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A nickname is intended to allow us easy to remember someone or something. Likewise with the state, they have a nickname or other name that is unique. As China's example, Napoleon dubbed “The Sleeping Giant” because he predicted China would become a great nation, at least it is a reality so.

Well, The following is 30 countries in the world that has a unique nickname, Can you say what is the reason behind the country's nickname? Or you know the nicknames of other countries? You can comment after this yes!

Afghanistan: Graveyard of Empires (Grave Governments)

Albania: Land of The Eagles (Negeri Elang)

Australia: The Lucky Country (The Lucky Country)

Belarus: The White Rus (White Russian)

Bhutan: Land of The Thunder Dragon (Daratan Naga Gledek)

Cameroon: The Armpit of Africa (Armpits Africa)

Canada: A Few Acres of Snow (A few Acres of Snow)

Chad: The Dead Heart of Africa (Death of the Heart of Africa)

Chili: Land of Poets (Negeri Puis)

Egypt: The Gift of Nile (Awards Nile)

England: Land of Hope and Glory (Land of Hope and Success)

Ethiopia: The Mother Land (Mother Land)

Finland: Lake of Thousand Lake (Thousands of Lake Lake)

France: The Church’s old Daughter (Old Church Women)

Indonesia: The Lungs of World (Lungs World)

Ireland: The Emerald Isle (Emerald Island)

Italy: The Boot (Boots)

Lebanon: Switzerland of The Middle East (His Swiss Middle East)

Lesotho: The Kingdom in The Sky (Government Above the Sky)

Malaysia: Bolehland (Can Mainland)

Mongolia: Land of The Blue Sky (State Blue Sky)

Paraguay: An Island Surrounded By Island (The Island Island Surrounded)

Philippines: The Pearl of The Orient Seas (East Ocean pearl)

Rwanda: Land of Thousand Hills (NegeriRibuan Hill)

South Africa: Rainbow Nation (Rainbow Nation)

South Korea: Land of The Morning Calm (State Peace of Morning)

Slovenia: Sunny Side of The Alps (Eggs lovess Alps)

Srilanka: Pearl of The Indian Ocean (Pearl of the Indian Ocean)

Ukraine: The Bread Basket of Europe (The bread basket of Europe)

Venezuela: Land of Grace (State Honor)


source http://inioke.com/Berita/1960-30-Negara-Dengan-Julukan-Yang-Unik.html

pernahkah anda mengalami rasa jenuh atau bosan saat bekerja ?

hal ini dapat dimaklumi karena rasa bosan / jenuh adalah hal yang manusiawi sebagai kodrat manusia.

berikut ini adalah hal hal yang dapat mengatasi rasa jenuh anda.

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1. Bermain game

adakalanya karyawan memiliki rasa jenuh pada saat bekerja, maka anda dapat mencoba dengan bermain game, misalkan dengan bermain catur, teka teki silang dan game lainnya, tapi jangan terlalu lama bermain game, bisa bisa anda dimarahi oleh atasan 🙂

2. Menyapa teman sekantor anda.

salah satu hal yang dapat dilakukan untuk mengusir rasa jenuh ialah menyapa teman kantor anda. misalkan dengan mengucapkanselamat pagikepada rekan kerja sebelum memulai pekerjaan , hal ini mampu membawa aura positif bagi lingkungan sekitar anda . terlebih lagi jika rekan anda menyapa kembali sapaan anda dengan senyuman, tentunya anda akan lebih bersemangat dalam pekerjaan.

3. Travelling bersama

merencanakan traveling bersama rekan kerja anda juga dapat mengusir rasa jenuh pada saat hari hari setelah bekerja. kunjungi tempat menarik, if you have more budget, can try to visit abroad. visited neighboring countries such as Singapore, malaysia and thailand

4. Changing the work table decorations

You can also decorate your workspace or desk you to put anything you want. eg by putting photos of people dear like your mother photo / your father, replace new flowers & dll.

5. listening to music

by listening to music, your mood will be more eager, select music with a cheerful stream so that you will be more eager to work.

6. Meencari a humor

with humor , humans can avoid severe stress , watch a comedy movie that you like, invite your colleague bantering with the necessary.

7. mess

you can plan a meal together or culinary tours with coworkers, tasting foods that make you curious , does not have the food expensive.

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I hope these tips helpful ^ _ ^

happy working !

