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Myth bath night cause “rheumatic”

"Do not often frequent bathing night, Myspace hit 'rheumatic know' "

These words are familiar in our society, assumptions and some experiences that most of our society is a cause of pain evening bath reumatik.Dalam medical view, whether it is a "Fact or Myth"

rheumatism (Arthritis) is a disease that attacks the joints network ,muscles and spine and tend menahun.Biasanya attack ankle area,knee,elbow and pinggang.Akibat of arthritic joints usually,bone , connective tissue and muscles will be sore and stiff even bengkak.Penyebabnya can include a wide variety: Decline in the immune system, so that the bacteria that cause arthritis attack. Miraculous metabolic disorders and other factors such as bone calcification because penuaan.salah Position of the joint during activity,trauma that afflicts joints,by makan,obesity etc..

Bath night nothing to do with the incidence of rheumatic, this is in line with the words delivered by Prof.. Dr. Handono Kalim, Sp.PDKR selaku indonesian rheumatology association

"There is no relation,it's just a good shower mitos.Lebih night of the not at all "

Most patients with rheumatic an old patient lanjut.Para experts believe that the culprit joint pain in the elderly is urat.dan acid uric acid was not associated with dietary intake dingin.Faktor water plays an important role complaint sendi.Hampir all food products ,except fruits risk increases the level of uric acid in the blood.

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An evening shower does not cause arthritis pain but an evening shower aggravate arthritic pain complaint ( who had been suffering from rheumatism).This means that for those who are already suffering from rheumatism,not the recommended cold shower malam.Rasa will aggravate joint pain.



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