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Tips on choosing insurance for your car

you have a private car ?

Protect your vehicle with car insurance.

following we present tips on choosing a car insurance for you.

1. Quality:
Make sure beforehand that insurance will diipilih including insurance categories have got prediket Best General Insurance, Indonesian Best Brand Award, Indonsian Customer Satisfaction Award. Because with this certification has been clearly shown that the reliable insurance, trustworthy, and proved to be responsible for serving customers claim.
2. Cost Own Risk (Own Risk):
Sometimes back and forth to the garage insurance is also something that makes lazy customers, moreover some insurers apply the system to claim the fee payment OR (Own Risk) or the risk itself was average 200.000.- there are on a per incident, per collision, and so of course it makes you burdened with having to much to pay a claim for pay OR if frequent back and forth to the garage insurance is not necessarily the result of the work shop to satisfy customers as done by the workshop mock or non-authorized.
3. Claims Process:
When the insurance claims process should be observed to advance, there are several auto insurance claim process customer receives a convoluted one should have to be the one that was waiting surveyornya ready lah, sometimes had to argue first was when surveyed. Yet sometimes it takes a few days just to wait SPK (Work Order) issued by the insurance company so that the workshop could fix our car. Things like this sometimes overlooked and many customers feel tebuang time just to wait for a piece of paper / letter. Leave this process as outdated, should select uncomplicated current insurance claim, less rapidly than 30 minutes SPK already in your hand so that you live determine to when to insurance workshop.
4. Work Result:
Many insurers are implementing some cheap rate, but what if the work is not very good quality garage associates alias mock and unsatisfactory customer. Sometimes paint your car look even striped Betong make your car body image as if it never would have made a tremendous impact the value of your car sales slump. Although the customer can complain to the insurance, but how long the loss of your time wasted. Pay attention to this and choose insurance with a trusted partner workshops and official (authorized). Remember your car is a valuable asset, Do not underestimate the use of dubious insurance services only because of the difference in price a few dollars only premium
5. Spare Parts (Parts):
Spare parts are the most important in your car, make sure the insurance guarantee original spare parts used and warranty. Be careful with this insurance does not guarantee that fatal.
6. Responsibilities of the Parties to the three (TJH / TPL) and PA (Personal Accident):
This feature should be observed carefully, because at the time of collision accident rammed example motors sometimes - sometimes 3rd party even much heavier damage than we. Here the role of this feature dipelukan, should choose insurance with liability to the three big parties so that you do not charge extra tebebebani. Likewise with personal accident protection features driver / passenger it is also very necessary. Choose the insurance that is included with this feature.
7. Free Service Protection 24 Hour:
It is very, very important when we choose car insurance, many car insurance and rely only provide cheap rate alone but the service is not very satisfactory protection, do not care 24 hour, no telephone service are difficult to contact even sometimes no answer, sometimes the protection area is also very limited at all times even greater Jakarta area only just. Out of Greater you can helm when there is a problem with your car broke down on the highway such as a flat tire, need a crane, miss keys in the car, run out of fuel, etc.. Leave this concern, select insurance with preparedness 24 hour and wide coverage area in Indonesia.

8. SRCC (Strike, Riot and Civil Commotion – Kerusuhan, Strikes and Riot & Flooding ):
Features of this insurance is highly recommended to ensure the risk due to a disturbance of public order committed by a group of people, as well as the authorities in the prosecution of the action of the disorder, either associated with strikes and blockades work, and bear civil unrest political bemotif. Also the expansion of insurance covers loss caused by excessive water out of the normal range of river water, lake, property, the breakdown of the sluice, the burst dam, continuous rain that can not be accommodated by waterways. Flood damage includes damage to the interior, exterior, panel dashboard, mechanical, electrical and other damage on the vehicle insured bemotor. Select insurance which includes this feature.
9. Flexible In Payments:
Choose a car insurance premium payment is flexible, can be done with cash, transfer, or credit card (Show / Mastercard).


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