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10 important things that you should consider before overseas

1. Note Passport & your visa
First check your goals and their passport visa requirements. Setiap negara mempunyai aturan dan jangka waktu pembuatan visa yang berbeda-beda. Terlebih dari itu, paspor berguna sebagai tiket masuk ke suatu negara, lebih baik cek kembali apakah tujuan Anda memerlukan penggunaan visa atau tidak. Jika memang diharuskan menggunakan visa, get accurate information to the manufacturing process or enlist the help of travel agents.

2. Being weather Notable Things
Planning your vacation activities abroad must first find out about the weather there. So, You can also prepare more stamina fit, providing medicines needed and also choose the right clothes to wear there.

3. Holidays and Festival Pictures
It's good to find time ago when the holiday seasonal, and where the only certain places are not open to the public. One example is traveling to Singapore or China when the Chinese New Year, You certainly will not be able to satisfy the desire of your vacation. Or suppose traveling to Bali during Nyepi, You will only be able to vacation hotel's room only for a full day.
Aside from the holidays that you need to know, popular festivals and its carnival in a country you have to find out also if you want to participate or see how the carnival was taking place.

4. Your Health Really Important
Health is an important asset for every Travelers who want to travel abroad while on vacation. By from the, very important also to find out the possible outbreak of disease is growing in the area as a preventive anticipation. And if necessary, you should go to the doctor to get the vaccine before traveling.

5. Note Travel Warning
In a country could have a variety of security situation. Therefore, better find out in advance of the country's critical information via the official website. Learn in advance as well as possible the rules in the country even to the slightest rules.

6. Need a Foreign Language Learned
Each country also has a variety of languages. No need to learn the local language of the country you will go to the highest level, but you can start by enriching everyday vocabulary such as greeting word 'please' and 'thank you'. By using this language, it will be easier for you when you want to shop and asked to buy souvenirs in the country.

7. Estimate Currencies Should Redeemable
Estimating the amount of money that will be used during a vacation really necessary. And should you have to exchange your currency with foreign currency of the country you will visit. If you are thinking to exchange your money at the local airport, can indeed, but you have to prepare for extra money because it is usually relatively high rate.

8. Security of your Very Important
Never you think full that a country is a safe place, but prepare in advance for the worst things you think happened, and always in anticipation of all things. For example, as not combining all of your currency in one place. And bring good name card that can be reached when needed. And better separate the important documents in one place, and keep a copy of the document to guard against the unthinkable happens.

9. Laws in the State of Your Destination
In some countries in the world has laws which vary uniquely impressed even those who have never known. Example, law in the Greek state does not allow you to use sepati stiletto. Or, as in the state of Singapore which prohibit chewing gum in bulk when traveling in their country. Pay attention to every little rule to avoid severe punishment bondage during a visit to a foreign country.

10. Transportation systems
Transport such as public transport in certain countries may be one good way to explore your destination. To avoid tersasarnya you in a foreign country, You need to learn the public transportation schedules and their type in your destination country, security and transport stops.


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