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Have you ever had an accident ? or relatives ?

how to make a claim to the services raharja ?

quoted from http://www.jasaraharja.co.id/layanan/prosedur-santunan , The following are the terms & Claim Jasa Raharja.

Compensation Procedures


  • Contact the nearest office of Prog
  • Fill out the submission form by attaching :
    • The police report on the accident Traffic Traffic Police Unit Laka local or other authorized agency.
    • A medical certificate from a doctor / RS which caring.
    • KTP / The identity of the victim / heirs of the victim.
    • Prog submission form given freely


  • In terms of the victim luka.luka
    • Receipt cost of care and treatment that is genuine and legitimate.
  • In case the victim dies
    • Letter of the family card / marriage certificate ( for married )


  • Compensation Type
    • Compensation in the form of reimbursement for care and treatment (accordance with the provisions)
    • Death benefits
    • Compensation for permanent disability
  • Heir
    • Widow or widower of a valid.
    • Her children were legitimate.
    • His parents were legitimate
  • Expire
    Right compensation becomes void / expiry if :

    • Requests submitted in more than 6 months after the accident.
    • Billing is not done in time 3 months after approval by the services of such rights raharja

source : http://www.jasaraharja.co.id/layanan/prosedur-santunan

apa itu and PASP ? epaspor is readable passports in electronic form. physical form that resembles ordinary passports, so you no longer need to queue at the immigration counter while .cukup by attaching your e passport , then the auto gate doors to exit or enter Indonesia Indonesia is open.

with epaspor, the passport does not have to worry about counterfeit.

while making ?
the same as a regular passport .

how much it cost ?
costs required are 2 times that of ordinary passports.

moreover the advantage besides having e passport in addition to not have to queue at immigration ?
Japan recently issued a policy on visa exemption for citizens of Indonesia for the owner epaspor , but before departure to Japan, epaspor owner only needs to report to the departure of their embassy, & no need to make a visa.


this time to go to japan is free visa on condition of registering e-passports you to the Japanese embassy with Jl. M.H. Thamrin 24
Central Jakarta (10350).

if you have a regular passport then still apply for visa to come & bring the document to the completeness of the Japanese embassy.

if there is information in question please contact :

Phone Number

Such. +62-21 3192-4308 (hunting system)

Link complete

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thankfully the many ? come on do epaspor !

want lovely honeymoon ? that Maldives Merry !

Maldives or the Maldives is an island nation consisting of a collection of atolls (a coral island surrounding a lagoon) Indian Ocean. Maldives is located in the south-west India, about 700 miles southwest of Sri Lanka. The country has 26 atolls which are divided into 20 administrative atolls and 1 city. This country is a country with the smallest population and area in Asia.


To get to the Maldives, of Indonesia can ride an airplane via Malaysia, Singapore or Sri Lanka. Since no planes go directly to the Maldives. However, visitors who want backpackeran usually prefer the path through Sri Lanka as it is cheaper. If you can ride through Malaysia Air Asia, then further to Maldives.

traveling to this country also does not have a visa in advance, enough to take care of on arrival visa on arrival at the airport. & surely bring a passport as a mandatory requirement for overseas. soon you plan the best honeymoon.


source 2

source image :

Schengen visa is a visa to enter the territory of Europe, which is included in the Schengen agreement . The following is a list of countries that have a visa to enter the Schengen .

France and Monaco
Italy, including the Republic of San Marino and the Vatican

Holders of passports or visas one of the above countries can enter and exit freely between these countries.

happy travelling ^_^


Here are the procedures to register members BPJS Health. Membership is divided into two, namely participants BPJS Recipient Iur (PBI) Beneficiaries and participants not Iur (non PBI)

Participants PBI is a poor community and can not afford the premiums which will be paid by the government. While the contestants are not Beneficiaries Iur (nonPBI) is every worker wage earners (civil servants, TNI / Police, state officials, non-government employees civil servants, and private employees), not wage workers and non-workers (investor, employer, retired, veteran, Janda veteran, veterans and children).

