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Tip speed android phone without application & root

The following Tip speed android phone without application & root

The longer hp / mobile phone that you use there is a tendency to decrease the performance of your Android android phone you also very slow. The amount of RAM is no guarantee that your android phone will be free of the word slow, if you use not in accordance with the recommended usage. Root and all sorts of other ways is a great way, but it should be noted again, there are many ways to do it without any effort you mengopreknya. Well here is How to Accelerate Performance and Application Root Android Without that we have summarized from various sources and experience Full-Tekno.com.

1. Non-Turn Animation Mobile .

Animation transition,Animation dialog window, as well as the duration of the animation when switching off for at least will give the impression of your phone look more toned. Well, how pretty and very easy, simply go to Settings > Developer Options > Turn off the third animation.

2. Do not Use Live Wallpaper

Live Wallpaper in many cases it is in need for the disabled as well as the time to save battery, it's because the live wallpaper itself requires considerable processor performance memory and battery drain. Well, to disable it could simply go to Settings > Views > Wallpaper > select the wallpaper standards means not moving.

3. Dispose of unnecessary applications

Many applications will certainly contribute your phone memory, running background processes and files and unused (cache) will make your phone feel slow. Therefore we recommend that you uninstall an application in which if you do not need or rare use. Even if it does not want to download it back, you can use third-party applications such as clean master to backup (backup) The application. So that later when it takes you just install it again quickly.

4. Reduce Total Widget

In real-time widget will use background processes that are not directly but certainly will suck up a lot of memory used, so that your android phone will be slow. We recommend that you reduce the amount of your widget on your homescreen android screen.

5. Use a reliable MicroSD .

Who does not think, if there is a microSD also affect the speed of your ria cell phone. This is because the faster class MicoSD the faster your phone while reading or writing data into your phone. Pilihlan microSD with speed 6-10.

6. Synchronize who need only

Synchronization is better used sparingly, in addition to conserve battery life, this way can save a background process on your mobile phone. So How to Accelerate Performance and Applications Android Without Root may be useful, when less clear. This article is also dedicated to all my friends who use android phones, so thank you.

Source: http://www.full-tekno.com/2014/05/cara-mempercepat-kinerja-android-tanpa.html


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