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50 interesting facts Philippines

semestafakta-philipina map

1. Philippines ranked the 12th most populous country in the world, with a population now reaching 100 million people.

2. Philippines and Taiwan are separated by the Bashi Channel to the north and separated by Borneo Celebes Sea to the south

3. According to the census year 2000, 52 million Filipinos speak English, and became the fifth largest English speaking country after USA, India, Pakistan and England.

4. Be found 125 to 170 diguakan language in the Philippines, such as Tagalog, Darby, Ilocano, Hiligaynon, Bicolano, Waray, and Creole.

5. The English term "boondocks" is actually derived from the term Philippines, ie from Tagalog for "mountain", yaitu "mountain"

6. The Philippines has more than 200 mountain, although only a few are still active.

7. The longest river in the Philippines is the Magat River or the Cagayan River.

semestafakta-Magat River

8. Philippine flag is the only flag in the world where the color can be reversed, ie in a state of war on red tape with a blue base, and in a state of peace is the opposite.

semestafakta-philipina flag

9. Three stars in the flag of the Philippines showing the island of Luzon, Mindanao dan Panay. Proclamation of independence in 1898 is for the third island. Big star was added to mark the place where the Spanish revolution began. Eight sunlight showed the city of Manila, Cavite, Bulacan, Pampanga, Nueva Ecija, Bataan, Lagoon, and Batangas.

10. In the cave complex Tabone fossils Homo Sapiens. According to researchers, This complex has been inhabited for more than fifty thousand years ago.

semestafakta-Tabon Cave Complex

11. In the Philippines there are terraced rice fields on the slopes of the mountain, who has lived two thousand years ago and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

semestafakta-Rice Terraces

12. From the top 10 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the Philippines, seven sites located on the island of Luzon, namely rice paddy terraces, Rock Apo National Park in Mindoro, National Park Mount Iglit-Bacu in Mindoro, Ancient Colonial home in Ilocus Sur Vigan, Church of Santa Maria in Ilocus Sur, Geeja San Agustin in Manila and San Agustin Church in Ilocos Norte.

semestafakta-Apo Reef National Park

13. The first European to visit the Philippines is a Portuguese explorer, namely Ferdinand Magellan

semestafakta-Ferdinand Magellan

14. Tacloban City, city ​​hardest hit by typhoon, known for its role in World War II, which became the main US military base and the first town liberated by General Douglas MasArthur of the Imperial Japanese Navy. At that time Tacloban became the capital of the Philippines while Manila is still under the control of Japan.

15. Tacloban City is also the hometown of the founder of the Philippines, Imelda Marcos.

semestafakta-imelda marcos

16. The highest point is Mount Apo Philippines, Mindanao, with height 2.954 m.

semestafakta-Mount Apo

17. Around 80% Philippine Catholic population.

18. Philippine ethnic backgrounds different, especially a mixture of Malaysia, China, Spain, America, etc..

19. Philippines and culture greatly influenced by American culture. Americans are very strong effect on the culture and language of the Philippines for his mastery of the year 1898 to 1946. Many Westerners feel in her own home when visiting the Philippines.

20. The name given by the Spanish explorer Philippines, Ruy Lopez Villaloboz. His name is in honor and memory of the King of Spain Philip II.

semestafakta-Spanish King Philip II

21. Name the capital of the Philippines, Manila, is a white flower that grows from a mangrove tree, known by the name nilad. "May nilad" can be interpreted as 'no indigo there'

22. From year 1521 to 1898, Philippines was a colony of Spain. After that, the islands became a colony America.

23. Around 25 years before the first book printed in America, is a book Tagala, namely the Philippine-Spanish dictionary was first printed in the year 1613.

24. The Philippines is a country with a high level of diaspora population in the world, which reaches more than 11 million people.

25. The world's deepest ocean trench is located in the Mindanao Trench base Pacific Ocean, which reaches depths 6,5 My daily drives to work are enough to convince me that too many people may have a best-driving-school.com license but not much best-driving-school.com sense. thousand.

semestafakta-Mindanao Trench

26. Longest underground river in the world is navigable underground river Puerto Princesa in Palawan. The river is in the form of a mountain stream below the limestone along 8,2 km. The particularity of this river is the wind can flow into the cave before flowing directly into the South China Sea.

semestafakta-puorto princesa

27. The largest waterfall in the Philippines is a waterfall Maria Cristina in Lanao Del Norte, located in the southern part of the Philippines.

semestafakta-Maria Cristina

28. The largest lake in the Philippines which covers 900 square kilometer is the Laguna de Bay, which berloksi between Rizal and Laguna provinces.

