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List of names of countries with Unique Nickname

A nickname is intended to allow us easy to remember someone or something. Likewise with the state, they have a nickname or other name that is unique. As China's example, Napoleon dubbed “The Sleeping Giant” because he predicted China would become a great nation, at least it is a reality so.

Well, The following is 30 countries in the world that has a unique nickname, Can you say what is the reason behind the country's nickname? Or you know the nicknames of other countries? You can comment after this yes!

Afghanistan: Graveyard of Empires (Grave Governments)

Albania: Land of The Eagles (Negeri Elang)

Australia: The Lucky Country (The Lucky Country)

Belarus: The White Rus (White Russian)

Bhutan: Land of The Thunder Dragon (Daratan Naga Gledek)

Cameroon: The Armpit of Africa (Armpits Africa)

Canada: A Few Acres of Snow (A few Acres of Snow)

Chad: The Dead Heart of Africa (Death of the Heart of Africa)

Chili: Land of Poets (Negeri Puis)

Egypt: The Gift of Nile (Awards Nile)

England: Land of Hope and Glory (Land of Hope and Success)

Ethiopia: The Mother Land (Mother Land)

Finland: Lake of Thousand Lake (Thousands of Lake Lake)

France: The Church’s old Daughter (Old Church Women)

Indonesia: The Lungs of World (Lungs World)

Ireland: The Emerald Isle (Emerald Island)

Italy: The Boot (Boots)

Lebanon: Switzerland of The Middle East (His Swiss Middle East)

Lesotho: The Kingdom in The Sky (Government Above the Sky)

Malaysia: Bolehland (Can Mainland)

Mongolia: Land of The Blue Sky (State Blue Sky)

Paraguay: An Island Surrounded By Island (The Island Island Surrounded)

Philippines: The Pearl of The Orient Seas (East Ocean pearl)

Rwanda: Land of Thousand Hills (NegeriRibuan Hill)

South Africa: Rainbow Nation (Rainbow Nation)

South Korea: Land of The Morning Calm (State Peace of Morning)

Slovenia: Sunny Side of The Alps (Eggs lovess Alps)

Srilanka: Pearl of The Indian Ocean (Pearl of the Indian Ocean)

Ukraine: The Bread Basket of Europe (The bread basket of Europe)

Venezuela: Land of Grace (State Honor)


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