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Glossary of terms in banking

The following Glossary of terms in banking :

Collateral (Collateral). Security is submitted to the bank debtors in order granting credit facilities or financing

Automated Teller Machine (ATM). Machine with a computer system that is activated by magnetic cards or coded bank bercode. Through these machines, customers can save, take cash, transferring funds between accounts, and other routine transactions.

Bilyet. Form, and other written evidence that can prove the transaction, contains information or orders to pay.

Bank Interest (Interest). A number of benefits granted by banks to customers on funds deposited in a bank which is calculated at a certain percentage of the principal deposits and term deposits araupun interest rate charged to pinjamgn given to debtors.

Check ( Check). Written instruction to the bank to withdraw a certain amount of funds in his name or bearer.

Black list (Black List). List the name of an individual customer or company sanctioned arena has made certain actions that merugkan banks and community.

Time Deposit ( Time Deposit). Deposits that can be withdrawn only at certain times based on an agreement with the bank depositors

Round ( Current Accounts). Simapanan which may be withdrawn at any time by check, transfer form, forms of payment order, or by transfer.

Collection (Collection). Billing checks, notes and other debt securities, issuers of securities and receives payment from the payer's bank (paying bank).

Bank Guarantee (Bank Guarantee). Guarantee payments made to the beneficiaries of the guarantee, when the secured party does not fulfill its obligations.

Debit Card (Debit Card). Bank card used to pay for a transaction and / or intersting amount of funds at the expense of the card holder's account is concerned with the use of a PIN (Personal Identification Number) .

Credit Card (Credit Card). Cards issued by banks or credit card management company which entitles people who meet certain requirements ang name printed on the card to use it sebahai credit payment instrument for the acquisition of goods or services, or to withdraw cash in the credit limit as set by the bank or credit card management company.

Shipments Fund (Fund Transfer). Is the transfer of funds between related accounts or to third party accounts. Foreign remittances between financial institutions and other financial institutions sender as receiver.

Clearing (Clearing). Calculation of debts among participants centrally somewhere in a way betray securities and trading securities that have been set to be taken into account.

Safe Deposit Box (Safe Doposit Box). Deposit box rental services such property or securities that are designed specifically from steel material and placed in a chamber repertoire solid, resistant and flame-retardant loading to maintain the security of goods stored and provide security for users.

Credit (Credit). Provision of money or bills that buffer equivalent based on agreements between bank borrowing with other parties that requires the borrower to repay the debt after a certain period with interest.

LPS (LPS). Legal entity conducting the guarantee of Simpana customers.

PIN ( Personal Identification Number). Secret number that is given to cardholders (credit card, ATM card, Debit cards and so on) the code number can be provided by a bank or finance company or determined by the cardholder.

Know Your Customer (Know Your Customer). Principle applied your bank to find out the identity of a client and monitor customer transactions.

Debtor Information System (SID). The system provides information about the debtor which is produced from a report by Bank Indonesia diterma debtor of the reporting institution.

Savings (saving). Simapanan which may be withdrawn in accordance with certain agreed conditions, but it can not be withdrawn by check, transfer form, and / or other equivalent means of the.

Transfer / remittance. Services to send money from one account owner to another account holder or owner of the same account, from one city to another or to the same city, in Rupiah or foreign currency.

Customer Service Unit (Customer Relation). Section or unit of the bank that is responsible for answering questions and solving customer complaints encountered. This unit is usually called unti customer service or for customer service over the phone called the call center.

Collateral. Long-term loan obtained to purchase a home that is personally handed over legal ownership of the lender to the borrower after the loan is returned.

Automated Teller Machine (ATM) Machines that process a withdrawal and deposit of funds to and from savings accounts, credit card cash withdrawal and some payments (eg utility bill). Accessible account with ATM card, credit card or debit card.

Asset. Goods that have high value (eg house, ground, the car), private property or company.

Credit Limit Limit the maximum amount that can be charged to the card account certain.

Free Checks A check can be considered "free" when the amount deducted (reduced) from the payer's account and included (added) to the beneficiary's account.

Financial Costs This term covers the total cost of credit, including interest and all other costs specified as a condition of credit by financial institutions as creditors. The cost of these costs may include the cost of services, late fees, transaction costs and other expenses-other.

Service Fees monthly fee charged by financial institutions to handle an account.

Credit Bureau A credit reporting agency that checks credit information and save the file on the applicant and credit users.

Savings Book A book given by financial institutions to savers to deposit notes, withdrawals and interest earned by saving.

Compound Interest Interest computed on the principal and interest has increased.

Annual Percentage interest (BPT) The annual interest bill can be applied to the credit card balance is not paid. It is part of the total cost of credit.

