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13 you sign wasted life

1. Doing things in vain

Playing games / watching TV / surf all day, eat most consistently, and even drinking, and others. We recommend that if such a, we began to take a serious side of our lives! What do we use for our daily time? Is our daily activities guide us FOR A BETTER LIFE? If not, Let us evaluate our daily activities and begin to draw up a schedule and priorities of our lives.
Supplement of agan2:Unless we play phone to take care of shanties, or businesses that produce something that is not what what
2. Complains continually

I am familiar with some of my friends are overwhelmed in his life and never stop telling it to me. Do you like it? Let's be honest with ourselves, Have you ever or even always complain about work, boss, salary, neighbor, or about his own wife? If YES, you NOTHING but only a PEMANCAR ANGER. But it is not too late to realize it and change. Remember, negativity will not change anything. It will make you get stuck in a vicious circle. So you change it thought and conversation. Talk about how you appreciate your life that just this once.
3. Do not feed the mind itself.

If you do not constantly learning and growing as a human being means you like stagnant in pools, like a swamp that can not be covered with green grass on top.
That's what happens in your mind if you are not actively looking for new things and keep learning.
Challenges positive life will develop your insight, not vice versa
4. Continue to underestimate yourself.

Speak for themselves, or at least contemplate can make a new breakthrough in our lives. As Henry Ford said “When you think you can or can not, both are TRUE”
So if you tell yourself that you can, you certainly CAN! Because of all the things we say to ourselves will be TRUE for just yourself you are able to change the fate of your own.
5. Do not have the inspiration and passion.

Do you have a passion to something? Such as sports or painting and playing music? Already, many people who do not have the passion in any event in his life. But YOU MUST HAVE A PASSION on something positive. If confused, start researching into the past you on what you've liked and try to do it back.

6. Do not have a TARGET for the future.

While we are immersed in the life TODAY, we must look ahead and define the purpose of life in the future. If you do not have a GOAL (the purpose) in life, you like a boat with GAS OUT are adrift in the ocean and just waiting for the time to SINK or wherever LAND CARRYING waves.
Start SET purpose of our lives. As GPS, our life must have a purpose and let our determination to bring us to that goal.

7. Spend time with people who are not supportive.

It is easy to assemble STUCK with people who do not give us the urge to do something new. That's what makes us unconsciously earlier stagnant (like water in a puddle). But if you are constantly stuck with these people, you will be as if drawn to continue not grow with them LIFETIME YOU. I personally like to call these people as Dracula sucking ENERGY.
Do not break the rope silaturrahmi with them but slowly move away and look for an environment with people who continue to learn and support each other. Unless you are really the same as those.
8. Addicted to playing phone.

Already, smartphones today does have all that we expect from a mobile phone. But while all of the features that mobile phones make us complacent think back to how much time we have already thrown? Such as we use daily phone 15 hour, to sleep 8 hour, then just stay 1 hours of free time we left. Smarthpone indeed much closer, but also KEEP THE NEAR if not used WITH WISDOM.

9. Throw MONEY for it is not important.

There is a big difference between NEED and WANT. Reset which you MUST buy. and the ATTRACT to you buy.
Remember the basic human needs are food and clothing BOARD, often many of us forget these basic things and wasting our money for a hobby or even tertiary another secondary. But not a few among us who already have priorities in life. Let's start setting priorities SHOPPING from now since you are reading this paragraph!

10. Lack of sleep.

I was not a general practitioner, but I've read a lot of books about the virtues of sleep. The point is sleeping very important for metabolism that affect THINKING YOU. Put your gadgets at night and sleep was when it was time!

11. Indifferent to the health of the body's own.

Not only is sleep important for our lives, EATING AND SPORTING regularly also equally important to achieve a healthy life. For those of you who still have obesity (gross) or anorexia (too skinny), LITTLE rearrange schedules and eating and exercise will give a big improvement in our lives.

12. Living in the comfort zone.

I know how easy and enjoyable to live in our comfort zone. In fact, unconsciously when we went to our favorite restaurant always order the food again and again. Not because we are afraid of other food was not tasty, but since we already COMFORTABLE with the food.
But it is not only a wide comfort zone so that the subject of my. I would like to discuss about “RISK” which will improve our lives.
And REMEMBER a difference of “RISK” and “CALCULATED RISKS”.
Risk can be deadly, but CALCULATED RISK is a decision to change that have been carefully considered by us, followed by a wise action for our lives.

13. Stuck in life you do not like.
How to measure a person's level of success is to look at happiness. Are YOU HAPPY? If not, YOU HAVE TO CHANGE SOMETHING! Even if you feel life has been filled or satisfied with the present does not mean you have to live the life you are living the greatest possible.
Life should INTEREST! So if we do not enjoy life, look back at the points above and look for yourself how to correct.



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