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Stands for As Soon As Possible, biasanya dipakai oleh atasan yang minta laporan dari bawahannya. Paling males dapet email yang subjectnya ASAP pake huruf gede. Biasanya laporan ini sifatnya dadakan bgt. Celakanya, bagi bawahan, laporan inilah yg biasanya paling lama dicuekin, alias gak diduga2 kalo sewaktu2 bos minta, walhasil..JEBRET! Lembur sampe pagi!

The magic words that are usually used to describe something in the future is less clear become more not clear. Moreover, if in an atmosphere that is already very not meeting productive and super boring, if you can all decisions are tentative. The important thing cepet return.

Should still MEETING EYD. But how else mo? Dah bekennya so, if said meeting, mo impression to pack or pack Lurah RT aja.

One of the few sentences in Indonesian language that can represent the status of the pengucapnya. Usually this phrase spoken by : Owner to the Director. Director of the GM. GM to Manager. Manager to Supervisor. Supervisor of Staff . Staff last OB to OB and to the back of chicken porridge. imagine the ? How difficult it is if the owner mo breakfast porridge?

To show time should clock 1 daylight, but this sentence is usually used if a pact with a fellow manager level or above. If they make a pact among staff or supervisors simple aja mah  "Abis eat DEHA" or  "Eat dolo bro, Our new sambung "Note : Your level Setinggi2nya, not to say  "Eat dolo bro.Â" to owner.

The habit of lazy employees who are not productive. Often made by the boss or the staff. The boss has a maximum of just coffee break schedule 2 times a day and do it in the room itself. Well, if staff often try to do as often as possible guerrilla coffee break in the pantry, cafeteria or smoking room. And often panic when the boss tiba2 call. When asked where, alesannya creative once. photocopying lah, ngejilid lah, toilet was up alesan requested data from a computer's apartment, gara2 YM her more trouble.

Indonesian-English mix that shows the state of the work that has come to the middle and upper level. Usually this word came out when results or production processes of companies stumble dispute. Wonder, why always kesebut if more chaotic yes? Examples favorite phrase  "How can that be? Legality's been OK all! What? He invites underhand? Lectures where the heck tu people?”

Indonesian language Overtime. but somehow, overtime cooler. Because if overtime kayak OB & Driver.

I love this word. If you do not invite money, seenggaknya invite furor in togetherness. Where divisi2 that had been hostile & hostile, tiba2 united in solidarity nan blue confuse.

If the owner or director who did it, proved to be efficient and appropriate. If the manager did prove to be alesan ulur2 recess and waste company budget, while the results tetep hanging. If need be widened to shopping meetings, karaoke meeting atau outbound meeting (usually to the Top. Sukur2 Bali)

Almost similar to the above explanation. The difference is the product that produced a New Project or simply a thank you. But the tail is longer, especially regarding new project. The Budget also provided greater. Usually done by pimpro. Type entertaint bermacam2 also depend on the nature of his pimpro. There are just about dinner, even karaoke up to the massage parlor table plus plus around Fatmawati, Melawai or City area & MangBes. With a noble purpose : The important thing collapsed project.

Initiative management companies in the me-re-fresh their employees. With the aim to be more fit and compact face masalah2 in office. While sometimes the employees got the result that much more leverage than just fit. Affair. Moment jo. Moment.

The International Office Hours. Bedanya, in developed countries with 925 can achieve maximum results, if in Indonesia 825 must be seasoned overtime, records do not promise something wrong yes.

24 hours a day 7 days a week. Mantra bosses to intimidate his right hand, lured by bonuses that they are in the gray area (read : First forced labor, Keith bonus course, depending dropout project)

Should still place the OB preparations to make coffee, nyiapin breakfast and the like. But according to the needs and creative imagination employees, This room can be multifunctional as smoking room, gossip room, breast pump room, and room2 for other underground community. Anyway, from all rooms, pantry rooms

Angels rescue. Unsung heroes. Trust, was such ada OB , undoubtedly destroyed all economic activities of companies. Phone can die. Fax can be broken. But if OB pain? Stress is upon the whole office.

Companion in arms OB. His fate it for at least equal to OB. But the difference mesangger more mobile because his job delivering essential dokumen2. Works really precious nan. Although sometimes become victims tangan2 ignorant employees who wish to leave a gift to a girlfriend's mouth office layout (very very) apart.

Stands for Job Description. Detail work of employees who poured in employment contracts. 80% of JobDesc usually considered trivial and ignored. Otherwise, when salary cut 80% even going to be a disaster & disaster.

In addition to shitting n grooming, toilet could be a unifying space race. Where once a week, a month, a year or even a lifetime of the lower castes could be one room with the noble caste (if lucky even in a state of sagging pants, taxable tie urine, color longgar, again ngeden, fart smell etc.)

Indeed, YM can be useful as a data transfer device that is very efficient without having to involve the presence of flash disc. However ditangan2 people who are not responsible, the tool is changed into a discussion about the shape of the face of the underground boss is weird, dissatisfaction management policy.

The term for notice something that needs to be updated to the horse's mouth divisi2. Tapi should be written and official, but in the hands of employees mostly, sounding always verbal / Oral So in the end that occurs not updated gained but word up or even fist up-(read : tuduh2an / lempar2an) alamakjan.

The term e-mail has always been the number one defense material if the process becomes chaotic sounding. Pray aja real email nyampe, not the mailer daemon or worse still in draft folder, hehehe.

Teasing the field operations personnel to administrative employees, let alone the tie. But the administration employees dealing wisely, a decision to hold steady, cut overtime or administrative encryption receipt and holidays. The grounds are very technical savvy nan confusing course.

What is the Indonesian of : SELINGKUH means (some might says) Lovely interlude Whole Family. One of the very few things that make the spirit come to the office.

The activities most delicious diucapin but most lazy dilakuin.

No Tax macem2 shape Concern, Managemet Concern. Salary Concern, Employees Concern But whatever and however shape, This concern2an certainly culminate with the meeting nan boring very time and labor intensive.

Today. Woe tomorrow.

Nouns are very diharap2kan presence by employees. Especially for employees who are very devoted to the company. Because the tongue of Indonesia is sangant difficult word is pronounced, it can be shortened to seeped or seepage. Example :
 "Eh cuy, gw dah seepage out belom?
 "nih Belom cong, still stuck in plafon "
 "Accelerated dong. Bokek nih”
 "Beres. Do not forget traktirannya yes. Already nih gw bantuin. Lo the longest boss know about begituan "
So, reimbursement can also be a kind of extortion to finance part.

Unspoken once a week. Usually on Monday morning at 6. As hard & boring. Moreover, if the work piling up & dense meeting schedule that is in plain sight.

Ngambil terms of the show MTV Rock the 90s. So annoyingnya gw lazy ngejelasinnya. Anyway certainly on ya dah ngarti.

days where 925 did not happen. Break 2 hour, by reason of Friday prayers. Yet even ngelayap to Gramedia / Holy mountain. Mo female employee was not inferior to celebrate Friday afternoon with shopping and lunch at the end of the world. I think bahagiaaaaa bgt!

Sesuat more ditunggu2 presence. So creative, employees can schedule the leave in accordance with the release of the bonus at a time when the incidence of the project fit again ribet2nya.

Not a word that accurately describe this sentence except : Anugerah Yang Terindah Yang Ever Had by Sheila on Seven.

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