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Friend, health tips. Wine is one of the fruits that are delicious and tasty consumed per person. Besides, This fruit is obtained even though the price is relatively expensive for the majority of our society. This wine can thrive in the dry season or in places that have low rainfall intensity. Wine for health benefits is actually quite remarkable, but ignorance of the usefulness. makes the grapes have not become one of our favorite bua. Then, What are the benefits of a surprising wine that never suspected that…???
Consuming fruits is one of the healthy lifestyle that can be practiced in everyday life,id. So there would be no harm in setting aside a portion of monthly income to buy various kinds of fruit or fill the fridge with fruits, especially grapes. There are various benefits that can be obtained from the grapes to improve the health of a person's health tips, The following surprising benefits grapes never suspected :

  1. Protect Your Heart Organ. The grapes contain resveratrol which serves to reduce the risk of heart attacks that can attack you at any time. Besides, resveratrol may contribute to increase the dilation of the blood vessels. So that the blood can easily flow smoothly throughout your body organs.
  2. Spared From Skin Cancer. Activity and job sometimes forces the body to be exposed to sunlight for a relatively long time. UVB rays from the sun will beresikon cause skin cancer. The content of resveratrol in wine can protect the skin from the dangers of skin cancer.
  3. Improve Brain Thinking. Resveratrol contained in grapes can help increase blood flow to the brain. So the ability to think and act in a person would be faster.
  4. Effective In Fighting Diabetes. Consuming grapes are rich in resveratrol is able to lower blood sugar levels by 10 percent. The good news of course for those who want to avoid diabetes.
  5. Lowering Your Cholesterol Levels. This is because, pterostibene that grapes contain compounds that play an important role in lowering bad cholesterol levels in the blood that can harm your health.
  6. Antidote Asthma. By regularly consuming grapes can prevent and treat asthma with a healthy and natural way.
  7. Effectively accelerate muscle recovery. For athletes or someone who is quite busy necessarily experiencing various problems in the muscles. The grapes contain antioxidants which help muscle recovery is faster and more effective and natural.


Bitcoin is a electronic money were made in the year 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto. The name is also associated with software open source that he designed, and also uses peer-to-peer that connects all. Unlike the currency in general, bitcoin does not depend on the trust major publisher. Bitcoin uses a distributed database and spread to the nodes of a network P2P to the transaction journal, and usecryptography to provide basic security functions, such as ensuring that bitcoin-bitcoin can only be spent by the person possesses, and never can be done more than once.

Design of Bitcoin allows for anonymous ownership (anonymous) and the transfer of wealth. Bitcoin – bitcoin can be stored on a personal computer in a format file wallet or stored by a servis wallet third party, and in spite of all the Bitcoin – bitcoin can be sent via the Internet to anyone who has a Bitcoin address. Topology of the peer-to-peer bitcoin and lack of a single administration makes it impossible for authorities, any government, to manipulate the value of bitcoin – bitcoin or cause inflation by producing more bitcoin.

What are the advantages of using Bitcoin?

  • Freedom of Payment – Allows you to send and receive money instantly anywhere, anytime. No bank holiday. There is no limit state. There are no restrictions imposed. Bitcoin gives users full control over their money.
  • The cost is very low – Bitcoin payments currently processed at no cost or at a very low cost. Users can enter into a transaction fee to obtain priority processing, so that it gets faster transaction confirmation by the network. In addition, processor sellers there to assist the seller in the transaction processing, change currency bitcoin into conventional fiat, and put money directly into the seller's bank account every day. Because all of these services based Bitcoin, the cost required is much lower than credit card or PayPal network.
  • Low risk for the seller – Bitcoin transactions are very safe, can not be canceled, and do not contain any personal or sensitive information from customers. This protects the seller from losses due to fraud or fraudulent chargeback, and do not need adjustment PCI. Sellers can easily expand into new markets where credit cards are not available and the level of fraud is very high. The end result of Bitcoin is a lower cost, broader market, and administrative expenses less,
  • Security and control – Bitcoin Users have full control over their transactions; not possible for the seller to make unwanted bill or note as can happen with other payment methods. Bitcoin payment to be made without including personal identintas to process payment. This provides strong protection from identity thieves. Bitcoin Users can also protect their money with backup and encryption.
  • Transparent and neutralAll information Bitcoin related to the supply of money available in the chain-block for anyone who wants to verify or to use it in real time. No individual or organization can control or manipulate the Bitcoin protocol for highly secure cryptographic. This allows the core to be completely neutral Bitcoin, transparent, and predictable.

What are disadvantages of using Bitcoin?

  • The level of acceptance – Many people are still not aware of the existence of Bitcoin. Every day, more and more businesses that accept bitcoin because they wanted to benefit from the use bitcoin, but still just a list of users is still small and need to grow to benefit from network effects.
  • VolatilityThe total value of of bitcoin outstanding and the number of businesses that use Bitcoin is still very small compared to the appropriate. Therefore, small occasions, trading, or business activity can significantly affect the price of bitcoin. In theory, This volatility will decrease as the market and technological development of Bitcoin. Previously there was never created their own currency, so it is very difficult (and interesting) to imagine the development of what will happen next.
  • Ongoing development – Bitcoin software is still in beta with many features that are still incomplete actively developed. Devices, features, and new services are being developed to make Bitcoin more secure and easily accessible to the public. Some of this development is still not ready for everyone. Most businesses Bitcoin is still relatively new and has not offered insurance. In general, Bitcoin is still in the process of maturation.


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you have a private car ?

Protect your vehicle with car insurance.

following we present tips on choosing a car insurance for you.

