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The difference between the left brain & Right brain

Differences in the right brain and the left brain following :

Left Brain :
1. the brain logic / logical thinking like mathematics, physics, law, and natural.
2. rational thinking and track as experimental and accounting.
3. thinking brain regularly as in the case of management.
4. puntuation, ie as the controlling language.
5. menulus and reading is an activity that is driven by the left brain.
6. the brain associated with auditory, namely the brain associated with listening to as sermon or look like a watch.
7. think on things like the details in terms of causality / causation.
8. think on these statements.
9. phoenetics symbol detect tones.
10. grammar that think in the realm of linguistic
11. captain as brain menginstrukdikan.Otak Right
1. random brain thinking
2. Irregular
3. sensory such as feelings of a mother and child
4. illusion
5. religion embodied in prayer
6. spontaneous brain
7. non-verbal
8. controlling emotions
9. a regulator of consciousness
10. expression
11. regulator musical patterns
12. sound art
13. visual
14. creativity
15. crew who completed the tasks captain.Dari we can distinguish the differences we include the dominant right or left. People who tend domonan left brain will behave discipline, logical thinking and serious, while those who tend to behave right brain dominant dai random own wishes, unruly.
During this particular Indonesian teachers assume that the dominant left brain called smart kids, because his behavior was polite and tidy. While the children are inclined to the left hemisphere is usually referred to as the bad boy.
People who can balance between the right and left brain would be perfect because it can think logically and can mememory long term.
The brain is the center of our intelligence, therefore we should be able to seek security from childhood brain. Because in times that the developing brain, namely the prenatal period to age child 12 year.

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