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This is the danger of sitting too long

Sitting is a routine activity that is often done by everyone at all ages. Lots of time was spent on activities in this one. Various factors are the cause. For office workers, a lot of work to them finish with just sitting in the office. Likewise for those who like to surf, sitting for hours will not ever they realize. Whereas, there is a surprising fact that prolonged sitting on the daily activities would endanger the health of the body and invites various deadly diseases. Then, What are the dangers of sitting too long for the body's health….???

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Friend, tips kesehatan.Menurut the Diabetes Group at the University of Leicester, revealed the fact that a person who spends a lot of time to sit too long will have a great risk of developing diabetes, heart and shorten the life of. The researchers also suggested to increase physical activity such as walking to reduce or eliminate the bad effects of prolonged sitting is. According to Professor Stuart Biddle of Loughborough University, those who go to the gym after a long day of sitting had better physical health than those who immediately sat down to watch television after a long day at work.
Easy-paced life in an era of digital indeed a positive impact in terms of speeding up all one's work. Yet, no positive impact on improving the quality of health in the body. This is because, routines that we do a lot done in front of a computer or a laptop that requires a person to sit in a relatively long time. Various solutions can we do to reduce or even eliminate various bad dampat due to prolonged sitting is.
During the morning exercise routine 30 minutes are tips to nourish the whole body and your joints. You can start with a leisurely walk, run plan, cycling or even swim.
For office workers, try to give pause a few minutes during the move for about half an hour. By doing activities in the road or walk a little bit out of your work space.
For surfers cyberspace or the hobby of surfing, then give the rest to the organs eyes and walk out of the room for a few minutes after sitting for 30 minutes in front of a computer screen or laptop.
Too long watching television will force someone to sit with a long duration of time. Therefore, haste turn off the television during hours of sleep a night has arrived or limit to watch television for a healthier life.



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