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Punishment of corruption in the world

1. Suicide in South Korea.

Caught Corruption, Former South Korean Agriculture Minister Suicide.

A former country's agriculture minister commits suicide after being interrogated with regard to large-scale banking scandal. In addition to a former minister who allegedly committed suicide, a university rector Yohhap news agency also found dead in his car, He reportedly also asked for information related to financial irregularities in Busan savings bank.

This is not the first time a corruption scandal drags important officials in South Korea. Former President Roh Moo-hyun committed suicide in May 2009 after he carried around in a corruption scandal.(

2. USA – Prison & Fine

In the US alone are not criminals sentenced to death. They are quite imprisoned for a long time and had to pay heavy fines. No half-hearted, long prison sentences for criminals minimal 5 years and a fine of $ 2 million. Apart from having to bear the punishment, criminals with severe cases can also be expelled from the country (blacklist).

3. Malaysia – Hanging

On 1961 Malaysia has had an anti-corruption law, yang bernama Prevention of Corruption Act. Then set up the Anti-Corruption (RB) on 1982. On 1997, berlaku Anti Corruption Act, which further strengthens the law to the corruptors. And if found guilty, criminals will immediately sentenced to hanging.

4. Arab Saudi – Beheaded
Death to the corrupt law in Saudi Arabia applied in accordance with Islamic syriat. That every murderer should be punished with killed or Qisas.Mungkin Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that still impose the death penalty in this way. Although considered less humane, qisas able to create an effective deterrent to offenders, the said criminals.

5. Germany – Life imprisonment
Transparency International noted German ranks 10th in corruption perception index. Points 10 is the perfect point in the absence of corruption. Germany does not have the ad hoc institutions to combat corruption, such as the Commission. Bilateral development cooperation is one way the German government to suppress corruption. Criminal law for criminals is life imprisonment and return all proceeds of corruption.

6. China – Shoot Dead
Corruption in China is considered as a major crime. A defendant must pray much corruption in China because the court will be sentenced to death. According to Amnesty International, 4.000 people sentenced to death for corruption every year. The data confirms the seriousness of China in combating corruption.

7. Japan – Law “Shame”
In Japan there is no Law Corruption Eradication like in Indonesia. Corruptor maximum penalty only 7 years in prison. Legal culture “shame” which is larger than the Japanese society is very effective as a preventive tool against corruption. Reputedly, Japanese lawyers always tries to persuade his client to admit guilt, resign, and then return the proceeds of crime.

8. Indonesia – Lighter jail term + Remission

Funnily enough slippers for thieves Negriku 30 Thousand in Indonesia punished 5 years in prison, how the thieves of public money worth tens or even hundreds of billions of dollars??

Still remember the case with this one case. A student SMKN 3 Hammer, Central Sulawesi initials AAL (15) in prison for 5 year simply because AAL stealing sandals for Rp. 30 thousand. Sandals for 30 thousand could make a student in prison 5 year? Ckckck, ya might just be lebay law because the owner of the slipper is the rank is Brigadier.

Then How how the thieves of public money worth tens or even hundreds of billions of dollars??

Lucky to corrupt Indonesia. Mild prison law alias briefly, even far below the legal prosecution of corruption in Indonesia make the most of said light. Section, term prisoners even been counted since become a prisoner in jail. And if there is a warning Feasts, prisoners get remission (cutting the detention period) which could make the corrupt sooner or later will breathe free air. ^^

CR : KDL-Various Sources google.



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