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wanted to resign because of certain reasons? want to entrepreneurship itself ?

here's how to resign (resign) well

1. Work optimally.

Get used to work as closely as possible & show the best in yourself so that you will be remembered by boss / friend you work as an employee who is competent in your job.

2. Hindari mengeluh dengan atasan / coworker

Anyone person would be disturbed if continuously listened to you in your place of work. avoid complaining with coworkers / supervisor if you want to leave a good impression when out of work.

3. Kepergian anda tidak mempengaruhi pekerjaan orang lain

make sure when you want to resign , you've found a replacement candidate who mastered your job field, because every job will be associated with the employment of other employees.

may be useful ^ _ ^

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Federal Republic of Germany is a federal state in Western Europe. šNegara This has economic and political position is very important in Europe and in the world. šDengan wide 357.021 kilometers persegi (about 2,5 time Java) and a population of approximately 82 million, countries with 16 state is a key member of the European Union organization. Let's see why Germany is classified as a developed country…
1. Economy
š Jerman adalah negara dengan ekonomi terbesar di Eropa, The world's fourth largest GDP, and gross national income in the world's fifth largest 2008. Since the era of industrialization and industrial capitalism, The country managed to become the motor, innovator, and economic globalizers. Germany is the world's second largest exporter of the year 2011 with the value of 1,409 trillion dollars.
2. Per Capita Income
šPendapatan perkapita masyarakat jerman yaitu Rp 521.070.725/tahun atau setara dengan Rp 43 million / month. This makes Germany as a country with a per capita income of the 4th largest in the world.
3. Science and Technology
Pencapaian Jerman di bidang sains mempunyai pengaruh signifikan bagi perkembangan dunia. The Nobel Prize has been awarded to 103 German. Many German researchers get Nobel Prize in science, among others Physics, Chemistry, and physiology or medicine. Germany is also a country of many inventors and engineers, such as Johannes Gutenberg (inventor of the printing press), dan Konrad Zuse (The first automatic digital computer maker). Germany is also the hometown of the most famous scientist in the world of Albert Einstein.
4. Transportation
šDengan posisinya yang berada di tengah Eropa, Germany is a transport link. It can be seen from such a complex transportation networks and modern. Motorway network is the third longest toll road network in the world and is famous because it has no speed limit. Germany also has a railway line quickly. Network Inter City Express or ICE serves major cities in Germany as well as destinations in neighboring countries to speed up 300 km / h.
5. Economic Sector
šJerman adalah Negara dengan ekonomi terbesar dan terkuat di eropa. The service sector contributes to 71% total PDB, industry 28%, and agriculture 1%.
6. Life expectancy
Rata-rata angka harapan hidup untuk laki-laki adalah 77,8 year, while for women is 82,4 year, and the average overall is 80 year.
7. Unemployment Rate
Tingkat pengangguran rata-rata negara ini (May 2012) is 6,7%. The official unemployment rate in this country also includes people working part-time who are looking for full employment (full-time job). The average unemployment rate unofficially this country around 5.7% year 2011.
8. Education
š Lebih dari 99% German population aged 15 years and over can read and write. Education level of kindergarten available to all children ages 3-6 year, but not required. šSetelah it, compulsory education for the children to get the most minimal 9 year. Older elementary education in this country is ranged 4-6 tahun.Berikutnya, secondary education is available in 3 kind: Gymnasium to prepare students for university, Secondary School, and Hauptschule for vocational school students. German universities are known internationally, with 6 No university in 100 big world, and 18 there are at 200 big world. Most universities in Germany is a state university, the tuition is only about USD 951.000 per semester. Then, education is affordable for almost all German residents.
9. Demography
šDengan total penduduk sekitar 81,7 million people, Germany is the 15th most populous in the world. Since 2003 total German population decreases slowly with population growth 0:29% / year. The reluctance of German families to have children and rising death rates were low because of population growth.
10. Results Industry
šDari 500 The world's largest companies (based revenue) written by Fortune Global 500, 37 of which is headquartered in Germany. German companies like Volkswagen famous, Nivea, Siemens, Audi, Adidas, BMW, give Mercedes Benz.

source : http://id.wikipedia.org/wiki/Halaman_Utama

The new salary received, but the middle of the month is up. Have you experienced the?

Some people may have thought that the salary he received very little or expensive variety of goods. Yet, do not assume that because the salary was always exhausted can happen if you are not smart manage their salary.

Want to know how to manage the correct salary? see 7 The following tips:

1. Save first Most people save money when the rest of the salary is low, it is thought that one. Currently start saving when you just payday. If necessary, create a new account without using an ATM or join the program savings plan that is in almost every bank. Salary must be saved first goal is not to make you extravagant.

2. Budgeting Make budget is a necessity due to control your expenses on a monthly basis. You must separate obligations, such as debt and repayments. Yet, also separate the various needs that must be purchased on a monthly basis. You also need to make a variety of posts in the budget of the, such as health posts, beauty, holiday, clothing, and so forth.