Interest fees charged for the use of money. Interest payable, for example, by personal to financial institutions for credit card use, or by the private financial institutions on deposits the money in a savings account. Interest expressed by the term Annual Percentage Rate (BPT).

Flower Introduction Some credit card use as a promotional interest introductory special offer. After some time, interest rate back to the default level.

Checks written document that instructs a financial institution that issued the sum of money from the account of the author.

Check Soar (check returned) Check the "bounced back" is a check cashing or payment rejected by financial institutions. This can be caused because the account is closed or the balance available is insufficient amount indicated on the check. Insufficient funding (non sufficient fund, NSF) is one of the reasons the check is returned

Charge Card Plastic Card with a credit facility that is usually not limited. Card pay / bill must be paid in full at the end of each billing cycle.

Cyberbanking. Internet banking service. Financial institutions with branches sites allow customers to check balances, pay bills, transferring funds, compare savings plan, and apply for a loan on Internet.

Should. The term accounting for the amount of money borrowed by individuals or institutions; a bill that is deducted from an account.

Credit Facility Loans to private, business or institution.

Gift. Some credit cards offer free fly, free fuel, or other prizes. The prize is also referred to as a membership program

Financial Institution A company where you can deposit, borrow or exchange money.

Payment Schedule There are two credit card payment options, ie the minimum payment every month, or full payment.

Everything collateral accepted by financial institutions as collateral if the debtor does not repay the loan. If the debtor fails to repay the loan, financial institution is entitled to take such guarantee. Usually in the form of real estate collateral (home) or property such as cars.

Affinity cards credit cards affiliated with third parties who will benefit from the added value of each transaction. For example, an alumni association or museum acquired portion / percentage of all transactions that are charged to the credit card owned joint members of the organization.

Bank card credit or debit card issued by a financial institution.

Business cards credit cards for small business owners. Business expenses charged to this card to simplify bookkeeping and tax preparation.

Chip Card / Smart Card Card issued by financial institutions with an electronic chip embedded in them that can be filled with a variety of programs such as the function of a credit card or debit card and repeat buyers or reward program.

Card co-brand credit cards connected with such third party retailers or flight, which offers a rebate, discounts or value-added benefit to users based on the value of the rupiah bill of purchase within a certain period of time

Debit card payment cards or cards that can be used to purchase goods and services electronically. This card replaces cash or checks. Transactions directly deducted from a savings account or checking account / check card holders. Debit cards can use the signature or enter a PIN number into a device.

Credit card is a plastic card that gives access to credit facilities. Users are given a credit limit, but are not required to pay once every month. On the other hand, The minimum payment would cause the balance of "spinning" or increase in interest expense.

Purchase card credit card companies used to make purchases with a medium or small value. & With this card, the company does not need to issue a purchase order. Orders made directly to the provider incorporated and paid with a card purchase.

Card Prepaid Card that stores the value of the Rupiah. This card can be used for purchases or cash withdrawals at ATMs in accordance with the value of the rupiah was in it before the card is discarded or recharged.

Bankruptcy A legal declaration of a state of bankruptcy. This statement can prevent foreclosure, acquisition, withholding and payment of debt. Bankruptcy can not erase a bad history account and become a part of history that accounts for many years, depending on the bankruptcy law of the country concerned. This situation was usually not erase child support, alimony, fine, tax and student loan obligations.

Debt Obligations In financial terms, borrowed money that must be repaid to the individual, business or institution.

In the credit business, Credit is the purchase or loan with the promise of repayment at a later date. At any credit plan, There creditors (personal, financial institutions, store or company whose money borrowed). In bookkeeping, there is a record amount of money belonging to private or institutional.

Credit Report A report on the level of debt and consumer bill payment behavior. Information for the report submitted to the credit reporting agencies (or credit bureaus) of individual creditors. Agent will generate a report and submit it to the lender and others with permission from consumers.

Annual tuition fees are charged once a year for possession of a credit card. Some credit card providers offer a credit card with no annual fee. Annual dues, with interest and other charges are part of the total cost of credit.

Grace Period The period before interest is added to the purchase of new.

Currency Currency everything that is used as a common medium of exchange. Practically, currency means cash, especially banknotes. Bankers often use the proverbial coin and currency which refers to cents and dollars.

Stopping Payment Request to the financial institution not to pay certain checks. As soon silakukan, then checks will not be charged to the account of the payer. for this kind of service charge.

Interest Calculation Method interest calculation method is based on credit card balances. Can be charged per day or per month and includes interest from the unpaid balance.

Capital A collection of wealth that can be used or are available to produce more wealth.

