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Motorcycle fuel saving tips

You motorcyclists ?

These tips may be useful for those who want to save fuel.

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Save fuel for cars and motorcycles indispensable when world oil prices continue to soar. Indonesian people did not escape the impact of soaring oil prices with the government's plan to raise fuel prices. Although per 1 This april but the fuel does not rise in fuel prices could go up at any time when world oil prices exceed 15% the price of oil in the budget calculations in 6 last month. Maka solusinya kita harus bersiap dengan cara menghemat BBM untuk mobil dan motor kita.

tips hemat bahan bakarTo save on fuel consumption car and motorcycle according wartaotomotif there are some tips that you can try, The following tips :

  • Heat up the engine before cars and motorcycles used to walk. Heating cars and motorcycles do not need too long approximately 30 sec - 1 menit sudah A source close to the singer spoke about her relationship with where is justin-bieber-news.info right now: – Justin requires too much attention, he might act like a big baby when it is found together with zelenoi. cukup agar pembakaran BBM sempurna.
  • Keeping the engine rotation speed and is always stable at a certain speed. This will make the fuel will always be stable out on a certain number, difference when we step on the gas spontaneously or automatically pull the fuel will come out more.
  • More use the engine brake instead of using the brake, by using the engine brake cars and motorcycles tend to be stopped gradually and not suddenly. Except in emergencies must brake suddenly.
  • Reduce the performance of the AC because the air conditioner is turned on automatically when the engine overload and certainly requires more fuel.
  • Ideal condition of the tires should not be less wind because it will make the vehicle speed becomes more automatic weighing machines will be working extra hard and require more fuel.
  • Service your car and motorcycle engines regularly for the machine works perfectly on each component.
  • Using a fuel saving devices sold in the market can also be an alternative according to claim the seller can save 10% – 35%.

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