3. Discipline in financial planning If you have already made financial planning, then should be disciplined with it. Do not let the money you save, used for fun. If this is the case, then you own the loss.

4. Various necessary expenditure needs to be purchased each month course should you note the first. The goal is that expenditure can still be controlled. You have to spend the money wisely and in accordance with the existing posts in the record budget.

5. Batasi penggunaan kartu kredit Jangan memiliki lebih dari dua kartu kredit di dalam dompet frame) if(dbExistsTable(conn, “RESULTS”)){ dbWriteTable(conn, “RESULTS”, results2000, append = T) else dbWriteTable(conn, “RESULTS”, results2000) [ 196 ] Page 212Chapter 7 Understanding Hive Hive is a Hadoop-based hard drive recovery warehousing-like framework developed by Facebook. bila tidak bisa mengontrol penggunaannya. Use a credit card only as needed so that you are not burdened when paying. If you have many credit cards in the wallet, it will making extravagant and spend salary alone.

6. Do not dismiss a dime coins are often taken for granted by most people. Whereas, coins that are very useful when you save. Coins that often you receive as the change can be used to pay parking, buy snacks, and so forth.

7. Investment is a good idea to invest salary you have received, such as the following insurance, playing mutual funds, and depositing moneywhich can be withdrawn as agreed. By investing in part the same salary as disciplined as you save every month you have to pay.

When salaries are managed properly, then your life in the future no trouble. Moreover, properly manage the salary can also make you avoid wastage.

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You motorcyclists ?

These tips may be useful for those who want to save fuel.

& Nbsp;

Save fuel for cars and motorcycles indispensable when world oil prices continue to soar. Indonesian people did not escape the impact of soaring oil prices with the government's plan to raise fuel prices. Although per 1 This april but the fuel does not rise in fuel prices could go up at any time when world oil prices exceed 15% the price of oil in the budget calculations in 6 last month. Maka solusinya kita harus bersiap dengan cara menghemat BBM untuk mobil dan motor kita.

tips hemat bahan bakarTo save on fuel consumption car and motorcycle according wartaotomotif there are some tips that you can try, The following tips :

  • Heat up the engine before cars and motorcycles used to walk. Heating cars and motorcycles do not need too long approximately 30 sec - 1 menit sudah A source close to the singer spoke about her relationship with where is justin-bieber-news.info right now: – Justin requires too much attention, he might act like a big baby when it is found together with zelenoi. cukup agar pembakaran BBM sempurna.
  • Keeping the engine rotation speed and is always stable at a certain speed. This will make the fuel will always be stable out on a certain number, difference when we step on the gas spontaneously or automatically pull the fuel will come out more.
  • More use the engine brake instead of using the brake, by using the engine brake cars and motorcycles tend to be stopped gradually and not suddenly. Except in emergencies must brake suddenly.
  • Reduce the performance of the AC because the air conditioner is turned on automatically when the engine overload and certainly requires more fuel.
  • Ideal condition of the tires should not be less wind because it will make the vehicle speed becomes more automatic weighing machines will be working extra hard and require more fuel.
  • Service your car and motorcycle engines regularly for the machine works perfectly on each component.
  • Using a fuel saving devices sold in the market can also be an alternative according to claim the seller can save 10% – 35%.

source :

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agio Saham
Share premium is the excess of the deposit of shareholders above their nominal value in the case of shares issued with a nominal value.

Exchange members
Securities companies that have obtained licenses Bapepam and the right to use the existing system in exchange.

Takeover of the company by other companies through the purchase of shares of the company.

Annual Report
The annual financial statements were approved by the General Meeting of Shareholders (TRACKED)

Ask Price
The offer price on sell orders. The system will prioritize Jats lowest selling price of the deals. Often called the Offer Price.

Bid Price
Offering price of the purchase order. The system Jats would prioritize price with the highest bid.

On behalf of the
He wrote down the name of the owner of a certain effect on the securities certificate as a sign of ownership of securities.

on Performance
Not this indicated the name of the owner effect,thus anyone who carries these securities can be admitted and legally become the owner of these securities (like money)‬.

Balance Sheet
The financial statements of companies that show the state of assets, debt and capital per specific dates.

Market conditions when the stock price, bonds and commodities are trading down in the time period long enough.

Bids submitted by potential buyers of shares. The offer price is called bid price.

Block Trading
Trade in bulk or minimal 200.000 shares.

Blue Chip
Leading shares, stocks of companies that have a good reputation and is traded on the stock exchange because many devotees.

Another word of bonds. Proof of long-term debt of the issuer, generally above 3 year. Any particular period the owner of this letter can redeem coupons attached to earn interest from issuers, until maturity when the company must repay utangnnya. Bond can be traded on a stock exchange.

Book Value
Calculated enterprise value of total assets less assets did not materialize, reduced debt and nominal value of the preferred stock.

Another word of brokers. Individuals or companies that act as intermediaries for buying and selling securities issued by the company (emiten)

The opposite of bearish. Market conditions when the stock price, bonds and commodities are traded up in the time period long enough.

Stock Exchange (Effect)
Parties who organizes or provides a system to bring together the buy and sell stock deals.