Personal Introduction Numbers (PIN) A special number given by the bank to the holder of an ATM card or credit card that is typed on the ATM machine to withdraw money or the trading terminal for the purchase of goods.

Minimum Payment The minimum amount of dollars to be paid every month, used to 2 to 3 percent of the loan amount, based on the average daily balance.

Automatic payment of utilities Company (Public subscription companies like Electricity, phone, dll), loan payments, and other businesses can use the automatic payment system in which the bills are paid directly by memotongt funds from bank account.

Refinance the loan agreement in order to change the terms of repayment in accordance with the bias current of the borrower's income and ability to restore. Refinancing usually provide a lower interest rate and monthly payment amount smaller.

You can move the displacement balance of your credit card balances to a new credit card. Ideally, The new card offers a lower cost.

Withdrawal Check Excessive A check written by the amount of money that exceeds the amount in the account. When a financial institution refuses to cash a check is, then the check is declared "bounced back"

Cash sums of money withdrawn from the account.

Forms Identity Theft fraud where the consumer financial information obtained illegally to make purchases and unauthorized transactions with their credit card, or withdraw funds from a savings account or checking account their.

Personal receiver or a company to whom the check is drawn; someone who receives money as payment.

Credit Rating Evaluation of a financial institution as to whether someone deserves credit. Credit ratings are usually based on individual character, ability to pay and capital.

Purveyor person or a company to deposit money into an account.

Personal payer or a company who wrote the check; someone who gives money as payment.

Initial principal amount borrowed money, paid, or invested before interest added.

Account Money deposited in a financial institution for investment purposes and / or secure storage.

Joint account savings account or checking account made by more than one name. For example, a parent / child, husband and wife.

Demand Deposit Account Account used by the customer to save money, and to write a check. Sometimes there is a fee charged if the minimum requirements are not met.

Account Savings Account that earns interest as a replacement for the use of the money saved. Savers are usually allowed to save or withdraw money multiple times.

The balance amount of unpaid bills. In banking, balance refers to the amount of money in an account. In credit, balance refers to the amount of debt.

Average Daily Balance Financial institutions measure and calculate the average debt per day of your billing cycle, and using the average amount to determine the amount of interest on your debt for the month. Each financial institution uses a different way of doing this calculation.

Direct Deposit Earnings (or the payment of government) automatically and electronically deposited into the account thus saving time, energy and money.

Deposit Slip Slip which gives information about the number of banknotes, coins and checks to be deposited into a specific account

Strip Magnet black strip on credit cards, debit card or ATM card. This strip contains basic account information in the form of computer code, such as the holder's name and account number.

Percent Interest Rate, per unit of time, of the total loan amount charged by a bank or financial institution for the use of their money. Credit card interest can be calculated per year, per month or per day.

Requirements A time period and the interest rate is set between the lender and the borrower to repay the loan

Fixed rate interest rates unchanged. Annual Percentage interest (BPT) usually a fixed rate.

Periodic Interest Rate A variable interest rate can go up or down every quarter and affects both financial bills and the minimum credit card payment due.

Changing Interest Rate. The interest rate may change periodically.

Transactions at point of sale receipt of ATM card / debit or credit card at the store retailers and restaurants as a means of payment for goods or services.

Cash Money in the form of notes and coins. In banking, an activity pay check "check cashing"

All the money that is generally known as a medium of exchange.

Electronic Cash electronic payment system as a replica / replacement of all payment systems - cash, check, credit card, debit cards and coins.

The mention of an insurance agreement is binding to an insured to receive a premium as a replacement in case of loss, damage, or loss of expected benefits that are likely to be suffered in the event of an incident that happened to him

Customs indirect taxes on goods import and export with the letters as evidence, and others according to the rules of each.

Check warrant is not conditional to the bank to pay a certain amount of money, at the time the letter was delivered to him, and that the warrant was valid as a check, contents must meet the conditions laid down in law, which shall include the word "check".

Dividend Part of profit paid to shareholders as profit sharing.

Borrow endorsement endorsement Name conducted Endosan by simply allowing the use of his name to help others raise funds through the sale of draft, Although not concerned over the draft, Endosan remain liable under the law.

Fiduciary A person or entity that controls the goods entrusted to manage, eg administrators, director, etc..

Savings on bank current accounts, which may be withdrawn at any time by using the check, other payment warrant, or by way of transfer of the books.

The market price of the market value of securities or other commodities are determined based on market supply and demand.

Irrevocable Credit; Irrevocable Letter of Credit Letter-credit can not be changed or withdrawn or canceled without the consent of all the parties concerned.

