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Tips to start a culinary business

Tips to start a culinary business – Effort is the thing that makes us able to improve the economic,and now business food or culinary and that the trend is a restaurant is the most preferred choice to serve the business field. But to start it is not easy,because we have to have some knowledge that we will create a business that did not experience bankrupt.

Berikut 10 Tips to start a culinary business

1. Smart In the Choose Type of Food
Choose foods that dietahui & mastered the recipe along with how to make it. Starting from the ordinary to the extraordinary hard. Looks Like, if you want to open a typical restaurant Sulawesi,which provides yellow rice,then try to make a delicious yellow rice.

2. doing Research
Doing research is one important thing before starting a business,try to research on what foods are not sold in nearby you will open a business,and try in the place you do not have a rival

3. Sell ​​lah Menu Different From Others
If you open a restaurant or culinary business and have many competitors in the area you try to create some of the innovations of your restorant menu misalanya ,if your competitors sell Fried Chicken,you try to create a different menu,or if it is the same menu try a different name ,Fried oysters Laughter,which is the unique thing that makes people curious to try it.

4. Note the Regional Sales Price Neighborhood Place of Business
At the start of the culinary business try to start with the price that has to little to attract customers and provide good quality.

5. Be Friendly to Customers
Be friendly to customers is mandatory,which make people feel welcome and want to return to your restaurant,and if you have employees,The employees try to be friendly hello to all customers.

6. Notice Customer inquiry

Note the order of the customer at the time of ordering menu,because every customer has different tastes,as admin if the message meatballs always requested that are not given sauce,This meant that customers were not disappointed.

7. Keep Cleanliness Business Sites
Cleanliness is another attraction for customers,because customers will feel comfortable at mealtime when we attempt a clean and away from things that are dirty,like garbage flies and so on.

8. Make Improvement
If more and more customers or even we already have regular customers try,to hire additional employees and do magnification at the place of business to improve the quality of our business services.

9. Create Fixed Operating Hours

Create Operating Hours fixed to facilitate the customers and increase the number of regular customers by patenting lid opening hours and hours of effort kita.agar not confuse customers.

10. Make PromotionsPromotion is important in the effort,despite the high quality of our services namum nobody knows,our efforts will not be increased and therefore the power of promotion is very important,and technology era will now be easier for us to do promotions like in facebook, bc on blackberry and through the website / blog.

Similarly Posts Powerful article about 10 Tips For Starting a Business Culinary ,hopefully that will help entrepreneurs start a business, especially in the culinary field,congratulations and good luck trying.


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