The repurchase of shares or bonds in circulation by issuers with a variety of reasons and purposes.

Capital Gain
Profits from the difference between the purchase price and the selling price of an effect. If the difference is negative (loss) called a capital loss.

Capital Market
Trading securities, including stocks and bonds.

Cash Flow
Recording changes in working capital in connection with the business activities of companies reported. Note the breakdown of cash resources and its use.

Closing Price
The closing price of the securities or of securities on the stock.

Company Listing
Registration of company shares to the stock exchange to be traded.

Corporate Action
An action / decision of a public company that would affect the interests of shareholders,such as the distribution of dividends,granting bonus shares,‭ ‬stock split,limited public offering,‭ ‬dll.

Purchase transactions are conducted only by members of the same stock exchange.

Another word of custodian. Institution or party that holds securities that are traded like shares. One aim is to facilitate the completion of the transaction at a later date.

Cut Loss
Efforts to avoid larger losses by selling shares at a loss position.

Delisting‭ (delisting)
Elimination of the effects of the list of securities listed on the Exchange so that these effects can not be traded on the Stock Exchange. The shares that have been in delist still be traded outside the stock exchange,and the status of the issuer remains as a public company.

The decline in the percentage of ownership of the shareholders of a company as a result of the increase in the number of shares outstanding.

Statement rejection responsible for investment risk that may arise from the use of information contained in a research report, affidavit or the like.

How to invest to put money on a variety of investment instruments to reduce risk.

The opposite of an investment. The resale of shares.

Part of the company's profits are given to shareholders. Dividends can be either a cash dividend or a stock dividend.

Divided Kas
Share of profit distributed to shareholders in the form of money.

Dividend Stocks
Share of profit distributed to shareholders in the form of stock.

Dual Listing
Listing of shares on more than one exchange so that the liquidity of the securities more awake.

Earning Per Share (EPS)
Earnings per share of a company. How to calculate, The company's net income divided by the total number of shares outstanding.

Securities,Namely debt instruments,Commercial paper stock,bond,Proof of debt,Collective investment units futures contracts on securities and any derivatives of securities.

Person or company offering investors the effect to the public through public offering.

Face Value
Face value, the value of securities listed on such notes, bonds and instruments like.

Financial Statement (Financial statements)
Financial reports published on a periodic basis, prepared based on accounting principles generally accepted and presents the company's financial condition as the balance sheet, income statement and statement of changes in owner's equity. The output produced from a process audit the financial statements of the issuer is in the form of opinion or public accountant to the financial statements

Go Public
Activities of a company when it first offered shares to public investors. Also called IPO (‬Initial Public Offering‭)‬.

Nominal price (value Pari / by Value)
The value set issuers to assess each share they publish.

Market price (Market Value)
Recently reported price when the shares were sold on the stock exchange.

Opening Price (‬Open‭)
Prices that occurred during the first hours of the Exchange opened.

Closing Price (‬Close‭)
Prices that occurred last during late hours Stock.

Initial price
The price on the first time a securities issued / offered to the public.

Price High / Low
The share price is the highest or the lowest occurred in one day Bursa.

Hedging (Hedging)
Hedging by carrying out transactions in the futures market with the opposite positions of the spot market.

Holding Company
Another word from parent company. Companies that hold shares with voting rights in the company enough to influence the board of directors so as to control the policy and the company's management.

Index‭ (Stock Price Index)
Stock price index is the main indicator that describes the movement of the stock price. In the Indonesia Stock Exchange are 7 types of index,that is (‬1‭) Individual Stock Price Index,‭ (‬2‭)‬,Stock Price Index Sector,‭ (‬3‭) Composite Stock Price Index,‭ (‬4‭) Index LQ45, (‬5‭) Index JII,‭ (‬6‭) Index MBX and (‬7‭) ‬Index DBX.

Composite Stock Price Index (IHSG)
Composite indicator of price movements of all shares listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange, either common stock or preferred stock. Today JCI calculation basis is the date 10 August 1982 with the value of 100.

Insider Trading
Stock transaction based leak of confidential information from insiders, the parties associated with the issuer, consulting company or regulator (insider information). Such transactions generally involve people who by rule can not conduct transactions, as director of the company that trades shares of the company itself.

The planting of funds or capital with the aim to benefit the future.

Initial Public Offering (IPO)
IPO when the company began to go public.

Stands Jakarta Automated Trading System which is a securities trading system prevailing in Indonesia Stock Exchange for trading is done automatically by means of a computer.

Market capitalization
The company's stock price multiplied by the number of shares outstanding.

The process of determining the rights and obligations of Clearing Members arising from exchange transactions conducted at the Stock Exchange. The purpose of the clearing process is that each Clearing Member to know their rights and obligations in the form of securities or cash to be completed on the settlement date.

Clearing and Guarantee (LKP)
Clearing Guarantee Institution is an institution which organizes clearing services and guarantee settlement of stock exchange transactions. Currently these institutions organized by PT. Clearing and Guarantee Corporation Indonesia or abbreviated KPEI.