For non participants BPI, there is 3 Pinworms class that can be selected, ie for Class 1 with a premium of Rp 59.500,00 per month, Classroom 2 with a premium of Rp 45.500,00 per month and Classes 3 with a premium of Rp 25.500,00 per month. For how to register members BPJS see description below

How to apply to members of the public BPJS

1. Society came into office BPJS in district and provincial levels to bring one ID card ID card, SIM, Family Card, or Passport.
2. Fill out registration form BPJS.
3. Setelah mengisi There are two basic forms of buy-detox.com : powdered and freebase. form, it will get a Virtual Account which is used as a transaction number for the payment of premiums. Virtual accounts applicable to each individual candidate. Then candidates
4. For participants Non BPI, you have to pay a fee in advance to make payments to the bank with a virtual account that has been granted BPJS Kesehatan.dan after paying your dues officially a member of the health BPJS.
5. For participants BPI, after getting your virtual account officially a member of the health BPJS, You do not need to pay your tuition fees paid for by the government.
6. You'll get a membership card BPJS.

For all Askes enough to approach the BPJS by submitting Askes card to be replaced with a card and automatic BPJS already a member BPJS.

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Similarly BPJS Members How to Apply For Public.

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Here are 10 Tourist Places in Lombok Mandatory Visited

1. Mount Rinjani

Gunung Rinjani 300x199 10 Tempat Wisata di Lombok yang Wajib Dikunjungi

Mount Rinjani is an icon at the same tourist attractions in Lombok's most famous. With a height of more than 3,700 meter, Mount Rinjani is the second highest volcano in Indonesia. For Hindus, Mount Rinjani has its own spiritual value because it is the residence of the gods.

Wisata favorit di Mount Rinjani is climbing. Mount Rinjani is considered as the most beautiful mountain scenery in the Asian, so many people climb this mountain to enjoy the scenery is second to none. To be able to reach the summit of Mount Rinjani, You will take a few days, therefore carefully prepare all your needs.

& Nbsp;

2. Pura Batu Bolong

Pura Batu Bolong 300x200 10 Tempat Wisata di Lombok yang Wajib Dikunjungi

Pura Batu Bolong is located in Senggigi, Chili. Pura Batu Bolong is located on top of a black rock that juts into the sea. In the middle of this rock there is a hole, that this temple named Pura Batu Bolong. As mock in general in Bali, to be able to enter the Pura Batu Bolong, You have to use the yellow-colored cloth at the waist. Pura Batu Bolong background views of Mount Agung and the Lombok Strait, so very beautiful to take pictures, especially at sunset.

& Nbsp;

3. Senggigi Beach

Pantai Senggigi 300x180 10 Tempat Wisata di Lombok yang Wajib Dikunjungi

Senggigi Beach is one of the tourist attractions in Lombok is the most visited by tourists. Located in the western part of the island of Lombok, Senggigi beach atmosphere similar to Kuta Beach in Bali, but has calm waves making it perfect for swimming and snorkeling. Has a long coastline, This beach will pamper you with a beautiful sand beach and crystal clear waters. Because it is one of the tourist attractions in Lombok's most famous, Senggigi Beach has support facilities like restaurant, hotel, bar, means of transport, pulse seller, and others are very complete.

& Nbsp;

4. Taman Narmada

Taman Narmada 300x210 10 Tempat Wisata di Lombok yang Wajib Dikunjungi

Narmada Park is located in the village of Lembuak, about 10 KM to the east of the city of Mataram. An area of ​​approximately 2 acres was built by the king of Mataram in Lombok 1727. Formerly, This park is used as a resting place and a ceremony, The park now has been converted to a sights. It is unique from Narmada Park, This garden design is a miniature replica of Mount Rinjani, In addition, there are also springs of Mount Rinjani, which is believed to make you young when you wash your face and drinking water.

5. Niagara Spring Gile

Air Terjun Sendang Gile 300x199 10 Tempat Wisata di Lombok yang Wajib Dikunjungi

Located in North Lombok, Spring Gile Waterfall is about 60 BC right 3 hours drive from Mataram. Located in the village of Senaru, Niagara Spring Gile is the entrance early ascent of Mount Rinjani. Because it has the same water source with water in Narmada Park, water in Niagara Spring Gile is also believed to make you young when you use for bathing or washing face. To be able to enjoy the fountain of youth in Niagara Spring Gile, You have to climb about 200 first rung.

6. Segara Anak Lake

Danau Segara Anak 300x200 10 Tempat Wisata di Lombok yang Wajib Dikunjungi

Segara Anak Lake is one of the tourist attractions that must be visited in Lombok, especially for the nature lovers. Located in the crater of Mount Rinjani, Segara Anak Lake is still believed to be part of the sea on an island split into. This is because the color of the lake water is blue, exactly the same as the color of sea water.

