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The difference between speculation & investment

Sometimes a shame to see a lot of people who every time stuck “investment” (in quotes) that is not right, because they have not understood the true investment like what. The Investment, according to Benjamin Graham (gurunya Warren Buffet), is

an operation which, upon thorough analysis, promises safety of principal and an adequate return. Operations not meeting these requirements are speculative“.

In the Indonesian language approximately :

an operation, where through in-depth analysis, promise capital security principal and appropriate level of profit / feasible. Operations not meeting these requirements are speculative


In the above definition there 3 elements that are important for an investment:

  1. We must do in-depth analysisWhat does it mean ya? This means that we must pelajarin Data data about our investments. Not only listen to the words doang. Learn what it really feasible investment models.

    For example, some nawarin invest cafe, try to ask friends who have a cafe. If no, luangin how tough time cafe in general surgery. Find insider info from employees cafe if necessary, they asked how many hours per day, but the data requested by the only real jgn “continue crowded pack”. Calculate the estimated income, calculate the estimated cost (electricity is expensive now!), calculate the cost of renting, employee, depreciation of computers and others.

    Troublesome? Not serepot if we lost investment capital and must collect more capital.

  2. We should try as much as possible maintain the security of our principal capitalOur principal capital is the proverbial tree in our garden. If only fruit stolen, may bear fruit next year again. If for example the limb dipatahin, even disturbing, as long as the tree is still alive, we can still nikmatin fruit next year. But if the tree is collapsed?

    It must be remembered, ALL the investment there are risks. Even you buy Government Bonds or US Treasury Bonds was still there are risks, only if the risk is very small saja.Jadi nawarin meet people who say NO RISK investment, directly lef only, because it is already misleading, or worse'm trying to make our scam.

  3. We must strive to achieve rate of return / profit “INAPPROPRIATE”/”WORTH”, instead “EXTRAORDINARY”.One of the main rules that we must always remember, either we invest and speculation that is “return proportionate to risk” or “The advantage compared with the risk”. Low risk giving level Return / low profit. High risk it offers a high level of Return.

    There is no such thing “Low-Risk High Return”. Again, if there is such a thing nawarin, immediately wrote lef, because if not misleading, yes means worse aka scam.

    If you read the newspaper now, many nawarin “dream” main forex/options. His claim “Over 1100% profit in 1 day!!!!!” Whether it is a lie? Nor, could have such events, because I am also a player options and stocks. But the reality is not as beautiful as it. They never write that For 1 people who profit 1100% in 1 the day, how many people whose capital is exhausted all? Even before profit 1100% it or also afterwards, that person has a loss how? Dlm focused advertising is that the 1 that day, that person wins 1100%. And with the purchase of lottery we can also “win”, thousands % even.

    So how does the rate of profit “Worthy”/”Appropriate”? It depends on many variables, too much for discussed all. But there is one method that is most easily. If there are people who nawarin investment with profit 10% per month, for example, even without taking account of compounding (flower bloom) it means already 120% per year.

    Now the logic, if the person is so confident with the project, why he did not just all its assets collateralize (home, the car, dll), if you need to borrow. Interest loans from banks in Indonesia was now dependent type is the most 13-14%. They made 100% …

    Even if the person is pulled money using credit cards, which interest is not inferior to moneylenders, the new 48% a year, still profitable 72% a year!!! But this guy actually nawarin this investment to you, means you should already begin to suspect a catch. So it must be more profound analysis. It is better to ask than go astray on the road, that the words of our parents.


Well permasalahnya, many people do not know about things above, then think they invest, but do not realize that they were actually speculation, or worse hit scam.

There is one important note again that must be remembered, This means not all bad speculation. As said Benjamin Graham :

Just as there is intelligent investing, there’s also intelligent speculation. But there are many ways in which speculation may be unintelligent. Of these, the foremost are : (1) speculating when you think you are investing;(2) speculating seriously instead of as a pastime, when you lack the proper knowledge and skill for it”; and (3)risking more money in speculation than you can afford to lose

Indonesian approximately :

Similarly, there are investments that cleverly, There is also speculation cleverly. But there are some conditions in which speculation may not clever, especially : (1) He speculated it assumes that you invest (2) Speculating seriously (and not for play), but do not have the knowledge or skills for it; and (3) Risking money in speculation in the amount that is too large“.

Happy Investing!

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