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What's securities

Securities is a letter by the publisher deliberately published as the implementation of the fulfillment of a performance in the form of payment of a sum of money. But this payment is not made by using currency, but by using other means to pay. Means to pay it in the form of letters that contain a command to a third party, or statement able to pay some money untukpemegang letter.
Terms The terms of commercial paper issuance in Indonesia can be found in the provisions of article 2 to article 5 of the decree of the Board of Directors of Bank Indonesia Number 28/52 / KEP / DIR dated 11 August 1995 namely regarding the criteria:
1. Longest timed 270 (two hundred and seventy) day
2. Enter
a. Clause words "Promissory Notes" in the text are expressed in Indonesian or the words "Commercial Paper" in commercial paper.
b. Unconditional promise to pay a certain amount of money
c. Determination of the pay
d. Determination of payment
and. Name parties must receive payment or replacement
f. Date and place of promissory notes issued
g. Signature publisher
Basically securities have the same general requirements that must exist in a securities. The general requirements of securities, among others,:
1. Must be written in the form
2. Must have a name
3. A certain number of signatures
4. Order / unconditional promises
5. No act of command or promise to pay
6. The names of those who pay
7. Settling day
Function Securities
Basic functions of a securities is as a means of payment, The position replaces uang.selain it also has the function of securities:
· as documentary evidence collection rights
· means of transferring the right to collect
· medium of exchange
· bearer of rights
· as a means of transferring the right to collect (traded with ease and simplicity)
Binding Policy Issuance of Securities
In the issuance of securities of at least two parties, namely the issuer and recipient of securities. Initially, both parties are bound by the coalition policy. Follow-up of engagement that has been agreed that there is a party to issue securities memenhi achievement. Some basic tying the issuance of securities:
a. teori keasi right penciptaan (creatietheorie)
b. theoretical speed(reasonableness theory)
c. Theory agreement (contract theory)
d. theory appointment (vertoings theory)
Early issuance of securities will not be separated from the treaty or is always preceded by a or transaction / legal acts of the parties or in other words the existence of a basic engagement. The basic shape of the engagement agreement or contract which can be purchase agreement, lease, lease (leasing), transport and others. Issuance of securities is essentially a continuation of the engagement so that the amount of the value stated in the agreement agreed upon by the parties.
Classification and Forms of Securities :
1. Letters that have material properties
2. Letters membership mark
3. Letters debt
Form of securities
a. Draft
The letter containing the word notes in it, dated and signed in somewhere, publisher member unconditional order to pay to get stuck on pay day.
b. Promissory notes
Loading said promissory note or promissory, the issuer pays to the person mentioned in that letter.
c. Letters check
The letter containing a check use, memerintakan publisher to a specific bank to pay the person listed on the letter, replacement, or the carrier at the time indicated.
d. Carter party
Make the party charter says that proves the vessel chartering agreement, dlaam name of the signatory to bind themselves to give up some or all of the space ship to be operated in accordance with the agreement.
and. Konosemen
Download word manifest in it and a letter from the holder of the bill of lading holder to the carrier in order to be submitted to the shareholders for their holders.
f. Delivery order
Include the word delivery order in it and is a holder of a warrant of delivery order delivered goods as called, taken from konosemennya.
g. Share certificates
Securities that include the word stock in it, as proof of ownership of shares as part of the stock of capital.
h. Bearing promissory notes
Dated securities in which the signatories themselves promised to pay a specified sum of money in it to bookmark, at the time shown at a certain time.

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