1. Quality:
Make sure beforehand that insurance will diipilih including insurance categories have got prediket Best General Insurance, Indonesian Best Brand Award, Indonsian Customer Satisfaction Award. Because with this certification has been clearly shown that the reliable insurance, trustworthy, and proved to be responsible for serving customers claim.
2. Cost Own Risk (Own Risk):
Sometimes back and forth to the garage insurance is also something that makes lazy customers, moreover some insurers apply the system to claim the fee payment OR (Own Risk) or the risk itself was average 200.000.- there are on a per incident, per collision, and so of course it makes you burdened with having to much to pay a claim for pay OR if frequent back and forth to the garage insurance is not necessarily the result of the work shop to satisfy customers as done by the workshop mock or non-authorized.
3. Claims Process:
When the insurance claims process should be observed to advance, there are several auto insurance claim process customer receives a convoluted one should have to be the one that was waiting surveyornya ready lah, sometimes had to argue first was when surveyed. Yet sometimes it takes a few days just to wait SPK (Work Order) issued by the insurance company so that the workshop could fix our car. Things like this sometimes overlooked and many customers feel tebuang time just to wait for a piece of paper / letter. Leave this process as outdated, should select uncomplicated current insurance claim, less rapidly than 30 minutes SPK already in your hand so that you live determine to when to insurance workshop.
4. Work Result:
Many insurers are implementing some cheap rate, but what if the work is not very good quality garage associates alias mock and unsatisfactory customer. Sometimes paint your car look even striped Betong make your car body image as if it never would have made a tremendous impact the value of your car sales slump. Although the customer can complain to the insurance, but how long the loss of your time wasted. Pay attention to this and choose insurance with a trusted partner workshops and official (authorized). Remember your car is a valuable asset, Do not underestimate the use of dubious insurance services only because of the difference in price a few dollars only premium
5. Spare Parts (Parts):
Spare parts are the most important in your car, make sure the insurance guarantee original spare parts used and warranty. Be careful with this insurance does not guarantee that fatal.
6. Responsibilities of the Parties to the three (TJH / TPL) and PA (Personal Accident):
This feature should be observed carefully, because at the time of collision accident rammed example motors sometimes - sometimes 3rd party even much heavier damage than we. Here the role of this feature dipelukan, should choose insurance with liability to the three big parties so that you do not charge extra tebebebani. Likewise with personal accident protection features driver / passenger it is also very necessary. Choose the insurance that is included with this feature.
7. Free Service Protection 24 Hour:
It is very, very important when we choose car insurance, many car insurance and rely only provide cheap rate alone but the service is not very satisfactory protection, do not care 24 hour, no telephone service are difficult to contact even sometimes no answer, sometimes the protection area is also very limited at all times even greater Jakarta area only just. Out of Greater you can helm when there is a problem with your car broke down on the highway such as a flat tire, need a crane, miss keys in the car, run out of fuel, etc.. Leave this concern, select insurance with preparedness 24 hour and wide coverage area in Indonesia.

8. SRCC (Strike, Riot and Civil Commotion – Kerusuhan, Strikes and Riot & Flooding ):
Features of this insurance is highly recommended to ensure the risk due to a disturbance of public order committed by a group of people, as well as the authorities in the prosecution of the action of the disorder, either associated with strikes and blockades work, and bear civil unrest political bemotif. Also the expansion of insurance covers loss caused by excessive water out of the normal range of river water, lake, property, the breakdown of the sluice, the burst dam, continuous rain that can not be accommodated by waterways. Flood damage includes damage to the interior, exterior, panel dashboard, mechanical, electrical and other damage on the vehicle insured bemotor. Select insurance which includes this feature.
9. Flexible In Payments:
Choose a car insurance premium payment is flexible, can be done with cash, transfer, or credit card (Show / Mastercard).

Once there is agreement on the price of the land between the seller and potential buyers, Next sellers and prospective buyers come to the office Officials of Land (PPAT) whose jurisdiction covers the lay of the land to be sold to make the deed of sale of land.

"Who is the Office of the Land Deed ? “

Land Deed Officer is a public official who is appointed by the National Land Agency of the Republic of Indonesia, which was given the authority to make certain deeds, namely the Deed of Sale and Purchase, Swap, Grant, Entered into in Company, Entitlement Together, Of Encumbrance, Giving the Building Land Ownership and Land Use Right granting Properties. "In areas that certain most people would make the deed of sale of land to come to the district. Do the same with the district head PPAT? “

For areas that are not yet sufficient number of his PPAT, Camat can be designated as PPAT While, and for a very remote village, The village head can be designated as PPAT While. The appointment decision as PPAT While Subdistrict was signed by the head of the local Regional Office on behalf of the National Land Agency of the Republic of Indonesia, whereas the appointment of the Head of the Village as PPAT While conducted by the National Land Agency of the Republic of Indonesia, so just Subdistrict for certain areas that have not been sufficiently PPAT his or headman / village heads to remote areas designated as PPAT While that may make Deed PPAT.

"What requirements are needed to make the deed of sale of land in the office of the Land Deed Officer?”

You must bring : The original title deed of the land to be sold, KTP, proof of payment of the UN (Land Tax & Building), letter of approval husband / wife for who are married, and family card.

Prospective buyers leads : ID card and family card

"How is the process of making a deed of sale in the office of the Land Deed Officer?”

The preparation of the deed of sale

1) Before making a purchase agreement, PPAT examination certificate of conformity with the existing data in the Land Office.

2) The seller must pay income tax (PPH) as big as 5% of the sale price if the price of buying and selling of land above Rp.60.000.000,-

3) The buyer must pay the Tax on Acquisition of Land and Building (BPHTB) as big as 5% of the value of taxable gains tax object. Value of taxable gains tax object is the object of acquisition value minus the value of the acquisition object tax is tax regionally defined (masing2 Kabupaen / City) at most 60 million.

4) Income Tax and Customs Acquisition of Land and Buildings can be paid at the bank or post office. Before Income Taxes and Customs Acquisition Rights to Land and Building repaid deed can not be signed.

5) Prospective purchasers should make a statement that by buying the land he does not become a holder of land rights that exceed the maximum size limit provision and absentee land (Gunta).

6) The seller makes a statement that is not owned land in dispute.

7) Officials of the land deed explain the purpose and content of the statement above.

8) PPAT must refuse when making purchase deed:

o Land to be sold is in dispute, matter or confiscated by court.

o To PPAT not submitted the original certificate or certificates are not submitted in accordance with the list in the land office.

o One of the parties that will make buying and selling is not eligible or ineligible for buying and selling.

o One of the parties acting on the basis of absolute power that there is in fact contain legal actions alienate.

o not obtained permission from the competent authority.

Making the Deed of Sale and Purchase

  1. Deed must be attended by the seller and the prospective buyer or the person authorized by a written power of attorney.
  2. Deed to be attended by two witnesses sekuarang2nya
  3. PPAT deed shall read and explain the content and intent of making the, and land registration procedures must be implemented.
  4. When the deed was approved by the seller and prospective buyer then the deed is signed by the seller, buyer, witnesses and land deed officials, after income tax paid and BPHTB.
  5. Made in the original Act 2 sheet, The first sheet is stored in the office of PPAT and the second sheet is delivered to the land office for registration purposes (transfer of title).
  6. The seller and the buyer is given a copy masing2.

"How much should be paid to make the deed of sale ? “

The cost of manufacturing deed shall not exceed 1% of the transaction price stated in the deed.

"What is the next step after the completion of the manufacture of the deed of sale?”

  1. After completion of the manufacture of the deed of sale, PPAT then handed the deed of sale and other documents required to land office for the purposes behind the name of the certificate.
  2. Submission must be implemented no later than 7 (seven) working days from the signing of the deed.
  3. Files or documents submitted for registration consists of letters behind the name, written power of attorney (when the name is not submitted by the buyer), deed of sale PPAT, certificate of land rights, photocopy of ID card buyers and sellers, permits the transfer of rights of authorized official (when required), proof of payment of income tax (PPH), proof of payment of BPHTB.

"What is the process in the Land Office? ”

  1. After the file is delivered to the land office, land office provides proof of receipt of the application back to the applicant's name ATA power.
  2. Name of the rights holder long (seller) in the land books and certificates crossed out with black ink and signed by the Head of the Land Office or designated official.
  3. Name the new rights holders (buyer) written on the page and columns that exist in the land book and certificate with the record date stamped and signed by the Head of the Land Office or designated official.
  4. Behind the registration certificate name charged 25.000,- , when there is no change in the boundaries of the land parcel.

