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How do I apply for public BPJS ?

Here are the procedures to register members BPJS Health. Membership is divided into two, namely participants BPJS Recipient Iur (PBI) Beneficiaries and participants not Iur (non PBI)

Participants PBI is a poor community and can not afford the premiums which will be paid by the government. While the contestants are not Beneficiaries Iur (nonPBI) is every worker wage earners (civil servants, TNI / Police, state officials, non-government employees civil servants, and private employees), not wage workers and non-workers (investor, employer, retired, veteran, Janda veteran, veterans and children).

For non participants BPI, there is 3 Pinworms class that can be selected, ie for Class 1 with a premium of Rp 59.500,00 per month, Classroom 2 with a premium of Rp 45.500,00 per month and Classes 3 with a premium of Rp 25.500,00 per month. For how to register members BPJS see description below

How to apply to members of the public BPJS

1. Society came into office BPJS in district and provincial levels to bring one ID card ID card, SIM, Family Card, or Passport.
2. Fill out registration form BPJS.
3. Setelah mengisi There are two basic forms of buy-detox.com : powdered and freebase. form, it will get a Virtual Account which is used as a transaction number for the payment of premiums. Virtual accounts applicable to each individual candidate. Then candidates
4. For participants Non BPI, you have to pay a fee in advance to make payments to the bank with a virtual account that has been granted BPJS Kesehatan.dan after paying your dues officially a member of the health BPJS.
5. For participants BPI, after getting your virtual account officially a member of the health BPJS, You do not need to pay your tuition fees paid for by the government.
6. You'll get a membership card BPJS.

For all Askes enough to approach the BPJS by submitting Askes card to be replaced with a card and automatic BPJS already a member BPJS.

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Similarly BPJS Members How to Apply For Public.

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