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Theory csr & csr example in companies

I post this time with respect to CSR is an extension of Corporate Social Responsibility. This relates to the responsibilities and benefits of the establishment of a company in the community both for the environment and the company's internal state. For the company's internal environment, allowances, good insurance for employees and their families is one of a small CSR, but can result in the increase of productivity and a better image for the employee's own or People who are going to apply for a job to the company.

Definition of CSR in Indonesia itself has been raised in the normative regulations in the Company Law. As mentioned in Article 74 UUPT, CSR possess a definition that is as the company's commitment to participate in the sustainable economic development to improve the quality of life and environmentally beneficial, both for the company itself, local communities,
To learn more about the following CSR I Describe some understanding of CSR according to the experts and institutions :

World Business Council for sustainable development: ongoing commitment of business to behave ethically and contribute to economic development members, while improving the quality of life of employees and their families, as well as the local community and society at large.

Commision of the European Communities: Corporate social responsibility is essentially a concept whereby companies decide voluntarily to contribute in order to realize a better society and a cleaner environment.

Kicullen than Kooistra: corporate social responsibility (CSR) is the level of moral responsibility to be attributed to the company beyond compliance with state law.

Fraderick et al: corporate social responsibility (CSR) can be interpreted as a principle stating that the company should be able to be responsible for the effects deriving from any action in the community and environment.
From the definition of Maacah I try to look on the activities of one of the largest companies in Indonesia, PT. Djarum we know it is engaged in the tobacco industry and we know with the burgeoning issue of Global Warming / Global Warming very close relation to cigarette smoke cigarette consumer generated itself. However PT. Djarum seems to have some CSR movement, one of which is a program that Djarum Environmental Initiatives reforestation programs and green land erosion prevention in Indonesia, The following excerpt from the website article PT. Djarum :

"PT. Djarum through one of our Corporate Social Responsibility Environmental Djarum Bakti return to action of environmental conservation. This time, dalam program bertajuk Trees for life, Djarum Bakti Environment tamarind tree planting along the road pillar-Holy Semarang. This course of action has been launched in 24 February 2010 with the presence of the Governor of Central Java.
Djarum Bakti Environment through Djarum Trees for Life Program planting 2.767 tamarind trees along the road pillar-Holy Semarang (along +/- 40 km). Trembesi chosen in addition to having the ability as a shade, as well as the tree with the highest CO2 uptake. Mature tamarind tree can absorb as much CO2 78,826,296 kg / yr. The hope is to reduce global warming and support the Government's program. "

Not only was, PT Djarum through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the field of education to contribute to the advancement of the quality of the younger generation, especially students. The CSR program which is now known by the name of Djarum Scholarship Plus program has been given to more than 6300 students at Universities / Private 24 Province.
Giving a variety of soft skills training and character development into early kekhas of Djarum Scholarship Plus program than other scholarship programs. An extraordinary provision unaccounted with material, but gives stock of a lifetime for the Beswan Djarum. This training includes three aspects,, Outbound, Leadership program, dan Practical skills and Entrepreneurship.
And that is not less important is also having an impact plume for Indonesia is the presence of PB Djarum which we know as the producer of the best athletes in the world badminton, names such as Liem Swie King, Hariyanto Arbi, Christian Hadinata and Icuk Sugiarto a PB Djarum who graduated in the Holy berletak, Central Java.

Initially for PB Djarum divide between training activities with school badminton, it is not an easy task for athletes, especially those most of these are still attending school as elementary, MIDDLE SCHOOL, and SMA. Yet, to align the two activities, PB Djarum taking steps in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Culture (Department of Education). Until, activities including badminton with school exercise undertaken by the athletes can run well, and do not interfere with each other.
Cooperation between PB Djarum with the Department of Education is the granting dispensation of time in school for athletes. athletes granted permission to start learning time in school is not like other students in general. They also rated the ease of obtaining permission to leave school when they have to follow the championship.
During this time the schools that have been invited to work by PB Djarum to support the academic abilities of the athletes who come from all levels of education are SD Barongan II, Junior Garden of the Gods, and SMA Kramat.

Thus my post this time, may be useful and for the companies that exist in Indonesia hopefully can have a positive impact for the betterment of the nation.



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