How to Calculate BPHTB In the Sale and Purchase of Land

At the time of sale and purchase of land and buildings, both the buyer and the seller will be taxed. Sellers will be charged income tax (Income Tax) on cash payment received land prices, while the buyer will be charged Tax on Acquisition of Land and Buildings (BPHTB) the acquisition of land rights. BPHTB imposed not only at the time of the sale and purchase of land, but also to any acquisition of land and buildings (exchange, grant, heir, land revenue into the company, etc.).

In transaction buying and selling land, which is the subject of a taxBPHTB is the individual or entity who acquired the rights to land and buildings, ie buyers. In order payment BPHTB by buyer, bases BPHTB Acquisition Value Object of Taxation (NPOP). NPOP the land purchase is the price of the transaction. This is in contrast for example to exchange, grants or legacy, the basis of its use value NPOP market (Taxable value / SVTO).

Object Acquisition Value Tax or transaction price can be larger or smaller than it could be Tax Object Selling Value (SVTO), depending on the agreement the seller and buyer - sometimes it can also be the transaction price equal to the value SVTO. If the price of the transaction is less than SVTO, then that becomes the basis for determining the value NPOP is SVTO. Otherwise, if the transaction price is greater than SVTO, the value determination is based on the price of the transaction NPOP - the highest value among NPOP and SVTO.

Besides NPOP and SVTO, Other factors to consider in determining the amount of BPHTB is Value Acquisition Tax Object Not Taxable (NPOPTKP). NPOPTKP is value NPOP before imposed tariff reduction BPHTB. For example, if the price of land transactions USD. 100.000.000, then before the price is subject to tariff transaki BPHTB (5%) transactions, the first price reduced NPOPTKP - eg reduced NPOPTKP Rp. 80.000.000 to the area of ​​Jakarta. This makes the buyer's tax rate is less than the tax value of the seller - the seller is not subject toNPOPTKP.

Each region has NPOPTKP different, depending on the local regulations. For the Jakarta area, for example, NPOPTKP set at Rp 80.000.00000 for land transactions and USD. 350.000.000 for the acquisition of rights due to inheritance or testament grant received by an individual who is in a family relationship.

Example of calculating BPHTB in transactions, sale and purchase of land:

Revelation buy land belonging to the Aryan with the sale and purchase value of Rp. 200.000.000. Then taxes seller and taxesbuyer are as follows:

Buyer Tax (BPHTB) NPOP : Rp 200.000.000,00 NPOPTKP : Rp 80.000.000,00 (-) Taxable NPOP : Rp 120.000.000,00 BPHTB: : 5% x Rp 120.000.000 = Rp 6.000.000

Sales Tax (Income Tax)

NPOP : Rp 200.000.000 Taxable NPOP : Rp 200.000.000 Income Tax: 5% x Rp 200.000.000,00 = Rp 10.000.000


In land transactions, often we hear these two terms: PPJB and AJB. SPA is Sale and Purchase Agreement, while AJB is Deed Of Sale & Purchase. Both terms are equally agreement, but have different legal consequences.

The main difference is the nature of the second term of authenticity. PPJB an initial bond between sellers and buyers of land that is under the hand (non-authentic deed). Non-authentic deed means a deed made only by the parties (prospective sellers and buyers) and does not involve notarsi / PPAT. Because of its non-authentic, it causes the SPA is not binding on the ground as the object of the agreement - not cause the shift of land ownership from the seller to the buyer.

PPJB generally provides that a seller would sell the land to the buyer, but it can not be done because there is a particular reason, for example, the land is still in the bank guarantee, or other conditions still needed to do submission. In land transactions, prospective sellers and buyers are not required to make PPJB.

Berebda case with PPJB, AJB an authentic deed of Notary / PPAT and is a requirement in the sale and purchase of land. With AJB made by Notary / PPAT, the sale and purchase of land as the object has been shifted (transfer of title) from the seller to the buyer.

In PPJB usually set on a particular syaratisyarat that must be met by the parties to be able to do AJB. Thus, the SPA is an initial bond that is under the hand to be able to do that is both authentic AJB.

Cultivation Rights (HGU) On Land

According to Article 28 Law Number 5 Year 1960On Agrarian (BAL), Cultivation Rights(HGU) is a special right to cultivate land that is not his own on land directly controlled by the state for agricultural companies, fisheries or farms. The difference with the Right to Use, Timeshares efforts can only be granted for agricultural purposes, fisheries or farms for land minimal extent 5 hectare, as well as the right of Enterprises can not be transferred to another party but can be saddled with Encumbrance.

Cultivation Rights may be granted for a maximum period 25 year, except for companies that require a longer period of time may be granted Cultivation Rights for the longest time 35 year, eg for oil palm plantations that are long-lived plants. At the request of the holder of the rights, and by considering the state of the company, The time period can be extended to a maximum of 25 year.

Cultivation Rights only be granted on the ground that the width of at least 5 Hectare. If the area of ​​land being applied for leasehold reach 25 hectares or more, the use of Right to efforts must use proper capital investment and good engineering company in accordance with the times. Land use permits granted by Government Decision.

The parties may have Cultivation Rights are Indonesian citizens and legal entities established under Indonesian law and domiciled in Indonesia. Hak Guna Usaha can not be owned by foreigners and foreign legal entities. Granting Rights to Enterprises on foreign capital legal entity is only possible in the case required by the laws that regulate the national development plan.

Conditions of granting Hak Guna Usaha, Thus also the transition and elimination, must be registered. Registration includes activities:

  1. Measurement of soil mapping and bookkeeping.
  2. Registration of rights to land and shifts.
  3. Granting letters of proof applicable rights as a means of proving that a strong.

Application for Certificate of Land Fragmentation

In practice the process fragmentation of land titlesthere is a possibility to the difference will be the application and implementing field. This memo was made limited through the study of literature in the form of legislation and several articles and several books land without going through the confirmation to office land Related.

