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Management requirements & Permit-making work


1 . Copy the following Articles of Incorporation probate / Decree of the Ministry of Justice

2 . Copy of Business License, TIN , TDP, Permission Industry (depending on the type of company)

3 . Copy of ID Director (name as stated in the Articles of Incorporation)

4 . Copy of A Company Domicile Still Valid

5 . Copy RPTKA, DPKK, TAKEN, Permits of all foreign workers who have been there

6 . Copy of Act No Obligation Report. 7

7 . Copy of Passport Foreign Workers ( complete 1 book )

8 . Copy of Diploma TKA if not in English must be translated first

9 . Copy of Curriculum Vitae / Curriculum Vitae

10. Copy Reference Work (evidence of work experience)

11.Copy of ID companion TKA (Indonesian people) 1 TKA 1 Companion, attach also

foto uk 2×3

12.Photos TKA red back ground size 2X3, 3X4, 4X6 each 8 lbr

13. KOP blank letter that stamped and signed as director 20 sheet

14. Copy of health insurance from the prospective foreign workers

15. TKA candidates must be above the age of 25th and work experience

16. The validity period of the passport must be above 24 months

17. Last Education candidates TKA min. Scholar

18. If the company is already there 5 TKA it should face the Department of Labour

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