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The cause headaches when I wake up

When I wake up suddenly with a headache, Have you ever experienced? not infrequently because of the pain it feels intrusive to make you lazy to get out of bed. Some of you may feel confused why get headaches when you wake up, whereas when you are rushing to sleep do not have signs of having headaches. Pain in the head when I wake up is caused by several things. Here are some common reasons that cause pain.


Lack of fluids in the body not only causes the body to become weak, but will cause pain in the head when you wake up. Because the muscles that are in our bodies need enough fluids to carry out its functions.

Eating crackers while sleeping

Have you ever heard a voice like eating crackers in bed time ? Most of them are not aware of having their teeth menggrinding habit at a time when sleep until sounded like people were eating crackers. This habit can cause tension in the muscles of the jaw which can also spread to the head, neck and shoulder. The habits that are performed continuously can cause headaches when you wake up.


One of the main causes of headaches when I wake up is a disruption in sleep patterns. Feelings of stress and lifestyle fast, causing many people to sleep late. Sleep soundly and inadequate can cause the muscles to become tense, so it felt a pain in the head when I wake up.


Have you ever had a nightmare ? Then you jerked from sleep ? Jolted from sleep because of nightmares, suffer from depression, anxiety and stress also be some reason some people suffer from headaches when I wake up.


Act of bacteria found in the sinus cavities become one of the factors causing headaches. Migraine headaches are one of the effects of a sinus infection that can spread to other parts.

Sleep Anea

Have you experienced sleep anea ? Sleep anea is a condition in which breathing is interrupted during sleep and the brain will give a sign of lack of air in the lungs. This causes people wake up at a certain moment to start breathing normally again, which in turn impacts on the head ache.


Dilated blood vessels can increase the blood flow pressure. Increased pressure can cause the muscles to become tense and suffered headaches. –



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