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Tips on building character of a Child

Not a few of the parents in modern times it's very busy in their work. Surely this makes the lack of time for parents to meet or talk with their children. This is what makes the position of the child to feel less valued and this will certainly affect the formation of character and their future.

menasehati anak remaja

As a result, not a few young people who still do not know the characters themselves and the direction of their lives when they become adults. Therefore, the role of parents is very important in shaping the character of children and their future key.

Here are some tips in shaping the character of the child:

1. Spend Your Time With Your Children

This is a first step you have to do to get the child's heart. When you try to take your time for the baby, they felt his position as a child is very much appreciated. That is what will make it easier to recognize and analyze the character of your baby for example, such as eating together, go to the mall, discuss, concert together, and other things that can be used to take your time and children together.

2. Look for Some Things of Interest by Preferred and Your Child

In this stage you should be careful in beranalisa because, when you are trying to find things that they like and they are interested in you should really pay attention to the child's activities on a regular basis. Because these activities will lead you on a few things you liked and interested by the child.

But not all routine activities your kids are doing it is definitely favored and sought by the child, therefore, at this stage you need to analyze more deeply what activities your child actually prefer. When you have to get the things they like and establish a close relationship with the media, it will make the child interested in discussing with you.

3. Posisikanlah Yourself as a Friend Them and Be a Good Listener

When the child is interested and comfortable in telling stories or discuss with your, You also need to position yourself "equal" with your child. Because it will make the baby feel are considered adults and of course they will be more confident in response to a case. So it is a good listener, respond exactly what was said by the child. Because when you really listen and respond to an argument or statement will strengthen the character of the child in the process of maturation of their environment.

4. Guide Your Child to Things to Motivate Them with Modern Communication Style

In this stage, give your children the real meaning of life that basically everything must have a clear purpose and principles. Therefore give something that can motivate your child so that they fully understand the importance of a determination and confidence in running a matter. Surely this would be more easily understood by the child when you present it with a style that is easily understood by them, for it was the style of the language they use everyday so that they are more interested to understand what you are saying.

5. They give Belief and Responsibility

This stage is the most important stage in the formation of character you. Give them space to express and let your child determine a choice. Indeed it has a high risk, but you have to give them the opportunity to determine their own choice. In addition it is also the responsibility to give them, because when you give them a responsibility then the child will feel that a road and the decisions they choose it to be grounded in clear objectives so that they will do so with confidence and determination.

Some of these things certainly shows, that your role as a parent is certainly very important and a major effect on the character and mental development of your child in the process of maturation and the future of your children.

Author: Bernito Yasser Geraldo

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