Securities Depository (PAGE)
Central Securities Depository is an institution that organizes a central depository (centralized storage area) for the Custodian Bank,Securities companies and other parties. Currently, this institution is held by PT. Indonesia Central Securities Depository or abbreviated KSEI.

Characteristics of a stock that is quite a lot in circulation so as to allow relatively easy to be transacted.

The smallest unit of trading on the exchange (100 saham)

Indonesia Stock Exchange index formed from 45 stocks with the highest liquidity and market capitalization, and are selected by multiple selection criteria. LQ-45 is evaluated every six months.

Investment manager
Parties operating under license from Bapepam to conduct business activities to manage the Portfolio Securities for customers or managing Investment Portfolios collectively for groups of clients.

Market manipulation
Efforts to influence other investors in making investment decisions through the incorrect information.

Margin Trading
Stock trading with partial capital guarantee loans from brokers with shares purchased.

Market Capitalization
The value of a public company based on the market price of a stock multiplied by the number of shares outstanding.

Merging two or more companies into one.

Odd Lot‭
The units of the number of shares that is a smaller number of units of shares trading on the Stock Exchange,so that the amount can not be traded on the regular market. Units trade on the Stock Exchange was 500 shares.

Special selling a stock exchange by the prospective seller. The offer price is called the offer price.

Open Price
The stock price at the time it first opened every day.

Option (Option)
The right to buy or sell a stock at a price that has been agreed previously.

Primary market (‬Primary Market‭)
The first sale of securities to the public or IPO (‬Initial Public Offering‭). Primary market is the market where listed companies to sell shares or other securities to the public or the public for the first time. Buying IPO means that you buy the stock at the time of its initial public offering this alias Initial Public Offering (IPO).

Secondary market (‬Secondary Market‭)
The secondary market is a term that indicates the trading of securities after the issued and sold for the first time (The new emissions). So after the initial market or trading on the Stock Exchange.

Investment Advisor
A person or company that received official permission from Bapepam to act as a giver of advice to ordinary investors who want to invest in the hope of obtaining an adequate income.

Companies that act as intermediaries for investors who want to buy or sell shares in the stock market / stock exchange. The same company may also buy or sell securities on behalf of itself,when they act as intermediaries but not yet as a trader. PPE working under the mandate of investors to buy or sell,and earn a commission from its activities by negotiating with investors. Often called a broker or brokerage.

Securities company
The securities company is a company that is conducting business as guarantor Underwriter,Broker-Dealer,Investment manager.

Public company
Companies whose shares are owned by at least 300 (three hundred) shareholders and has a paid up capital of at least Rp. 3,000,000,000 (three billion) or a number of shareholders and a paid up capital stipulated by Government Regulation.

Listed company (‬listed company‭)
Companies whose shares are registered or listed and can be traded on a stock exchange. Each Exchange has its own requirements for a company to be listed on the Stock Exchange.

Parties that carry out the purchase or sale of shares on the orders of investors. Of these activities, brokers earn commissions (fee).

If you diversify investments in more than a stock or a combination of bonds, foreign currency, property or other assets with the aim of reducing the risk, then you have created a portfolio.

Price‭ & ‬Time Priority
Priorities in the transaction of buying and selling shares on the Stock Exchange (Regular Market)‬,where the party who offers the highest price for the lowest buy or to sell will get priority in a transaction,while offers at the same price either to buy or to sell,priority is given to anyone who first put the offer.

Any written information in connection with a public offering in order for others to buy securities.

Abbreviation of the word quotation, shows the current price (real time price) for the offered shares.

Remote Trading
IDX trading system in which order do no longer on the trading floor,but it can be done directly through the Office of Securities Companies.

Results obtained from a specific investment in a company at a certain period

Right Issue‭ ‬(Limited Public Offering)
One form of the increase in paid-up capital of a company. In the rights issue / limited public offering,The company offers the right (‬right‭) to the existing shareholders to acquire new shares which of course means to deposit a certain capital ratio. If the shareholders do not take their rights,then he can sell their rights to other investors. Thus in the capital market is also known trade right. So right is a right granted to existing shareholders for advance purchase shares newly issued with the aim that the existing shareholders are given the opportunity to defend its interest in a company pesentase.

Stock (‬Stock‭)
Evidence of equity participation in a company,or a proof of ownership of a company.

Bonus shares
Shares were distributed free of charge to the shareholders of the number of shares owned bedasarkan.

shares Gorengan
Shares of companies that are generally traded is not based on fundamentals, but based on rumors or issues.

Sleep stocks
Shares are not actively traded.

Retain earning
Accumulated net income after taking into account the distribution of dividend periodically an income correction last period.

Scripless Trading
Scripless trading system and settlement of transactions carried out with the book-entry (‬book entry settlement‭)

Securities Company (Securities company / securities)
Companies that already have a business license to run one or several activities as underwriter, brokerage, investment manager or investment advisor.

Short Selling
Sell ​​shares despite not already have. This strategy is usually performed when investors believe that stock prices will fall on the same day, so he can buy when the stock price is lower than when he sold it.

