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Finland, countries with the best education in the world

Pendidikanterbaik in the world? Not Harvard, not America, nor English, especially Indonesia – but Finland, The least corrupt country on earth. Remarkably, Finland not only educate children whiz “normal,” but also excel in education for children who are mentally weak. In short, Finland managed to make all smart protege – no matter which normal or mentally weak.

Finland beat 40 Other countries in the world based on a survey conducted by the OECD PISA year 2003. Comprehensive tests performed by measuring the ability of mathematics, reading, science, and problem solving that will be devoted to improving the quality of the education system.

In Finland to be teacher much tougher competition than applying the Faculty of Law or Medicine. Teachers are also given freedom in curriculum, text-book, to methods of teaching and evaluation.

United States itself is far below the level of Finland, precisely in order to-17. Then, where the attraction in the Finnish education system with other countries, especially Indonesia? The answer is in the independence of students and teachers.

In Finland independence in following the teaching and learning process is not only enjoyed by teachers who are so respected but also transmitted to the students through a variety of important opportunities.

One in which each student was given a special autonomy to determine the test schedule for subjects which he has he mastered.

This system is maintained by the Finnish until finally managed to deliver this country in the top position as the most successful countries manage their national education.

Fantastiknya, in the evaluation of learning, number of graduates lack nationally never exceed 2 percent annually. Finland is also not familiar with the term national exam semester exams especially like ground water.

National evaluation study carried out without any government intervention once. Because every school authorities even teachers full to develop its own curriculum.

So do not ever fancy that teachers in Finland busy to pursue target-specific targets in this country because the teachers always tailor the material to the needs of each student ajarnya.

So, in Finland anyone the president and the minister of education will not have a significant effect on the future of education. Because the functions of government in promoting the education sector is financial support and legality.

In Finland there are only teachers with the best quality with the best training anyway. Own teaching profession is a profession that is very much appreciated, even though their salaries are not fantastic. The best high school graduates usually just register in order to enter in schools of education, and only 1 from 7 applicants can be accepted. Competition is tighter than go to law school or medical!

If other countries believe that the testing and evaluation for students is a very important part of the quality of education, Finland seem to believe that the examination and testing that destroyed the student's learning goals. Too much testing makes us tend to teach students to simply get away from the exam, said a teacher in Finland.

At the age of 18 th the students taking the exam to determine their qualifications in colleges and two-thirds of graduates go on to college.

Students are taught to evaluate themselves, even since the Pre-Kindergarten!
This helps students learn to be responsible for their own work, kata Sundstrom, principals in elementary Poikkilaakso, Finland.

Students are encouraged to work independently with trying to find their own information they need. The atmosphere is very relaxed and flexible school. The existence of too many command will only generate distress, and resulted in an atmosphere of learning becomes fun.

Groups of students who slow get intensive support. It also makes a successful Finland.

Based on the findings of PISA, schools in Finland is very little difference between students who are doing well and that is bad and is the best according to the OECD. Remedial not be perceived as a sign of failure but as an opportunity to improve. A teacher in charge of learning and behavioral problems of students create an individualized program for each student with emphasis on objectives to be achieved, for instance: First, go to class; then come on time; next, bring a book, etc.. If you got homework students do not even need to answer correctly, important they are trying.

The teachers are very avoiding criticism of the work of their students. According to them, if we say "You're wrong" in students, then it will make students shame. And if they are shy then this will hamper them in learning. Each student is allowed to make mistakes. They only asked to compare their results with the previous value, and not with other students.

Each student is expected to be proud of him each. Ranking only made a handful of teachers focusing on certain students who are considered the best in its class.

Some things may be copied, of the existing education system in Finladia, including :

  1. Finnish child did not start school until the age of their 7 Year. ( Compare with the parents in Indonesia actually proud of school children at ages under age 7 year. even with severe learning beben.)
  1. Not burdened Test and PR, until the age of adolescence.
  1. Children are not measured at all during the first six years of their education. ( In our education system , Elementary school students to stress because often dreaded school party, with seabreg Exam, Though sometimes children are often not taught )
  1. There is only one standard tests mandatory in Finland, taken when children 16 Year. ( Compare with the examination system in middle and high school exams, Plus UN, not only makes educational institutions dishonest, His brain appreciated only child alone, Minus talent and Interests,)
  1. No Classes Featured,all abilities are in the same class. And finally proven RSBI / RSI in Indonesia by the Court revoked its existence, because it will create a new caste caste in education.
  1. Finland spends about 30 percent more to the cost of education per student to surpass the United States.
  1. 30 percent of children receive additional assistance during their first nine years of school.
  1. Maximum science class 16 students so that they can carry out practical experiments in each class.
  1. Elementary students get 75 minutes of rest day in Finland compared to the average 27 minutes in the United States..
  1. Teachers just spend 4 hours a day in class, and take 2 hours a week for "professional development."
  1. Finland has a total number of teachers in New York City, but students are much less. By comparison 600.000 students in finland with 1,1 million in NYC.

Source : http://esqsmartplus.com |/why finland has the best education system in the world


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