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1. Eating candy or sweets after eating spicy spicy interchangeable relief.

2. Sleep without a pillow at the head can accelerate blood circulation.

3. Clear blackheads by mixing soap with a little salt and lime droplets will be more effective.

4. Put a piece of cucumber over closed eyes to refresh tired eyes.

5. Consuming Chocolate can reduce stress and calm the heart.

6. Memorizing effective with a sound lbh drpd memorize hearts.

7. Want to shop effectively & efficient? Create a list blanja & bring exact change.

8. Hold one's breath 10 second collapsible help eliminate hiccups.

9. Chew gum while cutting onions can reduce the stinging eyes.

10. Cat hair can be difficult to remove nail polish reply.

11. Clothes moist / wet room dlm interchangeable invite mosquitoes.

12. Nose rubbed with baby oil before bed can make blackheads reduced.

13. Apply honey on the lips every night so moist lips.

14. Wash hands with coffee can remove the smell of garlic.

15. If the clothes get ink, use lemon and rub and rinse with water.

16. Breathe may reduce sleepiness. Worth a try For the UAS tomorrow!

17. Wash your face with coconut water and rinse with water interchangeable facial toning.

18. Rinsing the mouth with water betel leaf decoction can maintain oral health.

19. Orange peel inside (usually white) can whiten teeth with ways to rub the tooth surface.

20. The food is too salty? Enter the pieces of potato. Potatoes will reduce the saltiness.

21. Best sleeping time is from at 22.00 to 06.00.

22. When the mobile phone battery under the circumstances LOW, Do not answer the phone, resultant radiation can 1000x.

23. Apply lime to the knee that does not alias smooth black.

24. For eliminating the smell of durian in the TGN enough hand washing hydrofoil durian share (the former site of durian flesh and seeds stick).

25. Enough sleep can make your skin smooth and beautiful the morning.

26. Greasing the former teabag each night can reduce the amount of eye bags.

27. Caffeinated coffee grounds can be made as a face mask which serves to soften the skin.

28. Want to get up in the morning without an alarm? Drink plenty of water before going to bed.

29. Warming up before exercise can accelerate the growth of your height!

30. After chopping garlic, wipe your fingers to iron hand washing to eliminate the smell.

31. Yogurt can help eliminate bad breath.

32. Swimming, basketball and cycling is an effective exercise increase height.

33. One easy way for you to make rote memorization is with it a song with the tune favorites.

34. Enough sleep and rest can reduce the appearance of blackheads.

35. When washing, mix one cup of vinegar to the final rinse water For keeping the colors remain bright jeans and do not fade.

36. How to elevate the body: do a lot of sit-ups and sleep faster every day.

37. Stomach ache? Lie in the direction of the left and rub your tummy clockwise. Slightly relieve pain!

38. Written “askew” in google and google will display menjad lopsided.

39. Must bring something but tomorrow fear of forgetting? Put the stuff in deket shoes that will your BSK.

40. BlackBerry engine will quickly heat when charged while playing.

41. Want your sweet tea cold? Do not use ice cubes, tp use frozen fruit krna ill who will change the flavor of the tea.

42. Girls like guys that surprise and fragrant.

43. Ways to bear urination: Cross your legs / sit up. Remember! Dlm withstand long periods of time is not good.

44. Usually with thrum batteries that have run out of energy, there is the possibility that the battery can last for a while lg.

45. Want to know a good movie For watchable? Usually movies in theaters 1 adlh yg lg cinema movie hits.

46. Press the space bar on the keyboard For scroll down and press Shift For faster.

47. Want flowers in vases 3x longer lasting? Chill in the refrigerator first.

48. How to cope with a spicy taste in the mouth: Drinking milk, eat bread or crackers.

49. Want to save battery Blackberry? Go to the Options - change color contrast Accesbility into greyscale.

50. Say “Boots N Cats” rapidly, repeatedly with different tempos are the basis of beatbox.

51. The easiest way to remove acne and weight loss: Reduce drinking soda and enough sleep reply.

52. Smiling issued endorphins in the brain that is able to make you happy. So smile!

53. Want more coca cola drink in a restaurant? Order tanpa es batu 😉

54. When it is in a very smelly toilet, rub soap into the nose area spy ill smell of the toilet.

55. If you're hungry, but should not eat too much, drink hot water / warm. It will make you satisfied.

56. Want to eat less? Use your hands to eat non-dominanmu.

57. Want to know your breath smells or not? Lick your wrist and kiss.

58. Tips to get up in the morning without feeling tired: Jump dr bed, wash your face with cold water & pairs music!

59. Rub-rub palms using coffee grounds interchangeable palms smoothing rough.

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