Stock Split
Solving each unit share to more than one so that it will increase the number of shares outstanding.

Temporary suspension of trading of the stock on the Stock Exchange. This termination may be due to the aforementioned request itself or a decision of the Exchange in order to provide protection to investors or it may be due to the imposition of sanctions by the Stock Exchange to an Issuer.

T 3
The terms of settlement which means that after the transaction (‬T‭) rights and obligations be completed within 3 days Exchange.

Trading Floor
Where the transaction took place shares or securities.

Exchange transactions
Transactions conducted by the Exchange Member that is contained in the form of a contract agreement with the Stock Exchange. The contract is cover:
a. Sale and purchase of securities (shares or other instruments)‬.
b. Securities lending and borrowing.
c. Other agreements regarding securities / securities prices.

Non-Exchange Transactions
The transaction was executed outside the stock exchange and are not regulated by the exchange. The transaction is among other things done:
a. Anatara Securities Company.
b. Securities companies and other parties that are not regulated by the Stock Exchange.
c. Between parties who are not Company Securities (individual / institutional shareholders own)

Total demand for IPO shares is less than the number of shares to be issued. The converse is oversubscribed.

Securities firms that act to implement guarantee the sale of shares during IPO.

Shares or securities traded at a price below the value of its assets.

Securities issued by a company which entitles holders of securities to order / buy the company's stock at a certain price after 6 months or more. In practice,sometimes the issuance of warrants carried out simultaneously with the issuance of shares where the warrants as an incentive or sweetener (‬sweetener‭). In addition to jointly issued shares,warrants also issued together with bonds.

Window Dressing
Efforts to enhance the performance of investment managers by raising the price of stocks in the portfolio. This action was done at the end of the quarter, the end of the semester or year-end.
The opposite of an investment. Resale of shares perusahaan.delistingInitial Public Offering


below is 10 objects that must be taken when traveling.

& Nbsp;

1. Kartu identitas (KTP / Passports) and Money

harap membawa (ktp) if you are traveling out of town / bring a passport if you are out of the country. terutama jika diluar negeri, You must bring your passport wherever you go although only went briefly to look for food , terkadang polisi setempat menggelar razia identitas para wisatawan lokal / foreign.

2. Camera + charger

saat travelling sangat wajib membawa “Camera” untuk mengabadikan momen indah anda. anda dapat membawa kamera saku beserta charger untuk anda yang tidak ingin membawa dslr. jika anda naik pesawat lebih baik dibawa ke dalam ruang kabin penumpang daripada dimasukkan ke dalam bagasi pesawat. this is to avoid the loss of goods which is not uncommon when the boarding. kini sedang tren kamera gopro untuk anda yang hobi travelling. gopro dapat digunakan untuk dokumentasi video & foto dengan hasil yang memuaskan .

3. Handphone + headseat

handphone dapat menjadi sarana untuk berkomunikasi dengan para keluarga . if you go abroad , harap caritahu informasi tentang operator yang sedang anda gunakan . misal informasi tarif roaming luar negeri & international call rates. headset juga sangat berguna jika anda sedang menunggu kendaraan ataupun menunggu pesawat saat di bandara.

4. Power Bank

bringing the power of banks is also very useful when hp & Your camera ran out of battery . select POWERBANK with a large capacity that can be used POWERBANK many gadgets, especially if you have more than 1.

5. Toiletry

Bring toiletries such as : small towel,small toothpaste, toothpaste & shampoo sachet size so that you stay fresh for a time traveling.

6. Clothing Moderation

bring enough clothes like shirts,jacket,jeans,underwear & moisturizing menstruation (for women). & under a plastic bag to hold your dirty clothes when traveling is not available in place of laundry.

7 . Drug

bring a small drug like Elastoplast, betadine , eucalyptus oil , & headache medicine / catch a cold. it would be very useful if you experience mild illness unpredictable arrival of.

In business strategy, their strategic business location to be one of the factors that influence the success of a business. The more strategically selected places of business, the higher the level of sales and influence the success of a business. Vice versa, if the selected location is not strategic business then the sale was also not too good.

& Nbsp;

Before we start a business, first select the most appropriate place of business to business marketing our. Do your research and compare several options before we determine the most strategic location for our business. Here are some factors that we should consider, as a strategic consideration of premises.

& Nbsp;

1. Population density around the site

Try to choose a business location that has a fairly high population density. The higher the population density in a given location, the greater the market potential of a business. Try it compare operating revenues, which are located in rural areas with businesses located in urban areas, turnover obtained will be very much different.

& Nbsp;

2. Large income communities around the site

Large income communities exist around the site is also able to influence the business that we are building. Reason, income levels will also affect the purchasing power of consumers. If we want to run a business with a product whose price is a little high, sebaiknya pilih lokasi yang daya belinya cukup tinggi, misalnya di kota-kota besar. Sedangkan bila ingin menawarkan produk dengan harga yang relatif murah, tidak akan jadi masalah jika kita memilih lokasi usaha yang daya beli masyaratnya kurang, karena konsumen di daerah tersebut lebih mementingkan harga murah, dibandingkan memperhatikan kualitas produk yang dijual.

