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Characteristic feature of co-workers who should be shunned

in the world of work , many people who want to achieve a high position in the company where he worked. one of them is a way to get rid of colleagues / profession in a firm friend . types such as whether you should stay away from ? refer to the article below

1. Eloquent.
Eloquent means he likes bersilat tongue and twists the words. They would say, and then turn it into a b without any guilt. Even, He also did not hesitate to slander his colleagues. So beware with co-workers who have traits like this.

2. Makes you feel guilty.
This type is always trying to make you feel you've made a mistake. It willgrumble length about your job, then pretend to justify when you have a good job. When your arguments with, he would not budge and makes you increasingly feel guilty. Weh ... terrible yah? 🙂

3. Tailor ngadu.
This type is similar to the type licker, it's just more to action. He did not hesitate to denounce his colleagues mistake to his superiors. Yet he also made the same mistake. This is one way that the mistake was not seen by the boss. Must be vigilant same nih this person.! 😀

4. Licking and praise you.
Beware if there are colleagues who often or almost every day to pay tribute to you. Such co-workers just want to control you with songs of praise that you do what it wants. This is the way that you feel happy and close to him. But it is not possible after the close, he just stabbed you in the back. Be careful to discriminate in choosing colleagues.! 😉

5. Like Lying.
This is annoying and very dangerous. Especially if he has a great power in a company. He would lie and boasting that other people trust him. Once you've believed him, then straightway he will drop and you. So, be aware.! 🙂

source : http://ciricara.com/2012/03/16/ciricara-ciri-ciri-rekan-kerja-yang-â€Â~berbahaya’/

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