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10 reason why Germany is worth mentioning developed countries

Federal Republic of Germany is a federal state in Western Europe. šNegara This has economic and political position is very important in Europe and in the world. šDengan wide 357.021 kilometers persegi (about 2,5 time Java) and a population of approximately 82 million, countries with 16 state is a key member of the European Union organization. Let's see why Germany is classified as a developed country…
1. Economy
š Jerman adalah negara dengan ekonomi terbesar di Eropa, The world's fourth largest GDP, and gross national income in the world's fifth largest 2008. Since the era of industrialization and industrial capitalism, The country managed to become the motor, innovator, and economic globalizers. Germany is the world's second largest exporter of the year 2011 with the value of 1,409 trillion dollars.
2. Per Capita Income
šPendapatan perkapita masyarakat jerman yaitu Rp 521.070.725/tahun atau setara dengan Rp 43 million / month. This makes Germany as a country with a per capita income of the 4th largest in the world.
3. Science and Technology
Pencapaian Jerman di bidang sains mempunyai pengaruh signifikan bagi perkembangan dunia. The Nobel Prize has been awarded to 103 German. Many German researchers get Nobel Prize in science, among others Physics, Chemistry, and physiology or medicine. Germany is also a country of many inventors and engineers, such as Johannes Gutenberg (inventor of the printing press), dan Konrad Zuse (The first automatic digital computer maker). Germany is also the hometown of the most famous scientist in the world of Albert Einstein.
4. Transportation
šDengan posisinya yang berada di tengah Eropa, Germany is a transport link. It can be seen from such a complex transportation networks and modern. Motorway network is the third longest toll road network in the world and is famous because it has no speed limit. Germany also has a railway line quickly. Network Inter City Express or ICE serves major cities in Germany as well as destinations in neighboring countries to speed up 300 km / h.
5. Economic Sector
šJerman adalah Negara dengan ekonomi terbesar dan terkuat di eropa. The service sector contributes to 71% total PDB, industry 28%, and agriculture 1%.
6. Life expectancy
Rata-rata angka harapan hidup untuk laki-laki adalah 77,8 year, while for women is 82,4 year, and the average overall is 80 year.
7. Unemployment Rate
Tingkat pengangguran rata-rata negara ini (May 2012) is 6,7%. The official unemployment rate in this country also includes people working part-time who are looking for full employment (full-time job). The average unemployment rate unofficially this country around 5.7% year 2011.
8. Education
š Lebih dari 99% German population aged 15 years and over can read and write. Education level of kindergarten available to all children ages 3-6 year, but not required. šSetelah it, compulsory education for the children to get the most minimal 9 year. Older elementary education in this country is ranged 4-6 tahun.Berikutnya, secondary education is available in 3 kind: Gymnasium to prepare students for university, Secondary School, and Hauptschule for vocational school students. German universities are known internationally, with 6 No university in 100 big world, and 18 there are at 200 big world. Most universities in Germany is a state university, the tuition is only about USD 951.000 per semester. Then, education is affordable for almost all German residents.
9. Demography
šDengan total penduduk sekitar 81,7 million people, Germany is the 15th most populous in the world. Since 2003 total German population decreases slowly with population growth 0:29% / year. The reluctance of German families to have children and rising death rates were low because of population growth.
10. Results Industry
šDari 500 The world's largest companies (based revenue) written by Fortune Global 500, 37 of which is headquartered in Germany. German companies like Volkswagen famous, Nivea, Siemens, Audi, Adidas, BMW, give Mercedes Benz.

source : http://id.wikipedia.org/wiki/Halaman_Utama


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