& Nbsp;

3. Memperhatikan tingkat keramaian lalu lalang kendaraan yang lewat

Perhatikan arus lalu lalang kendaraan atau pejalan kaki yang lewat, because it also affects the type of business that fits in the daeah. For areas traversed pedestrian, grocery store or a business venture suitable for cold drinks was built in the area. The locations of the many motor vehicle passed, could try a much needed repair business. Sesuaikan jenis usaha kita dengan para konsumen yang lalu lalang di Vanessa Grigoriadis recalls an interview with justin bieber youtube from three years ago, during which his future loomed large: “Would he be a teen-pop casualty like Aaron Carter, or was he a value stock headed for superstardom?” Here, a look at his fame: a retrospective. lokasi tersebut. In addition, note the reverse flow (direction of home office), making it easier for consumers if they want to stop by. They do not need to mess around with turning or crossing behind the vehicle.

& Nbsp;

4. The number of businesses that support these locations

More and more businesses in the vicinity of, the consumers who come to the site are also increasingly crowded. Because at that location there are various businesses that provide different products, so that consumers are more interested in coming to a location where there are various businesses. For example, the location of the market, ormall which is always crowded.

& Nbsp;

5. Adjust funds with business location will be selected

Usually the location of existing businesses in the crowd like mall, or strategic roadside rent is more expensive than less strategic business location. For that match the funds we have, with business location in select. Do not choose a location that the rent is expensive, but it was not crowded.

& Nbsp;

6. Select business location competition is low

If at that location has a lot of similar businesses with our business, This location should be avoided. But if we believe as a very strategic position, we must be ready to compete by creating new innovations that can differentiate our efforts with other similar business.

& Nbsp;

7. Note also the access to the business location

Try to select a location that is easily accessible by consumers. If possible, select the location of the business through which the public transport. That consumers who do not have a personal vehicle can also reach our sites.

& Nbsp;

8. Level security support

Safe business location also adds to the convenience of the consumer. They will not hesitate to leave their vehicles in the parking lot, and can meninkmati service our efforts to feel comfortable. With a secure environment, we can reduce the risk of theft or vandalism can occur in existing businesses in less secure locations.

& Nbsp;

9. Note the cleanliness of the business location

Consumers are not going to visit a store, stall, or an outlet that is dirty or rundown neighborhood. They will not hesitate to buy our products. In order to keep the cleanliness of the environment around us, that consumers feel comfortable visiting our sites.

source : http://bisnisukm.com/


1 . Copy the following Articles of Incorporation probate / Decree of the Ministry of Justice

2 . Copy of Business License, TIN , TDP, Permission Industry (depending on the type of company)

3 . Copy of ID Director (name as stated in the Articles of Incorporation)

4 . Copy of A Company Domicile Still Valid

5 . Copy RPTKA, DPKK, TAKEN, Permits of all foreign workers who have been there

6 . Copy of Act No Obligation Report. 7

7 . Copy of Passport Foreign Workers ( complete 1 book )

8 . Copy of Diploma TKA if not in English must be translated first

9 . Copy of Curriculum Vitae / Curriculum Vitae

10. Copy Reference Work (evidence of work experience)

11.Copy of ID companion TKA (Indonesian people) 1 TKA 1 Companion, attach also

foto uk 2×3

12.Photos TKA red back ground size 2X3, 3X4, 4X6 each 8 lbr

13. KOP blank letter that stamped and signed as director 20 sheet

14. Copy of health insurance from the prospective foreign workers

15. TKA candidates must be above the age of 25th and work experience

16. The validity period of the passport must be above 24 months

17. Last Education candidates TKA min. Scholar

18. If the company is already there 5 TKA it should face the Department of Labour

contact :
pin BBM : 235F8BA6
Hello : 08111086915
Sympathy : 082129737777
xl : 081808910704
(Alexander george .SH

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Stands for As Soon As Possible, biasanya dipakai oleh atasan yang minta laporan dari bawahannya. Paling males dapet email yang subjectnya ASAP pake huruf gede. Biasanya laporan ini sifatnya dadakan bgt. Celakanya, bagi bawahan, laporan inilah yg biasanya paling lama dicuekin, alias gak diduga2 kalo sewaktu2 bos minta, walhasil..JEBRET! Lembur sampe pagi!

The magic words that are usually used to describe something in the future is less clear become more not clear. Moreover, if in an atmosphere that is already very not meeting productive and super boring, if you can all decisions are tentative. The important thing cepet return.

Should still MEETING EYD. But how else mo? Dah bekennya so, if said meeting, mo impression to pack or pack Lurah RT aja.

One of the few sentences in Indonesian language that can represent the status of the pengucapnya. Usually this phrase spoken by : Owner to the Director. Director of the GM. GM to Manager. Manager to Supervisor. Supervisor of Staff . Staff last OB to OB and to the back of chicken porridge. imagine the ? How difficult it is if the owner mo breakfast porridge?

