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Characteristic feature of intelligent wife

1. Neatly arranging your financial documents

Organizing documents household expenditure / pemasukan , then store neatly in one place . this is very useful when data is required to be easily found & can easily evaluate the household budget.

2. Setting up a retirement fund

This is very important because of the physical aging of course we can not work with the maximum , his wife can help her husband set aside part of the property for purposes in the old days.

3. Trust each other

In households , honesty is very important as a foundation for building a solid household, cultivate mutual trust . transparency in the financial, & remind each other if there is waste that is performed by a husband or wife.

4. Clever prudent

Wife with extravagant lifestyle can lead to financial ruin your household , buy things that fit the needs of not only the desire.

5. Has an important target

For example by having a private home, then you do not need to rent a house again, & Your wife will be taking seriously designing a target to have a private house diligently remind you to hit the desired target, or even fought together with wife sideline activities that can generate money.

examples of which can be a role model : http://finance.detik.com/read/2014/02/12/073736/2494089/1016/1/salut-suami-istri-ini-rela-hidup-rp-10000-hari-demi-beli-rumah

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