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Investment is an investment for the long term is usually in the hope of benefit in the future as a professional compensation for delays consumption, the impact of inflation and the risk borne. Individual investment decisions can be made, of these investments can be capital gain / loss and yield. The reason an investor to invest is to get a better life in the future as well as to avoid the falling value of the assets owned.
Stock is one alternative in financial assets. The need for relevant information in making investment decisions in financial assets in the equity markets is needed by investors. An approach to analyzing the stock market price of capital is needed by investors. An approach to analyzing the stock market price of capital that can assist investors in making investment decisions is pendekatanfundamental and technical. The approach is fundamentally based his analysis on the assumption that every stock has a value generated intrinstik. One of the indicators that can be used is if the lower the price of a stock then the better to invest, in this case because the stock price can be afforded by the ability of investors and has a small risk value.

The main factors that determine the level of investment as follows :

a. The level of investment gains to be obtained
b. Interest rate
c. Forecasts of future economic
d. Advances in technology
and. National income levels and every level changes
f. Gains derived by companies
Capital role in improving the PNB (Gross National Income)
Investments are carried investor activity related to finance and economics in the hope to earn a profit in the future. Capital investment serves as a means of involving all potential investment community, both inside the country and abroad by investing / domestic investment and capital that can be shared equity or capital. Moreover, investment also serves as a means to measure a country's development as well as the gross national income. National income can be interpreted as a number or value that describes the entire production, production, or revenues generated from all the actors or sectors of the economy of a country within a certain time.
National income is often used as an indicator of the economy in terms of determining the rate of growth or the growth rate of the economy, measure the success of a country to achieve its economic development goals, and comparing the level of social welfare.
Therefore the, The capital investment is very important in increasing GNP because the greater investments made in a State, the level of GNP of the country will also be good that describes better the economic health of a country's level.

Domestic Investment
Investment in the country is investing activities to do business in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia by a domestic investor using domestic capital.
The development of domestic capital undeveloped natural resources owned though so abundant but not utilized properly. Whereas, with memanfaaatkan natural resources the government can do for an organization or the like which can increase national income by way of incorporation of the factors of production. But unfortunately, in fact more government uses foreign capital.

Domestic investments provide role in economic development in developing countries, this occurs in various forms. Investment capital is able to reduce the shortage of savings and through the inclusion of capital equipment and raw materials, thus raising the rate of capital inflow. In addition, low savings and investment reflects a lack of capital in the state of underdevelopment technology. Along with financial capital and physical capital, capital investment that brings with technical skills, professional, organizational experience, market information, advanced production techniques tekink, product development and other. It also trains local workers in new skills. All this in turn will accelerate the economic development of underdeveloped countries.

Factors that influence the Domestic Investment

Potential and characteristics of a region
Utilization of regional autonomy proportionately
Map of local and national politics
Accuracy of local governments in determining local policies and regulations that create a favorable climate for business and investment
Foreign Investment
Foreign Direct Investment is the investment activity to do business in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia by foreign investors, either the use of foreign capital and joint venture with a domestic investor. Provisions concerning regulated under the Investment Law No.. 25 Year 2005 on Investment. Foreign capital investment can be carried out by foreign individuals, foreign corporation, and / or foreign governments that makes an investment in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia. The business activities of the business or type of business open to investment activity, unless the field of business or type of business which is declared closed and open with the requirements and restrictions of foreign capital ownership over the company business regulated under Presidential Decree No.. 36 Year 2010 About Change List of Businesses Closed and Open Business with Requirements in the Field of Investment.

Foreign Investment Company receiving facilities in the form of :

income tax through a reduction of net income up to certain level of investments made within a certain time;
exemption or reduction of import duty on capital goods, machine, or equipment for production purposes that can not be produced in the country;
exemption or reduction of import duty of raw materials or auxiliary materials for production purposes for a specific period and specific requirements;
waiver or suspension of VAT on imports of capital goods or machinery or equipment for production purposes that can not be produced in the country during a certain period;
depreciation or amortization; and
Land and Building Tax relief, particularly for certain sectors, in the region or area or a specific area.

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