Related Regulations:
1.Law No. 5 Year 1960 Regarding the General Conditions Land ("The No.5 / 1960?);
2.Government Regulation Number 24 Year 1997 AboutLand Registration (“PP
No.24 / 1997 ");
3.Government Regulation Number 46 Year 2002 On Type and Non-Tax Revenues Applicable On National Land Agency ("PP No.46 / 2002");
4.Regulation of the Minister of State Agricultural/Head National Land Agency Number 3 Year 1997 Implementation of the provisions of Government Regulation No. 24 Year 1997 About Land Registration ("Candy 3/1997");
5.Regulation of BPN RI 6 Years 2008 Date 11 June 2008 On the Simplification and Acceleration of Standard Operating Procedures and Services SettingsLand For Service Type Land Certain ("Regulation No.6 / 2008");
6.Circular Head of BPN Number 600-1900 date 31 July 2003 About Imposition Tariff Measurementand Mapping, Land Registration, Maintenance DataLand and Information Land as the Government Regulation No. 46 Year 2002 ("SE No.600-1900?).
7.Circular of the State Minister Agricultural/Head National Land Agency Number 110-3637 Year 1998 About Presentation Minister of State Agricultural/HeadNational Land Agency Number 7 Year 1998 About the Book Signing Authority Land, Certificate AndMeasure Letter ("SE No.110-3637"); and
8.Regulation of the Minister of State Agricultural/Head Agency ChippendaleNational Number 2 Year 1996 About Measurement AndMapping For Operation Land Registration;

Principal Problems:
How is the procedure / procedures and requirements of what is needed to carry out fragmentation of land titles based on law and how long the processsolution certificate can be carried out in accordance with the legislation in Indonesia.
Overview About Solution Certificate:
Land housing developed by developers generally come from many owners ground, therefore their status is diverse and different from one another. Among them there are new girik, there are already HGB (SHGB) and rights belong to (SHM), there are even undocumented. Once purchased all ground was certified on behalf of the developer with the status of the HGB. This is called certificate parent.

Time ground dikaveling-plot and marketed the followingbuilding, certificate parent was broken on behalf of consumers, also the status of the HGB. In practice together SHGB other documents such as the IMB and deed buy and sell (AJB), bank received from developers in 12 months since consumers pay off transfer tax (BBN). So, when taking a two-year term mortgage, bank can directly submit certificate so the loan.

But, there are problems that make certificate can not be broken down and developers submitted to the bank. For example, to save costs, arrangement certificate done at once after the development phase is completed through individualland office and not a notary / PPAT. Before the completion of the officers transferred to other parts, so that data and documents already submitted developers consumers scattered. As a result,, arrangement must be repeated through the new government officials. Solution certificate was delayed.

Only customers who have paid off their obligations are able to obtain certificate. After all liability is settled, automatically banks that provide loanshousing will give certificate to consumers. Yet certificate have given new status right to build. This is because certificate has not been renamed to consumers. To have certificatebelong to, consumers have come to National Land Agency (BPN). Once approved then the consumer will get certificate belong to.
In the execution of day-to-day field time required by the community to take care of certificate of title. But definitely, if the process is protracted, means that the consumer has not submitted all the necessary data BPN. Because usually, process changes the type certificateit is not difficult.

Actually, after the consumer agreed akitivitas sale-buy with developers, no more no more obligation for the developer to take care of the problem. Because Ofground and building have been held for consumers. If consumers use to pay the mortgage pathhome bought, then the bank will store certificateThe. Banks may not provide certificate to consumers. When done, possibility of consumers delinquent obligations large enough.

When consumers directly pay off, of course, the developer will immediately give certificate to consumers. If the predetermined time period, developers have not yet submitted certificate. Mean, developer has violated its obligations.
Chairman of the Association Housing and SettlementIndonesia (Apersi) DPD East Java Nurhadi, said, the legality of the land it has happened that the developers have had certificate. "Developers are unlikely to cooperate with the bank if housing that development does not have certificate,"He explained.

when they wanted to build a project in a place, freeing developers usually various types of land status. There are status girik, do not certificate, and some have been certified. Once freed developers then take care certificate ground who bought into BPN. Everything combined in one certificate in accordance with the respective land uses. Let's say there are intended to fasos, and public and housing itself. Serfitikat owned by the developer usually calledcertificate parent. Type certificate usually is right to build. This is because when registering, developers use agency law. However, when consumers buy home, certificate is subdivided in accordance with the ownership.

Surely when a home bought by consumers, the ownership will also change, when they wanted to change the status of the certificate, then the consumer is no longer associated with the developer. But directly related to BPN. "If you buy home through a mortgage, developers usually have divided the certificate. If not, banks will not be interested.

On that occasion, he hoped, that consumers first questioned the legality of licensing top home which will be bought, okay location permit utilization ground, Permit building or other permits to developers. After that, confirmation licensing information submitted to local authorities and developers clarify whether the location housing allotment of land to be purchased in accordance with the spatial layout of local government areas designated.

Solving the Land Certificate
At the request of the holder of the rights concerned, one field ground already listed can be broken down into several sections perfectly, each of which is a new field with the status of the unit law The same with the field ground originally. Solving plot must be in accordance with applicable land use plan and can not lead to not conflict with the provisions of the laws and regulations that apply to other.

In terms of separation certificate above for each field must be made measurement certificate, book ground and certificates to replace measurement certificate, book ground and certificate of origin. When ground who want to be separated is charged encumbrance, and or other expenses listed, then solution certificate The new can be implemented after written consent was obtained from the title holder or other authorized party agreed to write off expenses related.

In registration separation field ground measurement certificate, bookground and the old certificate remains valid for the fieldground again after deducting the field ground separated and the number measurement certificate and the right number is added the word "rest" in red ink, while the figure acreage reduced by extensive field ground separated.

The subdivision of land shall not prejudice the interests of creditors who have a mortgage on ground concerned. By because it soil solution it should only be done after written consent was obtained from creditors or other parties that approves the elimination of other loads are concerned that the load in question does not always have to be removed. In terms of the rights of mortgage encumbered, concerned mortgages remain burdensome fields resultssolution it.
In terms of ground who want to split is ground agriculture, it is required to comply with the minimum threshold in accordance with the legislation in force.
Implementation solution certificate implemented by Land Office, Head of Regional Office National Land Agency which can be delegated Head Land Officeor official appointed.

Application Solving the Land Certificate:
1.Application Requirements Separation Certificate Land:
As has been described above that Land Office, Head of Regional Office National Land Agency which can be delegated Head Land Officeor official appointed. Thus, the application addressed to Land Office, Head of Regional Office National Land Agency enclosing the following documents (Annex IX to Regulation No.6 / 2008):
1.Photocopy of the applicant's identity and or attorney legalized by the competent authority;
2.Certificate rights ground;
3.Use Change Permit Land, when there is a change of use ground;
4.Written permission of the copyright holder is dependent upon groundThe charged encumbrance;
5.Power of attorney if the application solution not done by sipemilik rights ground The; and
6.Rights Certificate Land original, specifically for developers, should also include Site Plan housing development area.

Administrative Costs Solving the Land Certificate:
As set out in Regulation 46/2002 states that non-tax revenues received by the state in order fragmentation of land titles ie Rp. 25.000,- multiplied by the number of certificates separation These charges are issued outside of costs measurement ground which is conducted.

Time Frame
Separation Certificate:
Under Annex IX to Regulation No.6 / 2008 mentioned that the slowest 15 (beautiful file) working days (beyond the time required to perform measurement ground) in order to Solution up to you 5 (lime) field groundsince the file is received in full by Land Office and has paid the payment stipulated by the legislation notes that the certificate fields ground which will be broken no record (net);

Measurement Land:
Measurement ground in order to solution certificate regulated in Article 73 and Article 74 Candy BPN 3/1997 which basically set as follows:
To do separation top certificate who doseparation be required measurement back field ground concerned and maintenance physical data and juridical. Because Ofground the split has status law The same with the field ground parent.