Usually when you take to climb Mount Rinjani package with a travel agency, You will also be brought to the Segara Anak Lake and overnight at the lake. The main activity in this lake is fishing, therefore, do not forget to bring your fishing pole. To be able to reach Lake Segara Anak, You have to walk for approximately 9 hours of the end point can be traversed path of motor vehicles, tiring but it will not disappoint.

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7. Gili Trawangan

Gili Trawangan 300x200 10 Tempat Wisata di Lombok yang Wajib Dikunjungi

Gili Trawangan is the largest of the three islands group dyke. Gili Trawangan is the most visited island in between 3 existing earthen islands. The island became famous since 1980 when a group of backpackers find this beautiful island. On this island there are no motorized vehicles, so as to be able to roam the island, You can use a lot of bikes for rent on the island. The most favorite tourist activity in Gili Trawangan is a diving, snorkeling, Surfing, dan yoga.

& Nbsp;

8. Kuta Beach Lombok

Pantai Kuta Lombok 300x169 10 Tempat Wisata di Lombok yang Wajib Dikunjungi

Kuta Beach is not only in Bali, but also in Lombok. Located in the village of Kuta, about 56 BC dari kota Mataram, Chili, Lombok Kuta beach has fine sand pepper, therefore many locals call this beach as a beach pepper. Lombok Kuta Beach is one of the tourist attractions in Lombok's most beautiful, even one of the most beautiful in Indonesia because it is rarely touched by human disturbance. Tourism is the main surfing beach because the waves which is one of the best in the world. Other attractions to do in Kuta Beach Lombok them: fish, dive, snorkeling, mounted, etc..

& Nbsp;

9. Pantai Sire

Pantai Sire 300x159 10 Tempat Wisata di Lombok yang Wajib Dikunjungi

Sire Beach in Lombok is more or less 35 BC dari kota Mataram. Sire Beach is a tourist spot in Lombok which is worth a visit because of the beauty it has to offer. When the weather is sunny, You can see Mount Rinjani from this beach. With a coastline almost 4 KM, Sire Beach offers quite a variety of tourist activities such as swimming, snorkeling, canoeing, to fishing. If you do not bring tourist equipment for these activities, no need to worry because there are a lot Sire Beach rental tools supporting travel.

& Nbsp;

10. Monkey Forest Pusuk

Hutan Monyet Pusuk 300x225 10 Tempat Wisata di Lombok yang Wajib Dikunjungi

Pusuk Monkey Forest is part of the region of Mount Rinjani, Chili. Pusuk Monkey Forest is located at the summit of Mount Rinjani and is the habitat of hundreds of monkeys. On the way around the Monkey Forest Pusuk, be careful when driving, because often these monkeys playing in the middle of the road. Monkey Forest Pusuk usually a resting place and a place for tourists who are heading Niagara Spring Gile. When you bring the food, these monkeys will try to take it from you, Do not fight these monkeys because they may be angry.

source : http://anekatempatwisata.com/10-tempat-wisata-di-lombok-yang-wajib-dikunjungi/

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1. Suicide in South Korea.

Caught Corruption, Former South Korean Agriculture Minister Suicide.

A former country's agriculture minister commits suicide after being interrogated with regard to large-scale banking scandal. In addition to a former minister who allegedly committed suicide, a university rector Yohhap news agency also found dead in his car, He reportedly also asked for information related to financial irregularities in Busan savings bank.

This is not the first time a corruption scandal drags important officials in South Korea. Former President Roh Moo-hyun committed suicide in May 2009 after he carried around in a corruption scandal.(

2. USA – Prison & Fine

In the US alone are not criminals sentenced to death. They are quite imprisoned for a long time and had to pay heavy fines. No half-hearted, long prison sentences for criminals minimal 5 years and a fine of $ 2 million. Apart from having to bear the punishment, criminals with severe cases can also be expelled from the country (blacklist).

3. Malaysia – Hanging

On 1961 Malaysia has had an anti-corruption law, yang bernama Prevention of Corruption Act. Then set up the Anti-Corruption (RB) on 1982. On 1997, berlaku Anti Corruption Act, which further strengthens the law to the corruptors. And if found guilty, criminals will immediately sentenced to hanging.

4. Arab Saudi – Beheaded
Death to the corrupt law in Saudi Arabia applied in accordance with Islamic syriat. That every murderer should be punished with killed or Qisas.Mungkin Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that still impose the death penalty in this way. Although considered less humane, qisas able to create an effective deterrent to offenders, the said criminals.