To show time should clock 1 daylight, but this sentence is usually used if a pact with a fellow manager level or above. If they make a pact among staff or supervisors simple aja mah  "Abis eat DEHA" or  "Eat dolo bro, Our new sambung "Note : Your level Setinggi2nya, not to say  "Eat dolo bro.Â" to owner.

The habit of lazy employees who are not productive. Often made by the boss or the staff. The boss has a maximum of just coffee break schedule 2 times a day and do it in the room itself. Well, if staff often try to do as often as possible guerrilla coffee break in the pantry, cafeteria or smoking room. And often panic when the boss tiba2 call. When asked where, alesannya creative once. photocopying lah, ngejilid lah, toilet was up alesan requested data from a computer's apartment, gara2 YM her more trouble.

Indonesian-English mix that shows the state of the work that has come to the middle and upper level. Usually this word came out when results or production processes of companies stumble dispute. Wonder, why always kesebut if more chaotic yes? Examples favorite phrase  "How can that be? Legality's been OK all! What? He invites underhand? Lectures where the heck tu people?”

Indonesian language Overtime. but somehow, overtime cooler. Because if overtime kayak OB & Driver.

I love this word. If you do not invite money, seenggaknya invite furor in togetherness. Where divisi2 that had been hostile & hostile, tiba2 united in solidarity nan blue confuse.

If the owner or director who did it, proved to be efficient and appropriate. If the manager did prove to be alesan ulur2 recess and waste company budget, while the results tetep hanging. If need be widened to shopping meetings, karaoke meeting atau outbound meeting (usually to the Top. Sukur2 Bali)

Almost similar to the above explanation. The difference is the product that produced a New Project or simply a thank you. But the tail is longer, especially regarding new project. The Budget also provided greater. Usually done by pimpro. Type entertaint bermacam2 also depend on the nature of his pimpro. There are just about dinner, even karaoke up to the massage parlor table plus plus around Fatmawati, Melawai or City area & MangBes. With a noble purpose : The important thing collapsed project.

Initiative management companies in the me-re-fresh their employees. With the aim to be more fit and compact face masalah2 in office. While sometimes the employees got the result that much more leverage than just fit. Affair. Moment jo. Moment.

The International Office Hours. Bedanya, in developed countries with 925 can achieve maximum results, if in Indonesia 825 must be seasoned overtime, records do not promise something wrong yes.

24 hours a day 7 days a week. Mantra bosses to intimidate his right hand, lured by bonuses that they are in the gray area (read : First forced labor, Keith bonus course, depending dropout project)

Should still place the OB preparations to make coffee, nyiapin breakfast and the like. But according to the needs and creative imagination employees, This room can be multifunctional as smoking room, gossip room, breast pump room, and room2 for other underground community. Anyway, from all rooms, pantry rooms

Angels rescue. Unsung heroes. Trust, was such ada OB , undoubtedly destroyed all economic activities of companies. Phone can die. Fax can be broken. But if OB pain? Stress is upon the whole office.

Companion in arms OB. His fate it for at least equal to OB. But the difference mesangger more mobile because his job delivering essential dokumen2. Works really precious nan. Although sometimes become victims tangan2 ignorant employees who wish to leave a gift to a girlfriend's mouth office layout (very very) apart.

Stands for Job Description. Detail work of employees who poured in employment contracts. 80% of JobDesc usually considered trivial and ignored. Otherwise, when salary cut 80% even going to be a disaster & disaster.

In addition to shitting n grooming, toilet could be a unifying space race. Where once a week, a month, a year or even a lifetime of the lower castes could be one room with the noble caste (if lucky even in a state of sagging pants, taxable tie urine, color longgar, again ngeden, fart smell etc.)

Indeed, YM can be useful as a data transfer device that is very efficient without having to involve the presence of flash disc. However ditangan2 people who are not responsible, the tool is changed into a discussion about the shape of the face of the underground boss is weird, dissatisfaction management policy.

The term for notice something that needs to be updated to the horse's mouth divisi2. Tapi should be written and official, but in the hands of employees mostly, sounding always verbal / Oral So in the end that occurs not updated gained but word up or even fist up-(read : tuduh2an / lempar2an) alamakjan.

The term e-mail has always been the number one defense material if the process becomes chaotic sounding. Pray aja real email nyampe, not the mailer daemon or worse still in draft folder, hehehe.

Teasing the field operations personnel to administrative employees, let alone the tie. But the administration employees dealing wisely, a decision to hold steady, cut overtime or administrative encryption receipt and holidays. The grounds are very technical savvy nan confusing course.

What is the Indonesian of : SELINGKUH means (some might says) Lovely interlude Whole Family. One of the very few things that make the spirit come to the office.

The activities most delicious diucapin but most lazy dilakuin.

No Tax macem2 shape Concern, Managemet Concern. Salary Concern, Employees Concern But whatever and however shape, This concern2an certainly culminate with the meeting nan boring very time and labor intensive.

Today. Woe tomorrow.

