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The difference between s1 , s2 & s3

Perhaps many are asking, what exactly is the difference between college S1(bachelor), S2(Masters), and S3(doctoral)? Here I will summarize some of the posts that spread on the internet trying to answer the questions above. Mungkin sebagian jawaban hanya sekedar personal view, but I believe we can benefit from it.

Back to questions, what is the difference Lecture S1, S2, S3?

– S1 bersifat lebih umum dan memiliki cangkupan yang lebih luas. In the S1 will learn things that are basic. The main purpose to introduce students to the field / degree which he expressed interest and empowering them to think systematically. Jenjang S2 bersifat lebih fokus. S2 students are taught to master (not just knowing) in which they are interested. The S3 is intended to produce individuals who are able to develop areas of interest such. Mahasiswa S3 diarahkan untuk dapat melakukan penelitian sencara mandiri [1].

– Dalam bahasa yang sederhana di S1 mahasiswa mempelajari (one or more) method, S2 students in developing methods, whereas in S3 students generate methods (new). Therefore the, S1 students final project is to apply a method to resolve an issue, Thesis S2 developed a specific method that can be applied to a wider issue, dissertation S3 while generating new method is better than existing methods [2].

– Beda lulusan S1, S2 and S3 is a different way of thinking. S2 is more to think about things that are strategic in nature and consequently, further ahead. Therefore S2 graduates usually get a job with a higher position, compared to S1. S1 graduate more at the tactical level, therefore they usually are in the field and do the things that tactical, not strategic. D3, more tactical again, usually part-part field, and its practical. Education Ph.D. (S3) intended to generate research. The doctor will study, contemplate and do some research to find it / problem, for others the real problems do not exist, but they have the ability to "see" a problem that can not be seen by others. After that, they do business, research to find solutions / way out of it / try to see the problems earlier [3].

– Pendidikan sarjana (S1) should teach knowledge existing repertoire so that he became a man trained. S1 is expected to be able to apply their knowledge to the problems of the generic. That is the type of issue that is already been taught. Master of Education (S2) is a continuation of S1. He mastered state of the art and best practices in the field. S2 kind of license to practice this profession. Education Ph.D. (S3) intended to generate research. Researchers are looking for people who are happy then codify new knowledge. So the first requirement is the desire of a doctor actually wrote a new knowledge. The second condition, of curiosity and tenacity to use research methods untu k search for new knowledge [4].

– Yang lain mengatakan bahwa lulusan S1 menguasai aksiologi ilmu (the use of science). Graduates S2 emphasizes mastery component epistemology covering science resources, means, and procedures used such means to achieve scientific knowledge. S3 being expected not only to master the components axiology and epistemology of science but more of it in the ontology of science that includes what the nature or form of the essentials of the science, truth and reality inherent in scientific knowledge is

May be useful ...

Sutrisno W. Ibrahim. Riyadh, 20/10/2013.


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