5. Germany – Life imprisonment
Transparency International noted German ranks 10th in corruption perception index. Points 10 is the perfect point in the absence of corruption. Germany does not have the ad hoc institutions to combat corruption, such as the Commission. Bilateral development cooperation is one way the German government to suppress corruption. Criminal law for criminals is life imprisonment and return all proceeds of corruption.

6. China – Shoot Dead
Corruption in China is considered as a major crime. A defendant must pray much corruption in China because the court will be sentenced to death. According to Amnesty International, 4.000 people sentenced to death for corruption every year. The data confirms the seriousness of China in combating corruption.

7. Japan – Law “Shame”
In Japan there is no Law Corruption Eradication like in Indonesia. Corruptor maximum penalty only 7 years in prison. Legal culture “shame” which is larger than the Japanese society is very effective as a preventive tool against corruption. Reputedly, Japanese lawyers always tries to persuade his client to admit guilt, resign, and then return the proceeds of crime.

8. Indonesia – Lighter jail term + Remission

Funnily enough slippers for thieves Negriku 30 Thousand in Indonesia punished 5 years in prison, how the thieves of public money worth tens or even hundreds of billions of dollars??

Still remember the case with this one case. A student SMKN 3 Hammer, Central Sulawesi initials AAL (15) in prison for 5 year simply because AAL stealing sandals for Rp. 30 thousand. Sandals for 30 thousand could make a student in prison 5 year? Ckckck, ya might just be lebay law because the owner of the slipper is the rank is Brigadier.

Then How how the thieves of public money worth tens or even hundreds of billions of dollars??

Lucky to corrupt Indonesia. Mild prison law alias briefly, even far below the legal prosecution of corruption in Indonesia make the most of said light. Section, term prisoners even been counted since become a prisoner in jail. And if there is a warning Feasts, prisoners get remission (cutting the detention period) which could make the corrupt sooner or later will breathe free air. ^^

CR : KDL-Various Sources google.


Most tourists visiting the country of Vietnam attracted by the natural beauty that is owned by this state. Starting from the green rice fields in the north to the frenzy of interest and from the Mekong Delta in the south. Vietnam is also a country which has a long history and ancient traditions.

Vietnam has many sights historic and ancient temples are beautiful. Here is 10 The most amazing sights in Vietnam yang dapat Anda kunjungi ketika sedang jalan jalan atau berlibur ke negara Vietnam.

1. Tempat Wisata Indah Ha Long Bay – Vietnam

Tempat Wisata Indah Ha Long Bay - Vietnam
Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay terletak di utara Vietnam dengan 120 kilometer garis pantai yang panjang dan jika diterjemahkan secara harfiah adalah “Teluk Descending Dragons”. Daya tarik utama dari wisata di Vietnam, Ha Long Bay memiliki ribuan pulau, yang masing-masing diatasnya mempunyai vegetasi hutan tebal, membentuk pemandangan laut pilar batu kapur yang spektakuler. Beberapa pulau yang berlubang, dengan gua-gua yang sangat besar, pulau-pulau lain yang termasuk danau dan beberapa dukungan desa nelayan yang mengambang.

2. Tempat Wisata Menarik Thien Mu Pagoda (Hue) – Vietnam

Tempat Wisata Menarik Thien Mu Pagoda (Hue) - Vietnam
Thien Mu Pagoda (Hue)

Pagoda Thien Mu di Hue adalah sebuah pagoda tertinggi di Vietnam. Pagoda ini menghadap ke Sungai Parfum dan dianggap sebagai simbol yang tidak resmi dari bekas ibukota kekaisaran. Candi ini dibangun pada tahun 1601 pada masa pemerintahan Lords Nguyễn. Pada awal dibangun sangatlah sederhana, tetapi seiring waktu berjalan terus dipugar dan diperluas dengan berbagai fitur yang lebih rumit.

3. Tempat Wisata Hoan Kiem Lake (Hanoi) – Vietnam

Tempat Wisata Hoan Kiem Lake (Hanoi) - Vietnam
Hoan Kiem Lake (Hanoi)

Hoan Kiem Lake adalah salah satu tempat utama yang indah di kota dan berfungsi sebagai tempat rekreasi favorit para penduduk setempat. Hoan Kiem mean “pedang kembali”, dan nama ini berasal dari sebuah legenda di mana Raja Le Loi diberi sebuah pedang magis oleh para dewa, yang ia gunakan untuk mengusir para penyerang dari Cina.