Agency authorized to Perform MeasurementLand:
1.measurement a field ground the extent 10 Has. up to you 1000 Ha conducted by the Regional Office;
2.measurement a field ground which covers more than 1000 Has. implemented by National Land Agency.
Results of the second measurement must be reported to the Head Land Office. Where appropriate Regional Office Head National Land Agency Provinces can seconded officers from the Regional Office National Land Agency Provincial or Land Office the other in the form of a special assignment or "task force" to carry out certain tasks.

The task of monitoring and providing guidance is accounted for by the Head of Regional Office National Land Agency State of the State MinisterAgricultural/Head National Land Agency through the Deputy Measurement and Land Registration.
Based on the appointment of Deputy Measurement andLand Registration measurement field ground extensive or more the number of fields can be carried out by a third party. Implementation measurement field ground is supervised by a third party and the results are validated by the headLand Office, Head of Regional Office or Deputy Measurement and Land Registration appropriate authority.

Application for Filing Measurement Land:
Application to perform measurement ground addressed to the Head Office Agency Land
After officers measurement receive commands measurement, then immediately do the following preparation :
1.check the availability of the map as the map registrationor map basic registration or other maps on the proposed location;
2.plan measurement The above map registration or map basic registration or maps that meet requirement, when ground applied yet have image situation/measurement certificate;
3.in case there is a map registration or map basicregistration or other map that satisfies requirement, then immediately prepared planning mapmaking registration;
4.check the availability of the point basic techniques around the fieldground requested;
5.in which case there is no point basic techniques around the fieldground to be measured, asked the applicant to complete the monument point basic minimal engineering 2 (two) fruit and shape as referred to in Article 5.
6.when activity measurement field ground be required, hold preparations, such as preparing forms for measurement such as measuring image, form measurement polygon; dll.

Delimitation Land:
Prior to execution measurement field ground, measuring officer of Land Office first define the boundaries of the field ground and the applicant put limit signs.

When measurement limit the field ground performed by third parties, delimitation of the field ground carried out by the Section Head Measurement and Land Registration or its designated officer.
Delimitation performed after written notice to the applicant measurement, and the holders of such areas bordering. This notification shall be made no later than 10 (ten) days before delimitation carried out.
After demarcation and installation of signs boundary completed, then conducted activity measurementand mapping areas ground.

Juridical Data Collection and Research Division Land:
For the purposes of data research juridical Section HeadMeasurement and Land Registration submit evidence of existing and checklists 201 The completed portion in order to delimitation field groundto Committee A.
Once the study is completed juridical data, A committee then submit the checklist 201 that was filled to the Head of Section Measurement and Land Registrationwhich then prepares the announcement of physical data and juridical data.

Physical Data Research by Tim A

After the data collection and research conducted by the juridical To Section Measurement and Land Registrationthen the data was submitted to the Committee of a fatherly checked back in land registry sporadic is as follows:
1.examined data juridical field ground which are not equipped with written evidence of the ownership ground completely;
2.conduct field inspections to determine the truth of the evidence presented by the applicantland registry;
3.note the disclaimer / objection and completion results;
4.make inferences about the data juridical field groundconcerned;
5.the list of fields 201.

To assess the truth of the applicant's statements and testimony of the witnesses presented in the proof of rights, A committee can :
1.Seek additional information from the people who are around the field ground which can be used to strengthen the testimony or information regarding proof of ownership ground The;
2.Requesting additional information from the public as referred to in paragraph a are expected to know the history of ownership of the field ground is to look at the age and length of residence in areaThe.
3.Seeing field ground The location to determine whether the relevant physical controlsground The other parties or used with permission of the relevant, and besides it can assess building and plants that exist in the above field ground which can be used as a guide for proving one's ownership of the field ground The.
Results of the study juridical data by the Section Head Measurementand Land Registration and or a committee referred to in Article 82 included in the Proceedings of Juridical Data Research and Determination Limit (checklist 201).
4.Announcements Physical Data and Data Juridical:
Quotes Data juridical and physical data that is included in the Proceedings of Juridical Data Research and Determination Limit (checklist 201) by Committee A included in the List Data Juridical and Physical Data Field Land (checklists 201C), which is a list of fields referred to in Article 25 Signs (2) Government Regulation Number 24 Year 1997.

To provide an opportunity for stakeholders to object to the physical data and juridical data on field ground applied for registration, the List Data Juridical and Physical Data Field Land (checklists 201C) as referred to in paragraph (1) and map fields ground concerned announced by using the checklist 201B in Land Office and the Office of the Chief of the Village / Village location ground as long as 60 (sixty) day.
Taking into account the possibility of a problem landwhich will arise Head Land Office may decide that the announcement about the physical data and juridical data regarding ground applied for registration is carried out through a local and general daily or on location ground The top of the cost of the applicant.

Endorsement Physical Data and Data Juridical
After the announcement period as expired, the physical data and juridical data is validated by the head Land Office Approval of the Minutes of the Physical Data and Data Juridical (checklist 202).
If at the time of ratification of the physical data and juridical data is still there lack of data completeness or there are objections which have not been resolved, the validation is done with notes about things that incomplete and or objections which have not been resolved.
To those who raise objections submitted to him a written notice to immediately file a lawsuit to court. The objections are listed by using the checklist 309.