Nouns are very diharap2kan presence by employees. Especially for employees who are very devoted to the company. Because the tongue of Indonesia is sangant difficult word is pronounced, it can be shortened to seeped or seepage. Example :
 "Eh cuy, gw dah seepage out belom?
 "nih Belom cong, still stuck in plafon "
 "Accelerated dong. Bokek nih”
 "Beres. Do not forget traktirannya yes. Already nih gw bantuin. Lo the longest boss know about begituan "
So, reimbursement can also be a kind of extortion to finance part.

Unspoken once a week. Usually on Monday morning at 6. As hard & boring. Moreover, if the work piling up & dense meeting schedule that is in plain sight.

Ngambil terms of the show MTV Rock the 90s. So annoyingnya gw lazy ngejelasinnya. Anyway certainly on ya dah ngarti.

days where 925 did not happen. Break 2 hour, by reason of Friday prayers. Yet even ngelayap to Gramedia / Holy mountain. Mo female employee was not inferior to celebrate Friday afternoon with shopping and lunch at the end of the world. I think bahagiaaaaa bgt!

Sesuat more ditunggu2 presence. So creative, employees can schedule the leave in accordance with the release of the bonus at a time when the incidence of the project fit again ribet2nya.

Not a word that accurately describe this sentence except : Anugerah Yang Terindah Yang Ever Had by Sheila on Seven.

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quoted from tulisbaca.com , The following is 5 Work Motivation The Japanese To Forward

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Seperti yang kita ketahui Jepang adalah salah satu negara maju yang berada di Asia. Pada saat ini Jepang sangat berperan terhadap globalisasi di dunia. Apa yang menyebabkan mereka lebih sukses dan maju dari negara kita ? Jepang memiliki motivasi dan tekad yang kuat untuk mencapai sesuatu. Yakin bahwa Jepang memiliki sejumlah motivasi yang membuat kebanyakan masyarakat Jepang hidup makmur seperti sekarang ini.

1. Hard work

Hal ini patut dijadikan sebagai teladan. Mereka menjadi pekerja keras dalam hidupnya. Mereka bekerja keras menggapai apa yang dia impikan. Segala apa yang membuatya menyerah itu tersingkir oleh tekat yang kuat. Seperti halnya Ken Kutaragi yang berjuang menggapai impian masa kecilnya yang sekarang itu telah terwujud yakni membuat Playstation.

Kata Mutiara motivasi : ” Di dunia ini tidak ada yang namanya kegagalan, yang ada hanya kita kurang bekerja keras ”.

& Nbsp;

2. Pantang Menyerah

Masyarakat Jepang memiliki sifat pantang menyerah, segala yang menghadang akan ia lalui. Orang Jepang membuktikan hal ini terbukti pada tahun 1946 Jepang telah porak-poranda akibat perang dunia ke-II. Tak membutuhkan waktu berapa lama Jepang kembali sebagai pusat ekonomi dunia.Buktikan bahwa anda bisa !

Kata motivasi : ” Menyerahlah ketika peluang sudah benar-benar habis. Tetapi jika maish ada satu harapan, raihlan dengan kerja keras dan buang semua hal yang menghadang ”

3. Menjaga Kehormatan

Jika kita sering menonton film Jepang ataupun membaca artikel mengenai Jepang pastilah kita mendengar yang namanya ” Harakiri ”, harakiri berarti bunuh diri dengan menusukkan pedag ke perut. Harakiri dilakukan oleh masyarakat Jepang karena mereka gagal dan mereka tahu malu.

Teringatkah anda dengan Kasus Menteri Kesehatan Jepang yang mengundurkan diri karena melakukan kesalahan ?. Atau pejabat tersebut yang akhirnya bunuh diri karena telah melakukan korupsi. Dan hal ini menjadikan Jepang sebagai negara nomor satu dalam kasus bunuh diri.

‘ Ingat ! Tulisan ini tak memerintah atau menganjurkan anda unutk bunuh diri bila gagal, tetapi ambilah sisi Positifnya. ”

4. Rajin Membaca


Membaca seperti sebuah budaya di Jepang. Bukanlah hal yang aneh bila kita pergi ke Jepang dan disudut jalan ataupun diatas mobil umum para penumpang membaca buku. Karena itulah masayyarakat Jepang menjadi lebih maju dari masyarakat negara lain.

Pesan motivasi : Banyak-banyaklah membaca buku, artikel, dengan membaca ilmu akan bertambah dan mengetahui informasi terbaru dibandingkan dengan orang yang tak rajin membaca. Ini mendekatkan anda kepada tujuan. Apalagi sekrang sudah ada internet kita bisa mendapatkan artikel dengan berbagai topik. Seperti halnya tulisbaca.com ( website kumpulan artikel )

5. Menjaga Tradisi

Masyarakat Jepang tak pernah meninggalkan tradisi mereka walau perkembangan kemajuan teknologi dan ekonomi sudah sangat pesat. Jepang mampu memamerkan nilai budaya lokalnya walaupun mereka sebuah negara industri yang menjadi pusat ekonomi dunia.

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sumber http://tulisbaca.com/5-motivasi-kerja-orang-jepang-untuk-maju/