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Tips on how to start an online business

As the times, business may be easier to do. Now, business or open a business, can be done by online. Most people already opened chances in social media to sell goods / services to its target market of its respective. Yet, not a few online businesses rely solely on gadgets and provider Just to start a business. Basically, there are many other important things to note.

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The following is 10 important things to consider to start an online business:

1. Goods / Services

Define and think carefully about what goods or services that you sell in your shop online later. Adjust also with the target market of your sales target. Choose the one item that is unique and has a rival that is not too much. Also follow the trend of the development of local communities.

2. Price

Determine the price according to the economic level of the target market: As much as possible, You have to adjust the price of the goods you are selling to the economic level of your target market and also adapted to the quality of the goods.

3. Honesty

Goods that you sell must be in accordance with the photos you uploaded in social media where you sell. Because Of, not infrequently online shop less than honest in business so many customers who feel disadvantaged in terms of the.

4. Patience

As A admin from your own online business, You must be patient in dealing with fussy customers, keep them comfortable shopping at online shop.

5. Fast response

The faster and more clear that the response you gave, You will get a plus in the eyes of the customer. It is usually also very dependent on provideryou use.

6. Choosing the right freight forwarder

Choosing the proper service and safe delivery, so you do not have to worry whether the item will arrive in good condition or not.

7. Endorse the right strategy

When you want to promote goods that you sell in a way to endorse the artist, choosing the right artist and according to your target market, not only because of the amount of any followersnya, but also an opportunity for you to get feedbackappropriate.

8. Special Event/Give Away

Make the event special offer rebates or "Discount", and also "Give Away" to attract your customers at certain times. Example, when approaching the holidays like Eid, Christmas, New Year and others.

9. Testimonial

Try to always provide a special place for testimonials that can accommodate criticism and advice from your own customers.

10. Good financial management

Management and financial control of Your online business regularly every month, so that you can determine the extent to which the development of the online shop. Start of investment to turnover and also generate profits.



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