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Type Tea And Benefits

Differences group and naming the tea is done by way of the tea processing before and after they are picked from the tree. Substances contained in tea is very easily oxidized. When the tea leaves in the sun, the oxidation process ensued. The type of tea that is commonly known in the community is green tea, Oolong tea (eg Java tea Oolung / Ulung), black tea and white tea.
Green Tea (Green Tea)
Green Tea (Green Tea)
Green tea contains the most good because it does not undergo fermentation. that contain high concentrations of polyphenols. After the tea leaves are picked directly processed. Has the most excellent properties and is rich in vitamin A, C, and E. This tea is light green and smelling fresh. Green tea is often used to prevent cancer, liver, cholesterol heart disease, lose weight (especially belly fat), diabetes, Alzheimer's and can relieve heartburn. Specifically for green tea, how to brew do not use the pot of clay where the properties of the clay store heat will make the tea leaves too mature and damaged. We recommend using the water temperature 70 degree- 80 degrees celsius.
Black Tea (Black Tea)
Black Tea (Black Tea)
Black tea or often also known by the name red tea. This tea in its processing through full fermentation process has a strong aroma and flavor. Tea is known as the old tea or tea that is deliberately kept all these years has a gentle aroma of red and black.
Chemically, The most prominent difference is the difference in the composition of the content of polyphenols compounds. In the processing of black tea, and Oolong tea, catechins partially transformed into theaflavins, thearubigin, and theanaphtoquinone. A number of studies suggest that theaflavins more potent than the catechins, Theaflavins only found in black tea or tea that has undergone oksimatis. Indonesia itself is currently listed as the largest tea producer in the world's number five. But black tea Indonesia based research, contains theaflavins higher than Japan and China.
Therefore, if we drink black tea native to Indonesia, tendency to prevent coronary heart disease higher. Also can eliminate fat, cholesterol and helps the digestion. Derived from Yunan (China). So that the content of tea is not broken, pour boiling water temperature Less is more 100 degrees celsius.
Oolong Tea (Oolong Tea)
Oolong Tea (Oolong Tea)
Oolong tea is another tea category and is considered the most difficult of the four types of teas to process. This tea in its processing through the half fermentation. Is a favorite beverage in China and India. Oolong tea is proven to encourage the body's metabolism, burn fat, help you lose weight, and maintain healthy skin. "Women who drank two cups of oolong tea a day increase their metabolism approximately 157 percent over women who drank green tea in the same amount,"Bailey said as cited a study published in the Journal of Medical Investigation.
White Tea (White Tea)
White Tea (White Tea)
White tea This in not processing through oxidation process. When in tree, tea leaves protected from the sun so as not to produce chlorophyll or green substance. White tea is less well known, but did not make it less healthy, because it produced fewer, more expensive. White tea, especially white tea extract shown to slow the growth of bacteria that cause Staphylococcus infections, Streptococcus infection, pneumonia, and dental caries, and to improve the function of the immune system. "According to Milton Schiffenbauer PhD, microbiology and biology professor at Pace University's Dyson College of Arts & Sciences, antiviral and antibacterial effects of several brands of toothpaste is due to the additional white tea extract,"Added Bailey.

In doing HR for HR, there are three separate things that are still associated in the work that must be understood that:

  1. Strategic HR
  2. HR Strategy, and
  3. HR Organization.

Strategic HR is the process of relationship HR practices on business strategy. Line managers and strategic HR function HR. Strategic HR creates a process to move from business strategy to organizational skills in HR practice.
HR Strategy talking about building an agenda on the HR function. HR Strategy create a goal and focus on the HR function.
HR organization is menegenal process and develop an HR function to deliver HR services. HR organization is carried out by the application of HR executives in HR Professionals.


Managers of the company using the main strategy in conducting strategic HR, preparation of business strategy in running the HR results. Strategy formulation serves three purposes. Yes It Is :

  1. discuss a strategy guide for the future of business or in other words a vision, purpose, the purpose, mission or foresight.
  2. formulation of the resource allocation problem. The company has the resources, which focuses on the various objectives. Since some companies have sufficient resources to work on stakeholders, where the resource allocation should be made.
  3. strategy formulation explains the promise that memrefleksikan commitments made in the formulation of the strategy discussion.

The process of strategy formulation, executives develop a vision of the future, allocate resources to realize the vision, and promised to stakeholders to achieve its objectives.

Repeating the formulation without implementing the probability of being one of the main objectives of the strategic tasks of HR. Strategic HR is often associated with the business strategy on human actions by describing the ability to criticize needed in a company to be successful.


When the HR strategy ensures that a company has the resources necessary to complete the company's business objectives, HR strategy illustrates the creation of value by the HR function.

Step 1: describe an organizational architecture

  1. Shared Mindset: level for human resource function has a mindset shared or common identity
  2. Competence : level for human resource function organized by individuals who have knowledge, skill, and the ability to carry out the work now and in the future.
  3. Consequence : the degree to which management systems to achieve that used by human resources professionals to focus on outcomes and behaviors.
  4. Governance : the degree to which human resource function effectively connected, communication, decision-making, and policy.
  5. Work process / Capacity for change : level to which the human resource function in practice and adjustment and understanding and improvement of processes.
  6. Leadership : level for effective leadership that permeates the human resources function.

Step 2: create an assessment process
A diagnosis of human resources audit or assessment suggested to identify the human resources of the Organization.

Step 3: providing human resources Organization
Human resource functions apply to himself the model of human resource practices. When this happens, This practice became the building blocks of the organization's human resource concerns.

Step 4: priorities set
Step 4 organizational diagnosis determines the priority attention of Human Resources at some critical issues. Function can set the priority for developing human resources practices. This practice builds the infrastructure of effective human resource functions and strategic human resource implementastion.

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What do you feel when entering the end of the month or date old ?
It seems many of you are still difficult to manage their own finances, from start to like snack, shopping, and so on… Have you ever wondered, because you do not feel money payday increasingly thinning even exhausted, dan akhirnya kamu hanya bisa menyesal saat uang hasil keringat kamu habis untuk hal-hal yang kurang penting. Not a few others in his wonder like this :
-How the new date by now i've lived this much money aja ???
-New feeling yesterday received a salary, but now already almost gone aja ni money ??
-Kemarin2 I buy what aja, ga taste tiba2 money stay last breath ???
and many are frustrated and eventually chose another path like GALI hole hole CLOSE.
In the past I also like it, but after dizzy 7keliling I finally found my own way
to manage my personal finances and ultimately how this continues I developed, for it this time I want to share with you how I organize my personal finances.
What you are ready ???

okay my way baik2 note below :

1. Understand Needs and Desire
You should be able to tell which are the needs and desires of your life you, You also need to give priority rather than a desire Needs.
Example Needs : Eat,Drink,Transport,and other liabilities.
Contoh Keinginan : Want to Have HP, Laptop, Please reply concerned with your pleasure.
2. For 2 Bank account
You are required to have 2 And different bank accounts, A bank for the transaction / receive salary, bank B to save, to bank B select his bank ATM machines rarely and does not charge an administration fee per month or better yet the bank B-type investments such as bank ATMs Reksadana.Kartu B should be stored in a hidden place that is not easily visible to our eyes, or just break all gatel not let the hand of friction.. payday exhausted every month later you shall set aside some to be deposited into bank B.
3. Create a Monthly Budget
Once a month after each receive a salary you should be able to spend a little time to prepare your monthly budget. FIRST noted the budget for the most important thing or staples you for the next month.
Example :
Salary = Rp.1.700.000,-
Bensin/Transport = Rp.6000,- X 26 weekday = Rp. 156.000,-
Eating 2x a day = 15rb x 30 day = 450rb
(eat in warteg aja, cheap and healthy)
Pay rent boarding : 400rbTotal kebutuhan pokok kamu = Rp. 1.006.000,-

Rp.1.006.000,- This soon you pull from ATM, This money will I discuss in the way numbers 4.
Furthermore Still the rest 694rb !! Now 694rb in for two 50:50 result 347rb.
Then 347rb first who should be immediately transferred / deposited to bank B for savings.
Now your money in a bank ATM remaining money 347rb lg and let the last one is settled in bank A, deem wrote reserve fund for unexpected needs, tp remember ye should be wise in using.

