodia to Southeast Asia, and Malaysia to the south.

5. Thailand is home to the world's largest golden Buddha, largest crocodile pond, largest restaurant, one of the longest suspension bridge span, and the world's longest hotel.


6. In the olden days, all of the young Thai Buddhist include a king be for a short period before the day of birth is the 20th. Now, little lads who run the Buddhist practice.

7. The smallest mammal in the world, Craseonycteris thonglongyai (sort of bat) in Thailand.


8. Thailand has the world's largest fish, 12 meter Rhincodon typus, famous for whale.

9. Expert treatment, Hoo Sateow of Thailand has the longest hair in the world with a length of 16'11 ". She said about her hair, "Keep him nice and friendly".


10. In 199, two "cat's eye diamond", Phet and Ploy married with a lavish wedding ceremony at a cost $16,241, and became the most expensive pet wedding in the world.

11. In 1999, 30 veterinarians work to treat disease in cattle aged elephantiasis 38 disease stricken years when he stepped on land mines in Thailand. These events record number of veterinarians in the world in performing their duties.

12. In 1999, as 283 skydiver set a record for the most in terms of skydivers freefall formations at the top of Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand. Their formation during 7.11 seconds.

13. Thailand is the largest country in the world 51. Russia is the biggest. Americans occupying third largest country world.

14. Thailand is slightly larger than the size Wyonming, ie 198,115 mil persegi (513,115 km2).

15. 75% population of Thailand is Thai, 14% China is the, and 11% residents of "other"

16. Buddhism is the largest religion in Thailand with 94.6% residents embrace the. Muslims there 4.6%, Kristen 0.7%, and other religions 0.1%.

17. Large Christmas cake world made in Bangkok, Thailand, on the date of 15 December 1997. The cake weighed 5,071 lbs and reaching 27'6 ". The cake is then cut into 19,212 portion.

18. Thailand's record on the longest catwalk 9 April 2010. The length of the catwalk 1,584 meters and became part of the Pattaya International Fashion Week.

19. Thailand is home to the most children in the world furry, named Supatra "Nat" Sasuphan.

20. The highest point in Thailand at Doi Inthanon, with altitude 8,514 foot (2,595 m) and also became a favorite destination of tourists. It turns out, about 12,000 people visit the summit on each turn of the year. The lowest point is sea.


21. The longest place name in the world is the full name of bangkok, capital of Thailand, ie: Krungthepmahanakhon Amonrattanakosin Mahintharayutthaya Mahadilokphop Noppharatratchathaniburirom Udomratchaniwetmahasathan Amonphimanawatansathit Sakkathattiyawitsanukamprasit. Means "City of Angels, Supreme Eternal City, Nine Charming Pearl City, Raja Seat, Kota Istana Raja, Home Incarnation Gods, Founded by Visvakarman at behest of Indra.

22. In the last century, Northern Thailand covered by dense forests with large trees. Now only about ¼ of the state forest leaves. Thailand has a second floor deforestation in Southeast Asia. Only Singapore is a lot of forest loss. Now deforestation is forbidden in Thailand.

23. Small family (nucklear) in Thailand rarely because most of the population live in a very large family.

24. Thailand's national language is the Thai language, which is believed by many scholars is a form of Chinese language gradually brought into the area between the 7th century and the 13th. As Lao language, Vietnam, dan China, Thai language is a language that uses tone of voice. There alphabet 32 vowels and 44 consonants.

25. Bangkok was once called the "Venice of the East" because the original building stood on the Chao Phraya river. Yet, with increasing magnitude Bangkok, many canal occupied for building and closed.

26. Bangkok traffic police wearing face masks because of dangerous levels of air pollution. The police post is also equipped with an oxygen tank because many police personnel fatigue due to pollution. More than 20% Bangkok police lung disease. One of the Thai bank estimates that pollution Bangkok spend state funds $2.3 billion per year due to lack of production, waste of energy, and health costs.

27. Tsunami year 2004 hit the retaining wall of water as high as 30 walk on the beach of Thailand, killing more than 8000 people. It is estimated 1500 Thai children have lost their parents and more than 150.000 Thai people who are working or fishing tourist industry lost their livelihoods.

28. Prostitution was legalized in Thailand, while the law is rarely implemented. Estimated number of sex workers vary from 30.000 to more than 1 million.

29. More than 1500 orchid species growing wild in the woods Thai. Thailand is the world's number one exporter of orchids.

30. Siamese cats are native Thailand. The Thai cat is named avoided-maat, which means "moon diamond". A book of poetry Thai 14th century reflect 23 Siamese cat breed; now there are only six remaining types. Giving couples the cat And exchanges (types of Siamese cats) for mating is believed to bring good luck in marriage.


31. Thailand is home to the world's longest snake, ular yaitu Piton. Biggest snake ever found with a length 33 foot (10 meter).

32. Thailand is home to the longest and most venomous snakes in the world, ular the King Cobra. The length of the cobra can reach more than 18 kkai, and one bite can kill an elephant.

33. Is the largest lizard native to Thailand. The lizard can grow along 7 foot.

34. Approximately 10% of bird species in the world live in Thailand, a size greater than that found in all of Europe or North America.

35. Bird nest (swiftlet) made from the saliva of the male swiftlet. Birds nest collected from a cave in Thailand could reach more than $9000 per pond. One of the most expensive types of food and coveted.

36. Mekong River, which limits the east of Thailand, donated more than 1300 fish species. This river has many of the world's largest fish, including large catfish that can reach a length 10 feet and weighing 660 lbs.


37. One of the most bizarre animal Thailand is mudskipper, a type of fish that can walk on land and climb trees. These fish use their fins to "walk" and be able to absorb oxygen through their skin and in the mouth sakuran. These fish spend a lot of time out of water, eat algae in the tide of stagnation.


38. More than a century ago 100.000 elephants living in Thailand, with approximately 20.000 elephants are still wild. Now, there are about 5000, with less than separohnya still live in the wild.

39. Hollywood films and Broadway's The King and I is banned in Thailand. On the basis of the Siamese authorities, King Mongkrut and a teacher named Anna Leonowens, The movie is considered insulting king. Although the film is described as a king who did not cultured, but the king is believed to be the first ruler of Asia who speak, read, and write English fluently. He is also considered to be very intelligent, cultured, and can read well. Then, He is known as the father of Thai scientists.

40. Government longest monarchy in Thailand and in the world is Bhumibol Adulyadej, who became King Rama IX in June 1946. He was born in America in 1927 when his father took to study medicine at Harvard. He has patent rights in the form of cloud dispersal and earned a technician from Switzerland. He also plays the saxophone and composing the national anthem of Thailand.

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