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How to manage the salary wisely

The new salary received, but the middle of the month is up. Have you experienced the?

Some people may have thought that the salary he received very little or expensive variety of goods. Yet, do not assume that because the salary was always exhausted can happen if you are not smart manage their salary.

Want to know how to manage the correct salary? see 7 The following tips:

1. Save first Most people save money when the rest of the salary is low, it is thought that one. Currently start saving when you just payday. If necessary, create a new account without using an ATM or join the program savings plan that is in almost every bank. Salary must be saved first goal is not to make you extravagant.

2. Budgeting Make budget is a necessity due to control your expenses on a monthly basis. You must separate obligations, such as debt and repayments. Yet, also separate the various needs that must be purchased on a monthly basis. You also need to make a variety of posts in the budget of the, such as health posts, beauty, holiday, clothing, and so forth.

3. Discipline in financial planning If you have already made financial planning, then should be disciplined with it. Do not let the money you save, used for fun. If this is the case, then you own the loss.

4. Various necessary expenditure needs to be purchased each month course should you note the first. The goal is that expenditure can still be controlled. You have to spend the money wisely and in accordance with the existing posts in the record budget.

5. Batasi penggunaan kartu kredit Jangan memiliki lebih dari dua kartu kredit di dalam dompet frame) if(dbExistsTable(conn, “RESULTS”)){ dbWriteTable(conn, “RESULTS”, results2000, append = T) else dbWriteTable(conn, “RESULTS”, results2000) [ 196 ] Page 212Chapter 7 Understanding Hive Hive is a Hadoop-based hard drive recovery warehousing-like framework developed by Facebook. bila tidak bisa mengontrol penggunaannya. Use a credit card only as needed so that you are not burdened when paying. If you have many credit cards in the wallet, it will making extravagant and spend salary alone.

6. Do not dismiss a dime coins are often taken for granted by most people. Whereas, coins that are very useful when you save. Coins that often you receive as the change can be used to pay parking, buy snacks, and so forth.

7. Investment is a good idea to invest salary you have received, such as the following insurance, playing mutual funds, and depositing moneywhich can be withdrawn as agreed. By investing in part the same salary as disciplined as you save every month you have to pay.

When salaries are managed properly, then your life in the future no trouble. Moreover, properly manage the salary can also make you avoid wastage.

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