4. Strategy Of Envelopes
You must prepare 32 small envelope sheet, amplop2 later that you write with the numbers 1-31 as the date and 1 envelope again you wrote “ENVELOPE SISA” (or free name) which clearly point the rest of this envelope to accommodate the remaining money every day and the money collected in the rest of this envelope should you use whenever you want, eg for entertainment,snack,buy credit,cigarettes etc..
Lanjuuuuutt !! Now the principal who Rp.1.006.000,- before you broke into coins sribu,2rb hingga 10rb-an bisa tukar dengan tukang parkir/tukar dibank dan recehan ini akan menempati semua amplop.Perhitungannya begini :
Transportasi = 6.000
Konsumsi = 15.000
Total cost per day = 21.000

Now each envelope 1-30 filled with money 21rb
, every day except holidays do not enroll money transport, Here we assume holidays 4 day in this month, mean 4 holiday envelope containing cash consumption was only just 15rb.

The next count for stuffing envelopes:

21.000 x 26 envelope weekday = 546rb
15.000 x 4 envelope holiday = 60rb
Rent boarding 1 mo = 400rb

Total all = Rp. 1.006.000,- = Capital again.
Well so pass me the count !!!

Now you pikirin deh, how money can last remaining daily 21rb sribu / 2rb to fill
envelope rest.

5. Increase Income
However you can not suppress the production terus2an you, without you knowing it and you must know dong that it needs more and more increasing, all staple goods prices kept creeping up, if you keep busy with pressing a steady income while spending that much-that much aja, free ya do, definitely going to burst as well believe me. So you also have to think about and look for ways to earn extra income from a side job that does not take much time, while the main work you continue to run normally, You can cooperate with wife,parents, or friend who can be trusted, for example modalin your wife to help sum up the additional income such as selling fried,uduk rice,pulse, and much more, please find ways and develop …
6. Bersodaqoh dan Berdo”a
Now the latter is also not less important nih, Lucky you to do the door will always be open.. for this is of course you already know the ? if you do not know how to reply to the 6th of this search in google aja, because I dare ga talk much about religion, tar cleric suspected hehehe …
Now for the run method of this financial arrangement, there is only one key so that you can succeed, the key is “ DISCIPLINE ” continue to try, try to continue, and develop …
Alright, enough so first yes scribbles of my, This graffiti may be useful to the readers of this blog, oh yes do not forget, like fanspage blog saya ya 🙂 hehe casino spiele makasih ..
Now for the run method of this financial arrangement, there is only one key so that you can succeed, the key is “ DISCIPLINE ” continue to try, try to continue, and develop …
Alright, enough so first yes scribbles of my, This graffiti may be useful to the readers of this blog, oh yes do not forget, like fanspage blog saya ya 🙂 hehe makasih ..

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Securities is a letter by the publisher deliberately published as the implementation of the fulfillment of a performance in the form of payment of a sum of money. But this payment is not made by using currency, but by using other means to pay. Means to pay it in the form of letters that contain a command to a third party, or statement able to pay some money untukpemegang letter.
Terms The terms of commercial paper issuance in Indonesia can be found in the provisions of article 2 to article 5 of the decree of the Board of Directors of Bank Indonesia Number 28/52 / KEP / DIR dated 11 August 1995 namely regarding the criteria:
1. Longest timed 270 (two hundred and seventy) day
2. Enter
a. Clause words "Promissory Notes" in the text are expressed in Indonesian or the words "Commercial Paper" in commercial paper.
b. Unconditional promise to pay a certain amount of money
c. Determination of the pay
d. Determination of payment
and. Name parties must receive payment or replacement
f. Date and place of promissory notes issued
g. Signature publisher
Basically securities have the same general requirements that must exist in a securities. The general requirements of securities, among others,:
1. Must be written in the form
2. Must have a name
3. A certain number of signatures
4. Order / unconditional promises
5. No act of command or promise to pay
6. The names of those who pay
7. Settling day
Function Securities
Basic functions of a securities is as a means of payment, The position replaces uang.selain it also has the function of securities:
· as documentary evidence collection rights
· means of transferring the right to collect
· medium of exchange
· bearer of rights
· as a means of transferring the right to collect (traded with ease and simplicity)
Binding Policy Issuance of Securities
In the issuance of securities of at least two parties, namely the issuer and recipient of securities. Initially, both parties are bound by the coalition policy. Follow-up of engagement that has been agreed that there is a party to issue securities memenhi achievement. Some basic tying the issuance of securities:
a. teori keasi right penciptaan (creatietheorie)
b. theoretical speed(reasonableness theory)
c. Theory agreement (contract theory)
d. theory appointment (vertoings theory)
Early issuance of securities will not be separated from the treaty or is always preceded by a or transaction / legal acts of the parties or in other words the existence of a basic engagement. The basic shape of the engagement agreement or contract which can be purchase agreement, lease, lease (leasing), transport and others. Issuance of securities is essentially a continuation of the engagement so that the amount of the value stated in the agreement agreed upon by the parties.
Classification and Forms of Securities :
1. Letters that have material properties
2. Letters membership mark
3. Letters debt
Form of securities
a. Draft
The letter containing the word notes in it, dated and signed in somewhere, publisher member unconditional order to pay to get stuck on pay day.
b. Promissory notes
Loading said promissory note or promissory, the issuer pays to the person mentioned in that letter.
c. Letters check
The letter containing a check use, memerintakan publisher to a specific bank to pay the person listed on the letter, replacement, or the carrier at the time indicated.
d. Carter party
Make the party charter says that proves the vessel chartering agreement, dlaam name of the signatory to bind themselves to give up some or all of the space ship to be operated in accordance with the agreement.
and. Konosemen
Download word manifest in it and a letter from the holder of the bill of lading holder to the carrier in order to be submitted to the shareholders for their holders.
f. Delivery order
Include the word delivery order in it and is a holder of a warrant of delivery order delivered goods as called, taken from konosemennya.
g. Share certificates
Securities that include the word stock in it, as proof of ownership of shares as part of the stock of capital.
h. Bearing promissory notes
Dated securities in which the signatories themselves promised to pay a specified sum of money in it to bookmark, at the time shown at a certain time.