Junior Security bonds or mortgage secured by a property that has been burdened one or more bonds issued earlier

Acceleration Clause A clause in the contract stating that the seller may demand immediate payment in full of the remaining unpaid if the buyer fails to pay the outstanding installments

Liquidity The ability of a person or company to meet the obligations or debt that must be paid immediately with the smooth treasure

Capital Assets used to generate additional wealth

The contract note or memorandum memorandum given to the brokers who sell or buy shares

Bonds Debt securities with a maturity of more than one year and tribes particular interest, issued by the company to withdraw funds from the public, in order to finance the company or by the government for its budget

Brokerage Intermediary in trade appointed and sworn; in having agreements, These intermediaries acting for and on behalf of the receiving provisional pengamanat. With pengamanat he did not have a working relationship which remains or so-called brokers.

Mutual Fund investments containers containing funds from a number of investors in which money is invested in it in various investment products by an Investment Management Company

Letter stock ownership proof bagain capital limited liability company providing various rights under its articles of association

Effective Interest Rate The interest rate actually charged in a year, if the rate charged once a year, the nominal interest rate is equal to the effective interest rate

Advance Payment of a portion of the price by the buyer to the seller as a sign that the purchase agreement are held to have increased

Foreign currency payment instruments and tools other foreign liquid

Valuable scrip Scripless with certain nominal value which serves as money, such as Bank Indonesia Certificate, Money Market Securities, round, check, and so on

Yields are expressed as percent Acceptance obtained from the investment (FKW)

Clearing (of English clearinghouse) as a term in the world of banking and finance showed an activity that runs from the time of the agreement for a transaction until completion of the deal.

Interest is compensation for lending money. This fee is a compensation to the lender on the future benefits of the loan money if invested. Total loans tersbut called "principal debt" (principal). Percentage of debt principal paid as compensation ( flower ) within a certain period called "interest rate"

Foreign exchange market (England: foreign exchange market, forex) or abbreviated forex market is a kind of trade or transactions of a country's currency against other currencies (pair / pair) involving major financial markets in the world for 24 continuous hours

The premium is the amount of money that must be paid each month as a liability of the insured for its involvement in insurance. The amount of premium for participating in insurance to be paid has been set by the insurance company to pay attention to the circumstances of the insured.

Credit is a financial facility that allows a person or entity to borrow money to buy a product and pay it back within the prescribed period.

The debtor is a party owes to other parties, usually by receiving something from debtor to creditor promised to be repaid in the future. Lending sometimes requires also a guarantee or collateral from the debtor. If a debtor fails to pay the promised deadline, a formal collection process can be carried out that sometimes allow confiscation of property of the debtor to force payment.

Creditors are parties ( individual, organization, company or government) who have bills to other parties (the second) of property or services rendered (usually in the form of a contract or agreement) in which both parties agreed that it will return the same value property or services. The second party is referred to as the borrower or borrowers.
In short it can be said that the party granting credit or loans to other parties.

Audit or examination in a broad sense meaningful evaluation of an organization, system, process, or products. Audit carried out by the competent, objectives, and impartial, called auditors. The goal is to verify that the subject of the audit has been completed or run in accordance with the standards, regulation, and practices that have been approved and accepted.

Global bond is international bonds or government securities issued by a country in a foreign currency. Unlike the official debts (government loans from donor countries), global bond is not binding as formal loans, where its use has been determined allocation.

Counterparty or more commonly known as counterparty , is a term used in the legal and financial bnidang which means "party to a contract or sometimes also referred to the" counterparty ". Everyone who ably law or legal entity may be a counterparty.
Usually when mentioned the existence of a treaty partner ballast means there is a potential for conflict between them. Ideally, a contract will spell out in detail and clearly the rights and obligations of each party in each condition. However this is not always the case, therefore a lot of legal rules governing the legal treatment on ballast partners, and many jurisprudence (particularly in the common law system) which refers to the legal precedent

Financial ratio is a financial analysis tool a company. Financial ratios consisted of a comparison of financial data contained in the financial statements (balance, income statement, cash flow statement).

Derivative is a bilateral contract or reimbursement agreements whose value is derived or derived from products that become "main reference" or also called "derivative works" (underlying product); of trade or physically converting an asset, market participants made an agreement to exchange money, asset or a value sector in the future with respect to the reference asset subject.

The financial market is a mechanism that allows people to easily buy and sell transactions of a financial security (such as stocks and bonds), commodity ( such as metals or agricultural products ) and others

Capital Markets is a trading activities associated with capital, such as bonds and securities. Capital market serves to connect investors, companies and government institutions through long-term financial instruments trading.

The stock market is a market for trading company shares held by the public and related financial instruments (including stock options, future exchange and stock index.



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