4. Tempat Wisata Hoi An – Vietnam

Tempat Wisata Hoi An - Vietnam
Hoi An

Hoi An telah menjadi pelabuhan internasional dari abad ke-16 meskipun bisnis pengiriman serius sudah lama pindah ke kota Da Nang. Jantung kota masih di Old Town, penuh dengan jalur berliku dan toko-toko yang bergaya Cina. Terkadang juga disebut dengan “Venice of Vietnam” karena sebuah kanal sempit yang membelah bagian dari kota.

5. Tempat Wisata Phu Quoc – Vietnam

Tempat Wisata Phu Quoc - Vietnam
Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc is a pulau terbesar di Vietnam yang terletak di depan pantai Kamboja. Pulau ini memiliki hutan tropis yang masih murni, terumbu karang rusak dan pantai yang besar. Salah satu pantai, bernama Bai Dai (Long Beach), dipilih oleh ABC News sebagai salah satu dari lima pantai yang indah dan bersih. Phu Quoc terkenal sebagai tempat memproduksi mam nuoc yang terbaik atau saus ikan yang difermentasi di seluruh dunia.

6. Tempat Wisata Alam Sa Pa Terraces – Vietnam

Tempat Wisata Alam Sa Pa Terraces - Vietnam
Sa Pa Terraces

Sa Pa Terraces adalah sebuah kota yang terletak di barat laut Vietnam dan tidak jauh dari perbatasan China. Sawah dapat Anda temukan di lembah Muong Hoa antara kota Dan Mount Fansipan, with a thick bamboo forest background. The local people of the mountain,Hmong, Shine, Knife, Hand, Giay, majority of paddy and maize is planted on the terrace, together with vegetables.

7. Tourist Places Mui Ne – Vietnam

Tempat Wisata Mui Ne - Vietnam
Mui Ne

Mui Ne has seen some serious development in the 15 last year. Due to the strong sea breeze that it became a popular destination in Vietnam for kite and windsurfing. Travel to Mui Ne akan kurang lengkap tanpa perjalanan menuju ke bukit pasir yang terkenal dan terletak utara dengan jarak pendek dari kota. Hamparan pasir yang luas memberikan beberapa pemandangan panorama alam yang indah terutama ketika matahari terbenam.

8. Tempat Wisata Mekong River (Mekong Delta) – Vietnam

Tempat Wisata Mekong River (Mekong Delta) - Vietnam
Mekong River (Mekong Delta)

Delta Mekong adalah sebuah wilayah di selatan Vietnam di mana pendekatan Sungai Mekong yang bermuara ke laut. Daerah ini sangat kaya dan subur, ditutupi dengan sawah, yang memproduksi sekitar setengah dari total output pertanian Vietnam. Further, kehidupan di Delta Mekong banyak berputar di sekitar sungai, dan semua desa sering diakses oleh sungai daripada melalui jalan darat.

9. Tempat Wisata Cu Chi Tunnels – Vietnam

Tempat Wisata Cu Chi Tunnels - Vietnam
Cu Chi Tunnels

Cu Chi Tunnels merupakan sebuah jaringan besar yang menghubungkan terowongan bawah tanah yang terletak sekitar 40 km arah barat laut dari Kota Ho Chi Minh (Saigon). Terowongan yang digunakan oleh gerilyawan Viet Cong ini menjadi tempat bersembunyi selama Perang Vietnam, dan merupakan basis operasi untuk Serangan Tet pada tahun 1968. Terowongan ini sekarang sudah menjadi Tempat wisata yang populer, dan pengunjung yang datang akan diundang untuk merangkak di sekitar bagian aman dari sistem terowongan tersebut.

10. Tempat Wisata Nha Trang – Vietnam

Tempat Wisata Nha Trang - Vietnam
Nha Trang

Nha Trang menjadi kota yang paling populer dengan memiliki resor tepi pantai yang terletak di sepanjang teluk kedua dan merupakan yang paling indah di negara Vietnam. Features beautiful beaches with fine sand and clean and clear sea water with mild temperatures. The city has about 300.000 population living in an urban city character than other beach destinations like Mui Ne Phu Quoc Dan. There are also scuba diving center of Vietnam.

source : http://yoshiewafa.blogspot.com/2013/09/10-tempat-wisata-di-vietnam-yang-terkenal-menarik.html