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Benefits of green tea

manfaat teh hijau
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Here are the benefits of green tea is the reason why from now on you have to make green tea is a favorite drink as reported by page Thirdage:
1. Reduce Cancer Risk
Green tea has a role in the body as antioxidants 100 times more powerful than vitamin C and 24 times more effective than vitamin E function. It will support your body avoid or protected from the disease caused by the growth of cancer cells.
2. Preventing Heart Disease
Japanese green tea helps prevent heart damage and stroke in people who have hypertension. Tentuya by lowering cholesterol levels without reducing the amount of good cholesterol in the body. In addition, this tea privilege is to reduce the death rate from heart damage by speeding up the recovery process in cardiac cells.
3. Ward off free radicals
Green tea is one of the beauty secrets of Japanese women, despite old age the skin and the body does not look like the elderly who are in our country.
That is because the content of antioxidants known as polyphenols in green tea protect against free radicals. So help you fight aging and increase longevity.
4. Lose Weight
Green tea will help the body's natural metabolic processes and helps burn fat accumulates in the abdomen, thigh, arms and parts easily accommodate more body fat.
Routine consumption of green tea per day to burn up 70 calories in a day anyway and help you lose weight by 7 kg in one year. Although slightly, You can combine diet with regular exercise and avoiding fatty foods.
5. Preventing Skin Cancer
Free radicals can cause more rapid aging and damaged skin and make skin wrinkles. To prevent that green tea role of free radicals and ward against skin cancer.
6. Reducing the Risk of rheumatoid arthritis
Rheumatoid arthritis or arthritis is a disease that occurs when the immune system attacks itself, causing the trade for a long time on the joints. The disease is eyeing joints indicated by inflammation of the synovial membrane and the structures of the joint and muscle atrophy and bone thinning.
Green tea can help you avoid the same time reduce the risk of developing the disease because of some content in it that can protect against destruction of the cartilage by blocking the enzymes that destroy cartilage (easy fragile).
7. Strengthen Bones
In addition to diseases of the joints and bones, Green tea is also believed by experts as an herbal alternative to strengthen and maintain bone density. This is due to the high content of fluoride found in green tea which helps maintain bone density every day.
8. Lowering Cholesterol
Green tea also helps lower cholesterol levels with a ratio of more lowered bad cholesterol and maintain good cholesterol levels commonly known in the medical world as HDL Cholesterol (High Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol).
9. Preventing Obesity
Ocha beverage can prevent or kebentukan obesity by stopping the movement of glucose in fat cells. If you're running a healthy diet with green tea consumption and familiarize exercise every morning can help the success of your weight loss program.
10. Preventing Diabetes
Green tea is an herbal health drinks which can prevent an increase in sugar levels in people who have diabetes or not. Routine drinking herbal tea from Japan will neutralize glukos levels in the blood and balance the body's metabolic rate.
11. Preventing Alzheimer's
Alzheimer's is a disease that attacks the brain with the effect of the patient will be difficult to remember and reduced power of concentration. The cause is damage to the cells in the brain that makes the brain appear to shrink and shrink, This disorder usually associated with parents whose age has exceeded 65 year.
Indeed, there is no cure for this disease, but you (if suffering from Alzheimer's) can try to regular consumption of green tea is brewed. The researchers found a reduction in the amount of acetylcholine in the brain that lead to Alzheimer's disease in those who often drink green tea or green tea.
12. Preventing Parkinson's
In addition to Alzheimer's, other brain diseases can be prevented with green tea, Parkinson example. The antioxidants in green tea is very effective in preventing brain cell damage that leads the Parkinson.
13. Prevent Liver Damage
Green tea will thwart transplant in patients with liver failure. Research shows that green tea can destroy harmful free radicals that settles in fatty liver.
14. Preventing Hypertension
Drinking green tea will help lower blood pressure and position it on the number of stable (neutral) by pressing angiotensin, triggers increased blood pressure.
15. Treat Food Poisoning
Food poisoning is caused by the harmful bacteria in food. From the results of research on green tea, have discovered the existence of catechin compounds that kill bacteria that enter the body due to unhealthy foods in other words eradicate toxins that lead to food poisoning.
16. Lowering Blood Sugar
The content of polyphenols and polysaccharides in green tea contribute to lowering your blood sugar levels.
17. Improve Immune System
Antioxidants known as flavonoids found in green tea. Flavonoids cooperate with polyphenols in terms of improving the human immune system so the body is stronger in fighting bacterial infections or viral diseases.
18. Treating Colds and Flu
The disease most often affects a person whose immune system is weak. Similarly to the previously mentioned benefits of green tea can increase the immune system which means it can treat diseases such as colds and flu lightly with additional help from vitamin C.
19. Treating Asthma
If you suffer from asthma and often recur when the situation does not allow, as soon as possible try to drink green tea warm while relaxing. With so theophyline in green tea will work relaxes the muscles which support the bronchial tubes, thereby reducing the worst risk of asthma.
20. Ear Cleaning
Green tea can help clean up dirty ears. You can soak a cotton which is rounded like the shape of a ball, then wipe the outside of the ear with cotton. If you want to clean the inside of the ear, use a soft cotton bud and gently move.
21. Treating Herpes
Green tea is effective in treating topical interferon Harper. The first step is to compress herpes skin with warm green tea (using fabric), then let 15 minutes and wash cloths. Keep doing this until the skin disease disappear.
22. Prevent Damage Teeth
Dentistry is the most convenient and attacked the main bacteria or germs from food. If not cleaned regularly, teeth will be damaged as a hole, crusty and toothache.
Green tea helps kill bacteria or viruses that cause many diseases of the teeth. In addition, the water used to rinse the tea can kill the bacteria that cause bad breath.
23. Eliminate Stress
In green tea are amino acid called L-thanine which helps relieve stress and anxiety in a person.
24. Curing Allergies
If you have an allergy to something, try drinking green tea to relieve itching caused by it. Study found that EGCG in green tea can reduce or relieve itching due to allergies and heal gradually.
25. Inhibit the spread of the HIV virus
Japanese scientists conduct research on green tea which spawned the result that the content of EGCG (epigalocatechin gallate) in green tea was able to stop HIV by binding to immune cells healthy. But it can not be ascertained in absolute truth.
It is 25 benefits of green tea as a health drink herbal. If you're cold at night, brewed green tea and give an extra bit of lemon in order to create different flavors. Drinking green tea at night can warm the body temperature.

"Do not often frequent bathing night, Myspace hit 'rheumatic know' "

These words are familiar in our society, assumptions and some experiences that most of our society is a cause of pain evening bath reumatik.Dalam medical view, whether it is a "Fact or Myth"

rheumatism (Arthritis) is a disease that attacks the joints network ,muscles and spine and tend menahun.Biasanya attack ankle area,knee,elbow and pinggang.Akibat of arthritic joints usually,bone , connective tissue and muscles will be sore and stiff even bengkak.Penyebabnya can include a wide variety: Decline in the immune system, so that the bacteria that cause arthritis attack. Miraculous metabolic disorders and other factors such as bone calcification because penuaan.salah Position of the joint during activity,trauma that afflicts joints,by makan,obesity etc..

Bath night nothing to do with the incidence of rheumatic, this is in line with the words delivered by Prof.. Dr. Handono Kalim, Sp.PDKR selaku indonesian rheumatology association

"There is no relation,it's just a good shower mitos.Lebih night of the not at all "

Most patients with rheumatic an old patient lanjut.Para experts believe that the culprit joint pain in the elderly is urat.dan acid uric acid was not associated with dietary intake dingin.Faktor water plays an important role complaint sendi.Hampir all food products ,except fruits risk increases the level of uric acid in the blood.

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An evening shower does not cause arthritis pain but an evening shower aggravate arthritic pain complaint ( who had been suffering from rheumatism).This means that for those who are already suffering from rheumatism,not the recommended cold shower malam.Rasa will aggravate joint pain.