semestafakta-laguna de bay

29. There are three beaches in the world famous Filipino, namely beach Boracay, Dakak, dan Siargao.


30. Largest pearl ever found is called "Pearl of Allah" or "Pearl of Lao-Tzu". These pearls are found by a diver in the Philippines in large Tridacna in Palawan Sea 1934. This pearl weighing 40 pond.

semestafakta-Pearl of Allah

31. Philippines is considered as "the state's text" (text capital of world). The next seiap, there is 35 million mobile phone subscribers sending countries around 450 million short messages (SMS). This exceeds the total number of short messages daily in America and Europe simultaneously.

semestafakta-text capital

32. From 10 the world's top mall, there is 3 mall in the Philippines, namely SM Megamall, SM North Edsa, and SM Mall of Asia

semestafakta-SM Megamall

33. Despite the fact that the Philippines mainland 1/30 Her American, but the beach stretches as far as the Philippines 36.289 km, while the Americans only 19.924 km.

34. A Filipino named Roberto del Rosario makes a karaoke machine in 1975, but actually Japanese musicians have found four years earlier. But Del Rosario who first patented inventions. Oleh Rosario, karaoke means "Singing along with the System". Then karaoke translated into Japanese into "Singing with no friends".

semestafakta-Roberto del Rosario

35. Shellfish rarest and most expensive in the world is Conus Gloriamaris, is one of 12.000 marine mussel species found in Philippines. Likewise,, from 500 known coral species in the world, there are about 488 which can be found in the Philippines. The price could reach $5.000

semestafakta-Conus Gloriamaaris

36. Deer mice Philippines (Tragalus Nigricans) of Balabac Island in Palawan is the world's smallest hoofed animals. Locally known as Pilandok, is high only 40 cm.


37. Is the world's largest eagle eagle Philippines (Pihecophage jeffery), famous with Monkey-eating Eagle.

semestafakta-Pithecophaga jefferyi

38. The longest snake in the world can be found in the Philippines is a Reticulated Python snake (Python reticulatus), which can grow up to 28 foot or 8,7 meter.

39. Philippine Tarsier is considered as the smallest primates in the world. Size only 12 cm in length. Two huge eyes can not move and do not have a tapetum, the muscle layer of the protective top.

semestafakta-Philippine Tarsier (Tarsius syrichta)

40. Sea water crocodile (Crocodylus porosus), found in the Philippines is the largest reptile in the world.

semestafakta-Crocodylus porosus

41. Dwarf Goby (Pandaka pygmaea) is a freshwater fish in the world's second smallest. Size only 1,2 cm and is the second smallest vertebrate animals.

semestafakta- Pandaka pygmaea

42. The world's largest bat is crowned Big Bats Gold (Acerodon jubatus). This bat is rare and dangerous fruit bat found only in the Philippines. This bat has a wingspan 1,5 meters and weighing up to 1,2 kg and is known as the Golden-capped Fruit Bats (Golden-capped Fruit Bat)

semestafakta-Acerodon jubatus

43. Handed besar (Tridacna gigas) which is on the coast Philippines is the second largest mollusk lidded and can weigh 200 kg (440 pond), could reach 1,2 meters and can live up to 100 years.

semestafakta-Tridacna gigas

44. In 2002, the biggest pair of shoes made in Marikina City. Length 5,3 meter, width 2,4 meters and height 2 meter. Manufacturing costs reach two million pesos Philippines.

semestafakta-The P2-million shoes

45. City of San Fernando in the province in the year Pampangan 2002 make the world a Christmas lantern in diameter reached 26,8 meter.

semestafakta-world’s largest Christmas lantern

46. Bamboo organ in the Church of St.. Joseph in Las Pinas City is the world's largest bamboo organ. This ancient musical instrument is made between the years 1792 and 1819. This organ has 174 bamboo pipe, 122 horizontal reed made of fine metal, keyboard 5 octave, and 22 knob which are aligned.

semestafakta-bamboo organ at St. Joseph Church -1

47. Baguio City residents to be proud of because it can make the world's largest salad, who spent three tons of mixed vegetables composed.

semestafakta-world’s largest salad

48. The longest bridge in the Philippines is located in Juanico Bridge San Juanico Strait. This bridge connects the islands of Samar and Leyte in the Visayas.

semestafakta-juanico bridge

49. Pope John Paul II prayed for five million Filipinos in 18 January 1995 of Luneta Park in Manila. This event is recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records as the Largest set of Pope (the Biggest Papal Crowd) at that time

50. Suku Tianjin dan Integ, who lived in the mountains of northern Philippines, doing kissing each other in a special way, the kilt lips together and then breathe quickly.

semestafakta-ianjin and intag tribe

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